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Chapter 1:

Chloe's POV:

I'm in running! How odd that I'm in a forest of all places! Derek told his father that I can't go in a forest for the obvious reasons that I'm a necromancer and a very powerful one at that too! I can raise more than 10 zombies of animals and humans just by accident usually during dreams, nightmares, out of worry and stress especially in a forest or graveyard and I very much prefer leaving those places barred from my life. But here I was running alone going at an inhuman speed barely hitting a tree, yet seeing it in crystal clear clarity like it was a movie not a dream I know it's clichéd but what can I do I wanted to be a normal person to have a normal life to be a freaking NORMAL screenwriter, but now my new life suits me fine, well other than the fact that I'm going to running from the Edison group … talking to myself is never a good sign maybe I am schizo. Could I be dead? Could the Edison group have taken me away or even the others from the little house that we had inhabited near New Hampshire? No it couldn't be possible we had been living here for a month and a half now and Mr. Bae, Simon and Tori had completely Edison proofed the house, even ghosts in fact. Whenever we needed to talk to Liz which was all the time after a few ghost attacks from various super naturals who were also killed while they were running from the Edison group, so to make the house more homey aunt Lauren created a comfortable sitting area in the attic(the only place Liz can come). Spooky in many ways, for the first time we did the spells to block and make the house invisible and impenetrable so that ghosts or the Edison group couldn't enter unless we lowered our shield of sorts. But here I was. Was I being chased? No I could not hear footsteps of the living or the dead. But then I suddenly started falling, I kept falling for a few minutes, I kept on falling never seeming to touch the ground until I finally saw the end of the hole. What I saw was not death, but something close to hell, my hell. Tortured souls, murders of innocent people, criminals.

I woke up with a jolt. Phew, at least it was a nightmare. It was surprisingly warm in my room usually I wake up with a cold feeling running down my spine, I suddenly heard someone chuckle by my ear, that I realized I wasn't alone. I was in the arms of my love. My Derek. I sighed, knowing I wouldn't be able to sleep in fear of the horrific nightmares which still haunted me.

Derek asked, "Chloe are you alright?"

"Yes, yes I'm fine, now you had better leave before Aunt Lauren comes in and goes completely bananas" he sighed "I mean it scat puppy, I'll be fine" I assured him. Giving him a light kiss on the lips, which became intense within moments, we were gasping for air. Dang it why was he so cute?

As if hearing my thoughts he said, "I know I'm very irresistible". I scoffed at that remark though knowing it was true I couldn't help but look up into his gorgeous emerald green eyes. I was in heaven. No, HE was my heaven.

Before I knew it he was already leaving my bedroom. I pouted, "Where do you think you're going hon?"

A confused looking Derek was looking at me, " I thought you just said that your Aunt would be bananas ?"

I looked up, "I know I did but I wanted to talk to…never mind I'll talk to you tomorrow about it. Go to sleep Derek."

"I love you" he whispered.

"I love you too, hon" I replied a minute too late. Knowing he would be able to hear it, I didn't worry myself too much.

I thought about what I was going to say to him tomorrow would he agree with me and Tori? Will Simon agree? What about Mr. Bae and Aunt Lauren?

I slipped into a dreamless sleep thinking about Derek and my big surprise for him and the others tomorrow.

Will they say yes? No? Be horrified? Definitely. Tomorrow was going to be a long day. Emphasis on long.

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