So I thought I'd make a fanfiction about Jellal as well as Mystogan. And this is the product.

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"You have to release him. He's my fiancé." I echoed dully towards my flustered parents.

"Of all people, why would you choose a criminal? This could tarnish our family's name! I've worked for years to make this family what it is now! Our parents left a bloodstain that took forever to scrub away! Do you think I'm going to let you send all my money down the drain?" My father snarled, his voice raising a few octaves.

My father was a man who fed me, educated me, and gave me a place to sleep. He gives me clothing, but nothing else. My father doesn't give me love, guidance, help or sympathy. In his eyes, I'm a failure. If this was my last minute alive, he would be watching the clock impatiently.

I had tried for too long to impress him; all I ever wanted was his praise. Every time, the only things I would receive was criticism. The only time he showed he approved of me was when he withheld degrading comments.

Somewhere along in my life, I gave up trying.

"It goes to show how you truly are not a Toshiko, now in more ways than one, Fernandes." My mother's adenoidal voice annoyed me, a smug look on her face.

I have nothing good to say about my mother. I hate her. I really do. I cannot claim in any way that I love her, not even the slightest. Everything she does makes me want to run further and further away, until I'm on the opposite side of the world from her. This woman, she's attempted to rid herself of me so many times, by any means necessary. To me, she is not even an adopter. She's a malicious leech that does not deserve the money in her pocket. She doesn't even deserve the oxygen that keeps her alive.

My parents adopted me, but not because they wanted children. They wanted publicity. What better way to get it than adopting innocent children? How the public was won over with the grand words of publishers, enraptured with the generosity of the Toshiko family. People I didn't know envied me for my parent's wealth. The public is blinded by mere words. My parents don't care about anything but the family name.

"I don't understand why you are even marrying him. He's and empty shell!" My mother snickered. "Oh wait, that means you're on the same boat."

That was uncalled for. Truthfully, the only thing that had ever interested me was Jellal Fernandes. At first, I did not know why. Though it became clear as to why he captured my burning curiosity. Like me, he had lost his memory. I found his backstory enrapturing for I did not read the distorted facts of editorials. I wanted to free Jellal. I wanted to meet someone who was similar to me. This was the only thing I focused on. Months of my pointless life were spent reading and studying the law. I tore through the books, trying to find any rule, any decree, that could free the condemned man. There were many edicts that had his back, enough to get him out of jail.

Yet my parents, they despised me even more when learning of my wish. It was likely my father would say no. Then I'd be forced to play the underhanded card of going to publishers and telling them everything.

"Isn't your family more important?" I challenged my father, catching his icy blue glare.

The answer would always be no, since I was a part of his family. Yet he would never admit it out loud.

"You! You're really pushing it Izumi. No matter what, I will not-"

"Takashi, listen to yourself. You're getting worked up over nothing." My mother butted in. She was a serpent, which could only mean that she already was planning something. "Please, Izumi, let us talk in private."

This was another flag. I was being set up for sure. "Fine." I masked my unwillingness as well as I could.

"This doesn't mean I'm supporting your marriage!" My dad roared, false authority ringing in his voice.

My mauve eyes set on him blankly. That did not matter at all.

And so, I sealed the heavy door shut behind me.

"AHHH!" A shriek sounded from down the hall, obviously from my sister Katsumi.

She was my real sister. We both had woken up deprived of our recollections of a previous life. She and I just existed. An adoption facility had found us, and they housed us both.

We were soon adopted by my parents. They had not wanted me; in fact they passed me up, choosing my sister instead. When they learned that she and I came together, they became angry. My soon-to-be parents argued with the founder, only to reluctantly agree to adopt me as well.

I turned the corner, like I did so many times, to find the door wide open.

"Izumi! Help me!" Katsumi flailed her arms, a frantic look in her caramel eyes.

"Where is it?" I sighed.

She pointed a shaky finger towards the culprit.

I'll admit this one was bigger than usual. An ample ebony spider clung to the wall, eight beady eyes staring at my little sister.

"It's fine," I stated, calmly catching the spider in my palm. "Now open the wind-" I broke off in a loud cry and the spider dashed up my lilac dress. I smacked it in a state of panic, and it fell in a dying heap on the floor.

"Look what you did Izumi!" My father was suddenly in the doorway. He must have been attracted by my screech. He stared down at the spider. "You always bring those up from your room!"

"What? No I didn't!"

"GO TO YOUR ROOM!" His voice boomed.

That's right. Everything's always my fault.

Tears stung the corners of my eyes. I wished they wouldn't yet it never failed. I was so angry, so angry at their cruelty.

I stay in one spot as my father crosses the room, suddenly sincere. "Katsumi, are you ok?" His eyes softened once he laid them on his precious daughter.

Stiffly, I walked out of Kasumi's fancy room. That man….he's the devil. I hated him as well at times like these. The calloused soles of my feet rubbed against the rough concrete stairs that led down to my room. I placed my feet carefully, testing each step before putting my weight on it. Once, my mother had attempted to rid of me using my stairs. I had been travelling down the stairs when the rigged step I was on collapsed, sending me into the concrete far below. Unlike how my mother must have staged out the outcome, I only broke a leg. My mom had not ever attempted to hurt, or murder, my sister. That's because my parents always favored my sister. They loved her even. But me, I was their disgrace.

The room I lived in consisted of gray concrete blocks that stacked upon each other, crude filler kept them from tumbling apart. Unidentified red liquid stained the walls. I had one small, thickly barred window, and a tiny cot. The mattress was stuffed with hay and I was not given any sheets. I had to sew my own bed covers from outgrown clothes. There were no lavish decorations, no closet, and no soft carpet. The atmosphere of my room was cavernous and gloomy.

On the other hand, my sister has a grand room. She had a mattress as soft as clouds, sheets made of fine Egyptian cotton. She had her own personal maid and butler, even her own chef. Her walls had beautiful, large paintings worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The rugs that covered her hickory wooden floor were of exquisite taste. A crystal chandelier hung above her bed.

Katsumi had a bathroom the size of my entire room. My bath was a puddle left from the leak in the ceiling while she had a gold tub with jets.

Every night, I would fall asleep hearing the skittering of rats nearby me.

The only thing that Katsumi and I were given the same was clothing. Once in a while, we would go to a socialites meeting, and they wanted both of us to look good. I was even taught proper manners. Those people would ask us questions, such as 'Aren't your parents the nicest people ever?' and I'd smile back and say 'Yes!'

It was torture on those days, pretending to be something you're not.

"Izumi," Katsumi's voice travelled down me from the stairs. "Can I come down?"

"Yes." My voice was soft, though it echoed throughout my room.

She stood in front of me, barely visible. Lanterns scarcely lit the room; a slight change in air flow would plunge me into darkness.

"I'm sorry!" Katsumi suddenly hugged me, apologizing as if it were her fault. "Why are they so hard on you? I don't understand!" She wailed.

I can understand why they favor my sister. Katsumi is a very outgoing, selfless person. She works at charities, feeding the poor and homeless large and delicious meals every Sunday. That makes publicity big time, and the public love her. Since she attracts attention of newspapers, my parents love her as well. It's sick. To them she's just a way to make money.

In their eyes, they'd look at me, focusing all my attention on freeing a criminal. On top of that, I was engaged to that delinquent. They'd call me self-centered for only focusing on what I want to do, instead of doing things for them. Why should I do things for them if they do nothing for me? That's my logic.

Regardless, I could get all the public attention in the world, and they would still detest me. I'll always be their 'hitchhiker' hated for coming along with my sister.

"It's ok. It's been like this for nine years…" I sounded sad, but I was used to her pity.

"I made this for you." She whispered, cautious for my parents.

She handed me a warm plate of food. For a 15 year old, she cooked even better than her chef.

"Thank you!" I smiled in joy.

She'd cook food for me whenever she had the chance since my parents fed me revolting meals.

"It's the least I could do. I wish they would just love you too." Katsumi stated wistfully.

I shook my head in disagreement. "I don't want their love. After all the times I tried to love them, they rejected me."

"Why don't you sleep in my room tonight? You deserve better." My sister changed the subject.

"No. If I deserved to sleep in a room like yours, I would be."

Katsumi exhaled loudly. "You always get like that. Don't you have your own opinions of yourself? If they think you're worthless, you believe you're worthless." She whirled around, stalking up the stairs. "I hate people who think their nothing."

Shocked, I drew in a sharp breath. Katsumi never says things like that! "Wait! Katsumi!" I called up to her, not wanting to end our conversation on a bad note.

The door to my room shut, an audible click cut through the silence.

I huddled in the corner, wondering what I did to make Katsumi angry. The night chill began setting in; the temperature dropped considerably.

Was Katsumi telling the truth? Do I really only believe what others think of me?

While I ate my food, I pondered the possibilities. Honestly, I guess I do only believe what others think.

Guilt was not felt in my answer. It makes sense that I am how others see me. I just believe what others tell me because I don't have time to worry about things like that. I only care about freeing Jellal. But then…what happens?

I began hearing the loud scratching of vermin's scurrying, a nightly occurrence. I draw the blanket up, praying they won't try to bite me tonight.