Hell people I'm Proud2beMexican I have a Deviantart account (same name). But the story is called Midnight this story is a different version though. I do not own How to train your dragon just my Oc Nightstar. Enjoy.

Toothless Pov

I finaly decided to keep the tail Hiccup made for me. Last week Hiccup didn't listen to me about the hatchling dragon and then Hiccup trpped me in the cove. Now I thought that I should be able to fly without anyones assistance. Good thing thats over with the little hatchling brat kept asking me stupid questions like 'what kind of dragon are you?' or 'why are you so mean?' its not my fault I'm impatient I am a Night fury! Anyways today I thought I'd fly around Berk. I love flying the nice breeze and if I go furiously fast I can feel the adrenaline corse though my body. Dragons around here also know me as the Dare Devil. So I'm around the cove and I smell something... a female dragon but what kind of dragon? Curisity got the best of me and I decided to land. I saw nobody there. I pretended to leave but I hid in a shadow. Then she came out it was a... a female NIGHT FURY! I immediately pinned her down. "Who are you?!" I asked. "Now thats no way to treat another Night fury is it?' she said mockingly. "Answer me!" I yelled. "I was just landing here for today I didn't thing I was doing anything wrong!" she replied. I got off her. "You still didn't answer my question" I said sighing impatiently. "Damn you got some temper there" she said. "You got some attutude there too" I replied. "Well if you must know my name is Nightstar and you are?" she asked. "My name is Flame but humans call me Toothless" I replied. "HUMANS?!" she asked shocked. "Yes we live in peace now" I said. " I don't trust them!" Nightstar said. "Why!?" I asked. "because they used to KILL us!" she yelled. "You said 'used to'" I replied smirking. "I know their OK but I'm still not sure" Nightstar said. "Yea whatever" I said smugly. "Why do they call you Toothless?" she asked. "Cause of my retractable teeth" I said showing her. "I like your other name Flame it suits you better" she said smiling. "Nobodys called me that since I defeated the Queen" I said. "You defeated the QUEEN?!" Nightstar asked surprised. "Yup" I said puffing out my chest. "I still don't get one thing" she asked. "And what is that?" I asked. "I thought living with humans would make you soft when you pinned me I seriously thought you were wild!" Nightsatr said jokingly. "Nothing will ever change me half the humans still fear me!" I said. "That gives me confidence" she said. "Well I gotta go" I said looking up at the sky. "Why?" she said whining. "My human might get worried" I said. "Well you're tempermental and your strict, you can go or we can do something fun unless you're as chicken as a terrible terror?!" she asked. "You did not just say that!" I replied.