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6 months later - OCTOBER


It's been six months.

Six months since I left.

Six months since I admitted to myself that my powers are beyond my control.

Six months since I left Derek, the only person I've ever truly loved.

Six months since I got pregnant.

It was beyond stupid, as I knew full well. A lack of protection, a lack of wits, a lack of care for anything other than our racing hearts and the way each other's skin felt against our own. So utterly and completely in love, I had given myself to him in every way I could, and he had taken me as gently as he could, tender kisses and murmured "I love you" 's soothing me as we physically became one in the silence of the attic. Derek, usually the smarter between the pair of us, had barely hesitated when he realized our lack of protection, but at my assurance that our chances of conceiving were nearly impossible, and it was both of our first times, there was hardly anything to be worried about.

How wrong I was. Our union had taken place during the last week I stayed at the house, and it had been very bittersweet for me, having made my decision and knowing that I was going to leave him and the rest of the family. I kept it as a memory of a love I once had, and fled with it locked in my thoughts. So 3 months later, when I discovered that I was with child, I didn't have a hard time figuring out how in the hell it had happened.

I cried, admittedly, quite a bit when the news first came to me. How was I supposed to take care of another person (two other people, as I had yet to find out) when I could barely take care of myself? And, on the darkest day of my anguished denial, I considered terminating it. No one would ever know, as I wasn't yet showing, and it would be a clean, easy separation. But then I remembered that these were Derek's children. The werewolf, who I loved more than love itself, had left me one last parting gift, though we never said goodbye. His child.

This made my decision. Though I couldn't have the one I loved, I could have his child! But, I reminded myself, this child would be born in to my care, and my uncontrolled powers would hardly make a healthy living environment for them. But I would take good care of them, and never put them at risk, I reasoned with myself. And I swore, however difficult it may be, that if I put them in danger by being around them, I would give him or her up for adoption by the supernatural agency immediately. But in reality, I knew the depths of my selfishness, and in a dark, hidden part of me, I knew I would never give up my as of yet unborn child, and I would kill every last person that tried to.

But now, as I sit in the window seat in my new home, my heart yearns for him, and my body aches for his comforting presence and warm touch. The mental image of his deep green eyes keeps reminding me of what I can never have, because he wouldn't want, wouldn't love the monster that has his children.

I still am not sure whether he loved me or not. Whether he accepted me with my uncontrolled powers, or was simply looking for someone to pass the time with. Either way, I hope that he finds someone to love and care for, someone who won't hurt him the way I will, the way I have. I hope he finds his mate.

Okay Chloe, enough moping! I've gotta go to that doctor's appointment!

It's 10 o'clock in the morning in London, England. My house is located close to town, but far enough to be relatively secluded. Behind my house are the most beautiful Rolling Meadows filled with flowers of all colours and sizes, and Derek's favourite: dandelions. My house, to be honest, is more like mansion, though I paid the same price as I could've for a flat in the middle of the city. I fixed up with the help of my neighbours who lives about 2 miles away. It had taken a while to force myself to accept help from them, as I have become extra cautious about whom I trust and who I take help from after the time I had spent with my supernatural family.

My neighbour, John, is 36 years old, and he lives in a smaller house closer to town. He has a wife and three children. Teresa, aged 34, is his wife. He has two daughters: Layla, who is 16 years old, and Michele, who is age 9. They have a son named Trevor, who is 18 and is going to the University of Columbia for law.

They did a lot for me, as I can't drive or do many things for myself, because my doctor has advised me not to. She said it was dangerous, because I was a 6 months pregnant, genetically altered necromancer who was supposedly the most powerful one in existence, and because the father of my children was a genetically altered werewolf. This all culminated in a highly unusual pregnancy, even for a supernatural, and there was no telling what could happen, or when I could suddenly go into labour. There was no precedent for my case, and so, as she observed and studied me, noting down every detail about my pregnancy, my doctor warned me that anything could happen any time, and suggested that I make friends with my neighbours. Miraculously, they were supernaturals as well, a fact that I thanked my lucky stars for. They had literally become my life savers, doing what I couldn't do for myself without question, knowing the volatile nature of supernatural pregnancies. Thus, my BMW X6 that my father had insisted I get sits unused in my garage, waiting for the day when I would be able to use it at my leisure.

Putting away my thoughts, I turn to the blue and white decorated room I was sitting in, furnished with teak furniture from bedside table to the floors. I lived in style, something that I had not expected in the slightest when I made the decision to run away. The story of how I came by my wealth is an interesting, if a somewhat predictable one.

This was a long time ago - before I had known I was pregnant, back when it seemed I had no one in the world. I had been on the run for 3 weeks, living apart from my family and missing them terribly, though I had known I could never go back. I had spent one of my last dollars on a plane ticket to London, and I remember handing the cash over to the woman over the counter, fidgeting as she suspiciously appraised my fake ID, obviously doubting its legitimacy. Finally sighing loudly, not finding any obvious problems with my documents, she handed them back over and retrieved the tickets from somewhere behind her, handing them to me.

"Have a nice flight," she intoned flatly, motioning the next person forward. I left the counter and began walking towards security. I made it through in a short time, it being a late Tuesday evening, and made my way towards the gates.

I looked around the airport, trying to appear at ease, when suddenly, a tall, middle-aged man walking through a small crowd caught my eye. He looked oddly familiar, and I cocked my head to the side as I observed him, trying to figure out what about him I knew.

His hair was greying at the roots, and he looked very tired and careworn, from what I could see of his face, mostly obscured by a hat. When he reached up to adjust it, pushing it back from his forehead, I gasped, instantly recognizing him.

"D-dad?" I had called, walking in his direction, the walk quickly turning in to a run. My eyes were focused on the man who was turning to look at me. "Dad!" I exclaimed, certain now of his identity. His eyes widened, unable to believe the sight that lay before him. His long lost daughter, gone from him for who knew how long, standing right in front of him at the time he least expected it. I sprinted the last couple steps, barrelling in to him and throwing my short arms around his middle.

"Dad," I murmured against him, tears beginning to stream down my cheeks, staining his shirt.

"Chloe?" he asked incredulously, the single word barely able to make it past his lips, as he fought to believe the reality that was happening.

"Dad, it's me," I sobbed, looking up at him, half-blinded by the tears in my eyes. His arms tightened around me, lifting me completely off my feet as he crushed me to him with enormous strength.

"Chloe," he exclaimed, pressing his face to the top of my head, unable to believe what was happening. He set me down, smoothing my hair and looking at me. "Where were you?" he asked, voice thick as he fought what I believed to be tears. I shook my head at his question.

"I was everywhere, Dad, but I'm here now. That's all that matters. Come on, let's talk." I guided us to some seats by my gate, and sat down, waiting for him to speak.

We sat there for two hours, simply talking about what we had been doing during our separation. By the time my flight arrived, we had covered many details, but not nearly as many as we needed to.

"Where are you flying to?" he asked me, and I looked up at him cautiously.

"If I tell you, you have to promise not to come after me." At his shocked look, I sighed to myself. I couldn't go home with him, no matter how much he wanted me to. I couldn't be near anyone that I loved, and I was finished being the old Chloe that he knew and loved. I had to find myself again, find the new, terrifying creature that I had become and mould it in to something I recognized. I couldn't let him shape me any longer. I wasn't his obedient baby girl, and I needed him to understand that.

I attempted to explain this to him as coherently as I could, and I think he got the gist of it. I watched him steel himself, and I was ready for a huge scene that involved him dragging me to security to force me to come home with him. But, to my intense surprise, he nodded.

"Chloe, I know you've been through a lot these past months, and I know you discovered a lot of things about yourself that must be very confusing. I want to help you through this, I really do, but I also know it's something that you really feel you have to do yourself. I don't want to leave you at this airport any more than I want to jump off a building, but I'll do it for you. I love you more than anything else in this world, and just know that whatever happens, you'll always be my baby girl, and you'll always have a place to stay, for as long as I live." By the time he finished his speech, my eyes were watering so much, I could barely see. I wrapped my arms around them and hugged him as tightly as I could, the tears beginning to flow down my cheeks.

"I love you so much, Daddy," I murmured unsteadily, and he hugged me back.

"I love you too, Chloe," he told me. A minute or so later, he pulled back, arranging a smile on his careworn face. "Even though I have to intentionally leave you behind, I'm not going to leave you completely helpless and alone. Here." He took his check book out of his jacket pocket and began scrawling a figure on it. I began to shake my head as 7 figures appeared on the thin paper, but he too shook his head and continued writing. "No child of mine is going to live like a commoner." He scrawled his signature on the check and handed it to me, reminding me to keep it safe. Then, a light seemed to go off in his head. "Until you get to a bank to cash that," he said, "take this," and handed me a wad of cash.

"Dad, I don't need all this," I protested, but he shook his head again, stuffing the money into my purse.

"You'll take it and you'll use it. Now, the first thing I want you to do when you get to, well, wherever you're going is to buy a cell phone. Then, you call my phone. I don't care what hour it is, I expect a prompt phone call. Then, you'll go to the bank at a decent hour, and we'll set something up, and I'll see to it that you have a reasonable allowance per month. Does that sound like a deal?" I just stared at him for a minute, unable to believe this. Not only did my father accept me leaving his life once again, but he was setting me up to live apart from him!

"Dad, you're amazing," I told him, hugging him once more. I pulled back, smiling up at him. "I swear, this time, I'll visit you. I won't just walk out on you completely." He smiled at this.

"That why I'm arranging a plane ticket allowance to be figured in," he told me. I grinned at him, and then I heard the boarding call for my flight.

"I love you so much," I told him, getting up with my bag. He looked at me, expression a mixture of love and sadness at seeing me go, and he embraced me one more time.

"I love you more," he reminded me, and then I was gone, walking further away from him towards the gate, waving as I showed the lady at the desk my boarding pass. I saw his face one last time as I departed through the gate, and the image of his worn, sad face stuck with me all the way through the plane ride.

I did exactly as he told me to when I made it to London, and with his help I was soon well set up in my house. When I found out about my pregnancy, I decided not to tell him. He worried about me enough as it was, and though he would soon become a grandfather, I figured it was a stress best saved for a later date.

Looking away from the window, I carefully make my way across the Persian carpets, which most of my floors are covered with. I enter my huge bathroom. I turn on the hot water and quickly bathe myself, shivering as I step back out in to the comparatively frigid air. Putting on some clothes, I head off to the kitchen, which overlooks a pretty little river. I make myself some breakfast before Teresa comes over to fetch me and take me to the doctor. I trusted them with my life, and the lives of my future children, and it was a trust not easily earned and not easily broken.

A bit about their family: Teresa is a weather demon and John is necromancer, luckily for me. He has recently been teaching me a bit about my abilities, and is in the process of helping me to better understand them, which he says is the route to better control them. In regards to their children, Layla is a half fire demon, half weather demon (the fire part being attributed to Teresa's grandmother), and Michele is a half water demon, half necromancer (the water part charged to John's grandmother). Trevor is the most unique of the three, and consequently the most volatile. He is a partial weather demon, fire demon, partial water demon, and partial necromancer. Why all the attributed manifested in Trevor, none of them can say. His powers rival mine in terms of uncontrollability, although his are more varied than mine. He has learned to control his very well, though, training in many spiritual and physical arts of control in order to exercise restraint over them. He's shown me a few tips that I have been trying out lately.

The sound of a horn honking from my driveway catches my attention.

I quickly walk to my front door and exited, locking the house behind me. I turn around to see Teresa sitting in the drivers' seat of the car, and Michele in the passenger seat holding a little puppy. I hop in the car, murmur a hello, and peer around through the crack in the seats.

"Wow, who's this little cutie?" I ask, looking at Michele and then smiling at Teresa.

"This is Toby, my-" Teresa interrupts her littlest daughter with a stern voice, though she has a smile playing along her lips; "No, Sweetie, not 'yours,' 'ours.' You are sharing it with your brother and sister and me and Daddy, remember? We talked about this." With a cute huff, she complains plaintively, "But Momma…"

"No 'buts' Miss. Now why don't you properly say hello to Auntie Blair?" I almost don't notice that the name she addressed me by isn't really my own.

My name has been changed to Blair Dawn by the cooperation known as SNS (SuperNatural Safety). Their headquarters are in a large, glass and stone building downtown, though the front name reads "Private Arts and Literature Library." It hosts many events, though I never bother going to any of them. John's family attends some from time to time. The corporation offered me a job with them, after I had the kids, of course, with excellent pay and a protection plan included. I had accepted, thankful that I wouldn't be a burden on my father much longer.

The money I spend is pretty much on what I need only. The reason I had such a well-decorated home was the fault of both my father and Teresa. My father had insisted upon visiting once I was settled in, about a month after I found out about my pregnancy. Teresa, ecstatic, had brought over catalogue after catalogue of furniture, insistent upon my buying what had seemed like the entire store. We had gotten the place decorated just in time, and my father had actually commented on its rather plainness, though in a good natured way. Thus, my house had remained with fancy furniture, a large, empty space, better furnished than many upper class homes.

"Hello there Miss Blair," she says with her customary grin. She never really calls me "Auntie." But she loves me equally as much as any of her aunts, or so Teresa tells me.

"Blair, I can see that you've gotten pretty big. Are you feeling okay?" Teresa asks, with her traditional motherly concern clearly printed on her cinnamon coloured, heart shaped face. She has almond shaped eyes, coloured hazel with gold flecks that compliment her skin tone. Laugh lines show at the corners of her full lips and eyes. Her hair is jet black, and it feels like silk. Today, it's knotted at the back of her head.

I'm still nothing to special to look at, especially compared to Teresa, although I grew quite a bit in height. I'm now 5'6, an insane growth spurt that my doctor has attributed to the pregnancy. She tells me that it's happened before with other supernatural mothers, who reported a significant increase in height during pregnancy. My strawberry blonde hair, now rid of any colour, now rests almost on my shoulders in slight curls. My curves have developed a bit as well since I became pregnant, though it's hardly anything model worthy.

While lost in my thoughts, I didn't notice the new dog, Toby come up and sit next to me. He gently begins nuzzling my hand, as Michele and her mom were talking about what she could wear to her upcoming assembly at school.

Before I know it, I'm being yanked out of my reverie as we pull up in front of the doctor's office.

"Blair, you go on to the doctor and I'll meet you here, okay? Toby here needs to get vaccinated, so Mimi and I are taking him to the vet. See you later!" As I wave, she drives off.

"Blair Dawn, the doctor's ready to see you now." I simply nod at the receptionist. I could barely recall my walk into the office and waiting room, but somehow, I found myself here. I get up and follow her to the examination room.

"Hello there, Miss Dawn. How is it going for you? Are you feeling fine? Any more morning sickness?" she asks the series of questions in a cheery, but rapid fire manner.

I sigh lightly. "I'm fine, just slightly tired, and I'm still thinking about the others."

"I see. Are you still missing Derek?" My doctor is also a supernatural. She's a shaman with psychic powers. She knows about Derek both through asking about the parentage of my baby and through me telling her about him. She has become both my doctor and therapist, a job that she accepts without hesitation.

I can't help but stifle a slight sniffle at the mention of his name, which quickly, by means of pregnancy hormones, becomes a full-blown sobbing fit.

"I c-can't help it! I m-miss hi-im terribly!"

"Shh, Chloe, it's okay," a new voice says. I look up, blinking back tears, and manage to place it as Liz's.

"Liz, hello! I haven't seen you for the past few weeks! How's it going with them? Are they alright?" I beg from her, pleading for the information that will sustain me until her next report in.

"They're fine don't worry. But Chloe, I have bad news…"

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