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My name is Chloe Saunders. I'm not your average 15 year old. I would be something you normals would most likely call me a freak or weirdo or as doctors and psychiatrists have told my father a schizophrenic , but now I have been given a name by those who wish to kill me and my newly or not-so newly found friends and boyfriend, I'm a necromancer. Yes, yes I'm a person who raises the dead and controls them but like I said earlier I'm also a bit different from my race, I'm a whole lot more powerful from them, but I don't want to scare you or anything so I'm not gonna go into specifics.

Well let me tell you about the closest people in my life. There's my dearest aunt Lauren who had betrayed me earlier but then helped me and my friends escape the Edison group the next time, but now because she is a traitor to the Edison group she now is on the run with me and the others .I have Simon who is like a brother to me now but he's special too, but unlike me he actually has an awesome power as you'd call it. He's a sorcerer. I know cool! I'm always going to be the one who's helpless and with lame powers of raising the dead. Victoria, well I like calling her Tori like she prefers otherwise I'd be getting magical outbursts cannon balls from her. Well I'm sure you guessed it by now, she's a witch also a lot more powerful from her race of the super naturals, me and Tori, we've been genetically altered, and that's what makes so much more powerful than the rest of our kind. Well here's the biggie... my boyfriend he's also a super natural (of course). But he's also different from our race he's in a way rare, well Derek he's a werewolf (no not the cheesy werewolves from the movies like full moons and silver bullets bullshit.). Then there's Mr. Bae he's Simon's dad and Derek's foster dad, though Derek has been living with him since he was four years old. Before living with Simon and Mr. Bae he had been living with the Edison group, they had taken Derek and three other werewolves under research facility to see their behaviour and whether could live normal lives with humans and super naturals alike. Mr. Bae had taken Derek away from the Edison group before they could kill him with the other three werewolves and raised him as his own and they had been living on the run from the Edison group and now we are running with them from the cortezes and cabals.

My story starts two months after the great and hopefully final escape from the evil clutches of the Edison group.

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