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In the early hours of the morning in an unknown city. There was a little girl. She walked down a dark, abandoned street silently, innocently, longingly searching something or someone. As well as searching she was crying silently, sniffing every now and then trying to hold the tears back.

If anyone had been watching they probably would have stopped what ever they were doing to just make her stop crying, it would have broken their hearts instantly .

She stopped searching and sat down on someones doorstep,she hoped they or anyone didn't hear her, see her or talk to her .She wanted to be alone, that's the reason she was in an unknown city in the early hours of the morning .

Then after at most 2 seconds she just burst, rivers of silent tears streaming down and staining her fair, freckled checks .

In the next street Raven otherwise known as the teen titans dark empath was also looking for someone .Raven could feel the immense sadness and sorrow all the way from the tower she had to follow the feeling. Anyone with this amount of sadness was dangerous, to themselves and others. This was the first time something like this happened she had to know what was going on.

Her friends didn't know she was out ,they were still asleep well except Robin who was working late again. But she didn't think they would approve of going out in the early hours of the morning or would make too much of a fuss and scare whoever was this sad.

Raven turned the corner not really paying attention and what she saw broke her heart ,put her in shock and made her want to cry with the amount of emotions coming off the poor lonely child that sat crying on someones doorstep. She approached gently not wanting to scare the child and sat next to her.

The little girl wasn't startled instead she stopped crying and looked Raven in the eyes which where the only things that could be seen in the darkness of the street. Her eyes were a soft grey green that some how were gentle and caring but then at the same time were sorrowful and angry .Raven gasped ,How could a child hold those types of emotion and still be gentle and caring .but Raven couldn't remove her eyes from those of the little girl who held so much wisdom and emotion .

Raven lost control as soon as she saw the insane mixture of emotion in the child .She had to,she wanted to,she needed to remove the sorrow and anger in the little girl .She felt as though if she didn't help the child the world would end again,so the only thing she could think of doing was to hug the little girl and Raven did exactly that , the supposedly heartless empath hugged the small child.

The child didn't say a thing, she just continued to cry while Raven continued to hug her until the child could speak and then all she said was,"Thank you".After that the child fell asleep in her arms and the only thing she could think of doing was going home.

And she did with the little girl still in her arms.