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Toothless Pov

"Hey guys!" I shouted pretending that we didn't know anything. "What are you guys talking about?" Nighstar asked playing along. "Us? Nothing!" Hookfang said. "Are you sure?" Nightstar asked. "Yes were positive!" Stormfly said. "Oh hey Nightstar can I tell you something?" I said acting. "Sure go ahead but first lets go over there where its private!" Nightstar winking. We went over to the corner of the Dragon Achedamy. In the corner of my eye I could see the other dragons hearing us. "Nightstar I wanted to tell you that I li...ke this beautiful day!" I said. The other dragons gasped because they thought I was going to tell her I like her. Hahaha idoits. Nightstar caught on fast. "Oh really because I like u...niverse, I like this universe!" she replied. All of the dragons looked impatient. "Ok that was all I wanted to tell you now lets go back!" I said. We went back and saw that Hookfang Stormfly looked steamed. "Thats all you just told her you like this beautiful day?!" Stormfly yelled. "No no no don't blame this on Toothless because tell me who in this fucking world says 'I like universe'?!" Hookfang yelled. "Why the heck did that need to be private?!" Stormfly continued. "Why can't she just admit it?!" Hookfang replied. "No why can't HE just admit it?!" Stormfly yelled. "Umm.. you guys.." Barf said. "WHAT?!" they Hookfang and Stormfly yelled. Barf backed up behind the other head. "Take a look at Nightstar and Toothless.." Belch said. They took one look at us to find us laughing on tails off. They both frowned.

"You totally knew about our bet didn't you?" Hookfang asked. "Not until today" Nightstar replied getting up. "And you just did that to see us argue and scream our heads off.." Stormfly said. "Yup and it was halarious" I replied. "I'm out.. c'mon Barf and Belch lets go!" Hookfang said. "Me too.. c'mon Meatlug you're coming with me" Stormfly said. They then left us there. "Wow did they just ditch us?" I asked. "Yes they totally did" Nightstar replied. "Either way you said you like me before I said I like you!" I said. She pounced on me and pinned me again. "Yes but I got you to say that you like me!" she said. "No you forced me to!" I said. "Yea right you'll never get over the fact that I always beat you at stuff" Nightstar said. "Please whatever you can do I can do 10X better" I said smirking. "Ugh look at that stupid smirk" she said frowning. "Now that you admited you like my you might as well admit you LOVE my smirk!" I said. "Never!" she declared. I took advantage and I pinned her. "Hey!" she said sqirming. "You don't really have a tight grip" I smirked. "This isn't funny!" she said. "Ok then admit you love my smirk!" I said. "I hate karma" she muttered. "I'm waiting.." I said. "ILOVEYOURSMIRK!" she said quickly. Then Hookfang came in. "Hey Toothless I forgot to tell you-" he cut himself off "Is this a bad time?" he asked grinning. I got off her. "No actually this is a good time I said winking at Nightstar. "I knew it from the start... I don't have to eat eels do I?" he asked. "No" I replied. "Oh ok remember today the humans have their festivle or whatever they call it" Hookfang said. "Oh yea I guess we can't wreck the village today" I chuckled. "I'll be going now by the way I'm sure shes a keeper" he whispered. "Whats a festivle?" Nightstar asked who automatcally apeared next to me. "Ahh!" I yelled. "Oh did I scare the poor hatchling?" she asked mockingly.

"No you did not scare this Daring, Sexy, Awesome, Badass-" I goy cut off. "Yea don't over do it" she said. "Oh really what do you think of me?" I asked. "Sometimes I think that there are no words to describe you" she replied. "In a good way or a bad way?" I asked. "Oh yea w have to get your tail fixed!" she said changing the subject. "Hey you didn't answer me!" I exclaimed. "Lets see who is faster" Nightstar said. When she said 'faster' I automatically started running. We ran over the bridge so fast we could of fallen off. I turned around to see she was bearly keeping up. Time to step it up. I pounced on a tree to another tree. By the time I turned around I saw Nightstar with her mouth wide open. I slowed down so she can get in front of me. "Slowing down already?" she asked. "No you'll see" I replied. She then got really far from me. Haha sucker. I took a shortcut and hid on the roof of the house.(By the way Hiccup's roof is not big so that means Toothless can still glide to get on top) A little bit after she came. "Yes! I beat him" Nightstar said triumplty. (Or however you spell it) "What took you so long?" I asked sneaking behind her. She jumped. "But I... but you..." she was totally confused. "I let you get ahead of me then I took a shortcut" I said. "You always find away to cheat don't you?" she asked. "Only for you" I winked. "Yeah yeah yeah whatever" Nightstar muttered. "Lets go get Hiccup" I said. We both came inside. "Hey bud what have you been up to?" Hiccup asked. I showed him my tail. "Ohh.. looks like I'm going to have to make you a new tail... let me guess did the loosing of your tail involve Star?" Hiccup asked grinning. I hissed. "Yea ok don't have to get all rude about it! I'll have your new tail done by before our festivle" Hiccup said. Then Nightstar and I came outside. "Your human is very amusing" she said. "You have no idea" I replied.

Toothless Pov Before the festivle

"Toothless!" Hiccup called from inside. I burst in through the window. "I got your new tail!" he said. He placed it on me except this one was more comfortable. I turned arounded t see it was as back as my real tail fin and you couldn't tell the difference. I friendedly licked him as a thank you. "Your welcome bud anyways hows your relationship with Star?" Hiccup asked looking for something. I turned my head and said "I don't know what your talking about" but came out in grunts. "Yea go ahead with the same exuse but I'm pretty sure you guys have a relationship!" he said. My eyes widened. Who the heck told him that? "See I knew it because your eyes widened!" he said. I flew out of the window. So are me and Nightstar an 'item' now? Not sure... Later that night we pretty much just enjoyed playing around with eachother and the other dragons. We chased Terrible Terror's it was all fun until we heard a 'thump'. "What was that?" Nighstar asked. "I don't know?" I replied. "I'm going to go check it out" she said. "Are you sure?" I asked worried. "Its ok I'll be back" she said. She then left. A while passed and I heard a shreech. "AHHH!" someone screamed. My heart instantly flew. "C'mon you guys lets go!" I yelled. We ran into the forest. I ran as fast as I can and saw him. "Toothless I tought you said that dragon wasn't real!" Hookfang yelled. It was what was called The yellow beast. I saw Nightstar trying to fight him off. He swung his tail but she doged it. "You guys lets KILL HIM" I said menacingly. I shot lighning balls at him his skin was on fire but he instanly healed. "What the Fuck?!" I yelled. "Whats the matter Flame afraid you'll finally lose this battle?" he asked evily grinning. My eyes turned into slits. I shot so many lightning balls at him. Stormfly threw many spikes at it. Hookfang blasted it with lava. Meatlug blasted it with fireballs. Barf and Belch gassed it and lit it on fire. All of it healed. I knocked a tree into it and it got mad. I flew into the sky and it followed me. I made sharp turns and it followed me. I made it knock into many cliffs. "Whats the matter hero can't win this battle?! Can't decide about Nighstar and do you remember how your mommy died when the Queen killed her just when you were a hatchling" he asked mockinly. I don't know what came over me. I lost it. Everything was in slow motion. I turned around and threw a lighning ball at it. It tried to whack me I'm pretty sure that if I didn't dodge it I wouldv'e died.

It ended up hitting itself and it was falling out of the sky. I thought I won but he grabbed my tail. I knew I would go down with it. Everything was back to normal not in slow motion. I felt someone grab me and saw that it was Nightstar. "What would you do without me?" she asked. We flew down mnd threw so many lightning balls at it just before it hit the water. It sank and the blew water turned red drenched in blood. We flew down and fell down on a grassy hill gasping for air. "Promise me (breathe) you'll never run off again!" I said. "You really (breathe) worth it" she said. "Nightstar I kinda (breathe) love you" I said. "I kinda (breathe) love you too..." she replied.


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