Well, I thought of making another story. Just to say, this is half based off of the video 30 Minutes by T.A.T.U, but is mostly just based off of the sound of the song. The song can be found off of Youtube or any other site, a link, watch?v=YkuJp_-gYQ , and for those who are wondering what Alabama looked like here is a link, gallery/#/d5aki0x , and yes, that is my account on dA.

Disclaimer: I do not own the song, 30 Minutes by T.A.T.U, or any of the characters other than Alabama(who may be addressed as Jayla) and Minnesoda(Who is addressed as Another Person). Any other characters that may be mention or used in this are not owned by me. I do not own the states either, just the characters.

Out of sight

Out of mind

Out of time

To decide

Alabama was hiding, she didn't know what, or who, but she was out of sight. She looked at her watch that was hidden under her jacket, her 30 minutes were up, and now, what/whoever she was hiding from was coming. She felt like everything was closing in on her, and she did the unspeakable, and now, the effect was this.

Do we run?

Should I hide?

For the rest

Of my life

She then got up from her spot, questioning if she should run more, and she ran, she then after a couple of minutes, questioned herself if she should hide, and hide after her own question. She had found a nice hole that she could fit into, and nobody bigger than her could come into it, unless they were magical. "I should just stay here…Forever…" She said silently to herself.

Can we fly?

Do I stay?

We could lose

We could fail

Alabama silently begun to sing the song that had went along with her thirty minutes of choosing. "Can we fly? Do I stay?" She then stopped after that. There was another person with her, who she had failed to save, the person might be alive. "We could lose…We could fail..." She said silently.

In the moment

It takes

To make plans

Or mistakes

Alabama knew of what she had did, was a mistake, and she didn't do it. Well she did, but it wasn't her. Well it was her, but, you get it don't you? She sighed. "I should have never done that mistake…And I should have never dragged her into this..." Alabama said to herself silently. Then footsteps were heard.

Yeah, I'm gonna put this in chapters, so anyway, i will continue when I learn how to use this alot better and/or if i actually get likes on these...But anyway..I'll post a bit more about Alabama(The OC Character) if some people want to know more about her.