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Pulling Harry of the bed Severus wrapped his arms around him and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead. "Nothing to worry about Harry, there will be any more nutrient potions for a week or so and I am sure that between us Madame Pomfrey and I can come up with something to mop up the other potion remnants, alright?"


Harry nodded and asked if they should return to the other room. Taking this as a slight rejection Severus pushed Harry abruptly away from him. As he turned away Harry caught his arm and said, "I just want to find out where I stand. My insides are churning and I don't think that I can take much more today."

Severus quickly pulled Harry back into his arms and muttered an apology. Looking towards the Matron who was returning the look with a raised eyebrow, Severus asked if she would mind staying for the discussion. With a nod and a comment about getting some tea ready she quickly left the room leaving the two of them in privacy.

"I am sorry, Harry." Severus said, "I did not mean to push you away." Harry nodded from what was fast becoming his favourite place to be, wrapped in Severus' arms deep in his robes. Severus chuckled. "Come on, let's go and see where we stand."

Around the fireplace were two single arm chairs and a two seater sofa with a large tea tray on the table in the middle. Remus was on the sofa with Madame Pomfrey, the Goblin that he had brought from Gringotts was in one of the armchairs so Severus pulled Harry onto his lap in the other armchair.

Harry looked at the Goblin and nodded his head in respect and said, "I take it that Remus has explained the situation to you?"

The Goblin simply nodded in reply.

"What can I do? What are the options that I have?" Harry asked.

The Goblin stroked his chin. "As far as the children are concerned you can of course claim your child, you could also claim the other child in compensation and do a gene transfer by removing the father's genes and replacing them with some of yours or another close to you." As the Goblin said this he was eying the way that Harry was seated on Severus' lap and how with one hand Severus was gently rubbing his back and how with the other he was holding Harry's hand.

Catching the look Remus asked what he meant by that. The Goblin replied, "The assets of the house of Prince were ceased by the Ministry, even though they have not gained access to the vaults or the property. They do not look like they will be released in the near future – if ever, to its present head. However if there is a child, carrying the head of house gene's then the Ministry cannot stand in the way of having the house reinstated."

Harry looked up and Severus and smiled, "that was your mum's family wasn't it?"

Severus just nodded, stunned at this information.

Harry say thinking carefully, he leant back and whispered to Severus, "would you want a child? Would you want to raise children, 'twins' with me?"

Severus swallowed deeply, his head slightly to one side; suddenly he wrapped his arms around Harry he pulled him very close, he quietly growled in Harry's ear, "even this morning I would have rather walked over hot coals than send time with you, let alone raise a family with you. But now, there is quiet simply nothing that I would like more."

Harry pulled back. Tilting his head to one side he asked in a hushed voice, "Is that really what you want? This seems to be happening so quickly. Are you sure that you are not under some form of potion or spell?"

Severus scowled, "how dare you imply…"

"This is exactly what I mean you jump to conclusions one minute and being my potions professor, you are loving and caring the next, and then in the third you are admitting that not even a couple of hours ago this is not something that you would 'ever' consider. I really need to know what is real and if I don't get my emotions under control really soon I am going to burst into tears." Harry finished with a sob.

Severus turned to Madam Pomfery, "a calming potion if you will." Once he had the potion he turned back to Harry and gently handed it over. Harry swallowed it in one go not even grimacing at the taste, he then turned slightly and collapsed against Severus.

The Potions Master kept rubbing Harry's back, as Harry dozed lightly from the effect of the potion, deep in thought. Looking up Severus asked Remus, "did you hear what he said?"

Remus nodded looking concerned, "could anything like that have happened?"

Severus turned to Madame Pomfery with a raised eye brow.

Madame Pomfery stood and pointed her wand at the Potions Master. She tried several different spells looking for control potion or spells, and spells or potions that changed the way you thought, each time they coming up negative. She even tried a spell that looked for love potions, that was negative too.

With a slump of her shoulders she returned to her seat. A surprisingly gentle cough had the humans turn as one to the goblin, "if I might suggest something, from what I am told the two of you came together under trying and difficult conditions. This somehow led to you thinking of each other in a different way; it is my belief that what you have is a burgeoning relationship that was triggered by a moment of sexual magnetism and magical compatibility. A good deal of empathy and trust would have helped as well."

They all sat back as one deep in thought. If the situation had not been so serious the goblin would have chuckled.

After several minutes Severus turned to the others and said, "I believe that I would like to make a go of a relationship with Harry," he raised his hand to stop Lupin from interrupting. "I am not just saying this because there is a chance that I will get an heir and control of my estate back but because I feel that Master Goblin is right. What I am feeling, the fluctuating emotions, some of which I believe are the backwash from Harry and the way that he is feeling and the rest are because of the speed at which there has been a u-turn in emotions and that we have reached a point where I am able to have one of my most trying students on my lap being comforted and considering a future with that student." His voice became firmer as he spoke, "If we had meet under 'normal' conditions it realistically would have taken us months if not years to reach here."

Severus looked down and was surprised to see brilliant emerald eyes looking back at him. "Did you hear what I said?" Severus asked.

Sitting up slightly Harry nodded, "Yes, that does make sense, and maybe we need to slow down." He went to get off Severus' lap; Severus pulled him back with a laugh. "There is slowing down and there is slowing down, I think that we both need the comfort that being close to one another gives."

This time it was Remus Lupin who interrupted with a quiet cough, "to the matter in hand gentleman, what do you plan to do about the twins?"


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