Chapter 2: Join the Club!

"I'm sorry, what?" Fiona asked, caught off guard by Fang's proposal.

"I, Fang, want you, Fiona, to join Team Hooligan, my team." explained the sniper very slowly. Fiona glared at the arrogant weasel, but her stare was interrupted by Bean, who had grabbed Fiona into a death hug.

"Oh, please Foxy Loxy! Join the club! Come on! Do it! Do it!" pleaded Bean as he shook Fiona back and forth, "It'll be like the good ol' days!" he cheered, both Fiona and Bark sweat dropping at the last part.

"Yeah. Like when we got arrested for smuggling Power Gems." Fiona pointed out, causing Bean to chuckle a bit.

"OK, so they weren't all good, but they sure were fun!" he laughed. Bark sighed as he began packing their stuff and puling out a yellow and black Extreme Gear Board, convinced Fiona wasn't coming along.

"Hang on a sec, Bark." ordered Fang as the arctic bear stopped and turned back to the conversation, "Look, Fiona. I know we never seen eye-to-eye very well in the past, especially when you worked with my sister, but just think of the cash we can pull with the four of us." Fiona rolled her eyes at Fang's offer.

"Yeah. I'm so sure." Fang chuckled a bit as he sat down before him, tilting his hat up, "Look, Nack. I'm not interested in your little gang, especially when that gang includes Bean and Bark." Fang twitched a bit and being referred to by his real name again, "Besides, why exactly do you wanna recruit me?"

"Because it would be a-" Bean was cut off by Bark dragging him away. Fang nodded towards Bark as he flashed a grin.

"Well, Fi." now Fiona was the one looking peeved by Fang, "You don't exactly have a lot of options. You busted out of jail by yourself, which isn't like you since you would usually have someone with you. Speaking of your apparent escape, you could have died back there if I just wanted you to. I think you should join because A. You owe us for saving your sorry ass and B. You're all by yourself in the middle of the woods. What else are you going to do?"

Fiona bit her lip as her options were presented before her. She hated the fact that Fang was right, and hated it more that she actually owed him. She could feel a sever blow given to her pride as she tried to think of some other solution. She couldn't get far in the wild on her own and it would be a matter of time till a wondering cop spotted her and they'd know she wasn't dead.

"God damn it." the fox muttered, Fang growing a smug look on his face. He knew he had her, now all he was waiting for was for her to accept it as fact.

(I don't have much of a choice...) Fiona mentally cringed, (These idiots are my best bet. But can I trust them?) Fiona was in a desperate spot, but she was quick to remember the times she was abandoned and betrayed. Both Sonic and Scourge had left them, even if the former didn't intend to, so how could she trust the Hooligans?

Fiona looked at Bean as the demo duck was admiring a shiny spoon. Fiona sighed a bit, she knew she could trust him. The guy was the main guy, possibly the only one, who wanted her around as a friend. Like it or not, Fiona was considered a friend in Bean's eyes and she too, deep down, saw him as one. She could trust him.

Her eyes shifted to Bark, the polar bear looking outside the cave to watch for any cops. Bark never spoke and wasn't any time soon. They way he quietly watched everything and never even made a sound was creepy to Fiona. Why exactly did he hang around the annoying Bean, anyway? She was skeptical, but Bark probably had no ill intentions towards her. She could probably trust him, but she would be sleeping with an eye open.

Then, last but not least, there was Nack, or Fang as he preferred. Sure, she worked with his sister, Nic, but that was Nic. Last she checked, the Weasel Siblings weren't on good speaking terms. Bean and Bark were probably only here because he couldn't find anybody else. He could back stab her at any moment. Like Mighty. Like Sonic. Like Scourge...

(No! I won't let him! Or any of them! I won't let my guard down around them for even a second!) with that resolve in mind, Fiona tightened her fists and said, "Alright, Nacky. I'll join your little gang."

Fang smirked, "Nice to hear. And it's Fang!" he told her as he stood up, extending his hand and helped her up, "Alright guys, we've got her! Rev up your gear and lets go!"

"Yay! Fi-Fi's coming with us!" Bean laughed as he hoped onto his green Extreme Gear board, floating in mid air with Bark, the polar bear throwing a bag over his back as he and Bean rode outside. Fang and Fiona followed as Fiona's face hit sunlight, flinching slightly as she walked outside, seeing Fang's blue hover bike, The Marvelous Queen.

"See you kept the Bike." Fiona chuckled, "Aren't you getting a bit old to be playing with toys?"

"Ha ha..." Fang laughed dryly as he walked over to his bike, pressing a button that extended the bike from a one seat to two seats. "Now hop on and lets roll." Fiona shrugged as she sat on the extra seat. Fang revved his bike before dashing off, Bean and Bark riding next to him as the trio became a quartet.

"So wait...this is your hide out?" Fiona questioned once the Hooligans made their back to their base of operations. The base in question was a two story house that could be found on the outskirts of Capital City. The house looked old, the steps to the porch having holes and the wood of the porch looking old as the white paint of the house was peeling. The grass around the house looked dead and dying as a large oak tree stood proudly, the only thing about the house to take pride in.

"We'd be better off in the cave." criticized the fox as she stepped off the bike. Fang pushed the bike into a shed as he mumbled something about leaving her in the cave.

"Cheer up, Red!" cried Bean, "It's a lot nicer inside!"

"I'm so sure." Fiona walked towards the house, carefully walking up the steps and across the porch and opened the door. True to Bean's word, the house looked better. True, the wood was old and paint was peeling, but it looked much cleaner and it didn't smell as bad as it looked. There was a coffee table in the living room with a laptop on it, as well as a TV on a table across from it.

"Surprised you guys got a TV, let alone one with color." Fiona joked. Bean laughed as Bark huffed as he walked on, an annoyed Fang following him.

"Yeah, yeah. Joke all ya want. But the place ain't half bad!" Fang defended as Fiona chuckled,

"Just what I expected from a cockroach. Not caring where he sleeps as long as its somewhere." Fang growled.

"At least I wasn't sleeping in a jail cell." Fang countered, the Fox's face turning redder than usual.

"You mean 'I wasn't sleeping in a jail cell this time', Nack." Fiona corrected.

"It's Fang!" Bark sighed as the two continued to bicker. He could tell this would get worse before it got better.