This is my first Movie of Madagascar 4 ever so be nice

Date: August 4

A lot of people saw the movie and I decided to give it a shot, I did and while me and my girlfriend were watching it I saw some Marty/Stefano, you know like...he can't do his act without Marty, he can't go on without Marty...he needs him in his life

Pairings: Alex/Vitaly, Marty/Stefano, Freddie/Frankie, Alex/Gia, King Julien/Sonya, King Julien/Maurice

Rated: M


I tried to put little sex in here and it worked

When they finished their acts, they walked to the entrance as the crowded cheered

Alex and Gia held hand, the dancing dogs were chatting, they were also all friends now and they were talking about what they like and don't like

Phil was in Mason's arms,Mason never known how good he looked in his disguise,Melmen and Gloria were talking how well they did,Marty, his new partner Stefano and Vitaly and finally, King Julien and Sonya were chating...well Sonya can't talk she just rode her motorcycle...Julien did most of the talking for her, he was sitting on the bears fur with Maurice and Mort by his side

"Stefano? Marty said facing him

"Yeah" Said the sea lion

"Tell him that you love him and you want some alone time" He thought to himself

The zebra was scared that the sea lion might be straight so he hid his feeling for him until they were completely alone

"You once we get in our trailer

Stefano smiled and nodded cause he well knew that he was madly in love with his stripped friend ever since Marty rescued him

Marty didn't know what was that smile was all about but he waited to say something

Vitaly was staring at Alex and Gia holding hand, he couldn't help but feel a bit jealous, he should be the one holding hands with Alex not Gia but he was happy for her, Maurice felt the same way with Sonya and King Julien

While the gang were walking Freddie was thinking about something at first sight

He looked directly at Skippy..studying his ears moved when he walked..his smile...the way he fights

"He's perfect..wh-...what am I thinking...I'm not gay...I'm I?" Fraddie thought to himself

He shook it off, turned around and closed his eyes while looking down at the floor feeling ashamed

The other's went to their own trailers with their partners

Marty and Stefano got in, Marty was amazed at the sight of it, it had pictures of Vitaly, Gia and himself when they first met, a nice bed made out of hay

he blushed when he saw that there was only one bed, he figured he'll sleep with him...why else would Stefano invite him

He also got a lot of pictures on bodybuilder and of them kissing and thouching each other

"Welcome" He said when he waved his hand over the trailer

"Thanks" He said before walking in

"You wanna sit down and chat?" He said sitting down on the hay and patting a spot next to him

Marty heart started racing like fireworks

"Sure" He said as fast as a speeding bullet

He felt his heart skip a beat

"I mean...sure" He said staying calm

Stefano smiled as if he knew what was going on..witch he did and scooted closer

Next was Vitaly and Alex

Note that Gia wants Vitaly and her boyfriend to get along and get to know each other a bit more

Alex sighed then he closed the door

After that, he turned around and saw Vitaly looking at his box of rings, he looked sad

Alex worried about Vitaly maybe he was stil upset about his mistake..anyway...he walked over to comfort him

Vitaly felt like crying until he felt a soft paw on his shoulder, he turned around to be face to face with Alex who had a caring face on

" okay?" He said in a worried tone

" I don't know..Alex...What if I mess up again" He said with his head down

"Don't worry about it..hey...what if I help you with your act" He said thinking that it'll help

"But your with Gia" He said looking him dead in the eyes

"True...but you need me more" He said putting a paw on his shoulder

Vitaly blushed at that statement and Alex noticed

"Are you blushing...Vitaly?" He said while giggling

The tiger's face froze, he mustn't blow his cover

"No" He growled

The lion stepped back cause he didn't want to get into a fight

"Okay..I was just asking...if you don't want my help then I'm get out of your hair" He siad before turning

Vitaly went from angry to rather sad because he didn't mean to yell at a member of his own family...not only that but I had grown fond on the lion but he was driving him away and that thought upset him and quickly left his spot trying to catch up to the other cat from leaving

"Alex..wait...pleace don't leave

Alex stopped in his tracks and turned around only to meet a running Vitaly

"Vitaly..are you feel-The lion started but before he could finish, the Russin tiger took him by the paw, lifted it up and spun his around before he letting go of his hand then quickly took the other one and pulled him to his chest

Alex was confused, is Vitaly feeling dizzy or something?

Suddenly the tiger leaned in close to Alex's face and a smile came to his face while nuzzling his chest, it felt so warm like a soft pillow, he then stroked his mane

Alex put his paws around Vitaly's waist and dragged them down to his legs making the tiger give out a soft purr to his soon to be boyfriend, he hugged him then leaned back a bit

He let out a big vibrate when Vitaly fell down laughing including Alex, they look at each other's eyes until everything went into silence around them, Alex put both hand on the other males cheeks and slowly leaned in, Vitaly did the same as well then it happened

They kissed, their toung entering their mouth, the lion stroking his head and Vitaly did the same with his back and they did this for 1 minute then broke apart

Vitaly just remembered that Alex was still with Gia

"Alex?" He said feeling stupid at what he just did know that his friend was still with the jaguar

"Mmm" He said while making circles on the tiger's chest

"You still with still love her?

"Of course I am" He said while rubbing his right side

"Then why you with me?" He said looking confused

Alex sighed then rose up

"When I first met her...I didn't know what to think I just fell in love with love at first sight but now that I seen this side of you I felt like I am falling in love all over again" He admitted

Vitaly blushed as those kind words filled his heart then Aelx smiled again and licked his cheek

"Alex..I no see this side of you?...what changed?" He said even more confused

"Well...I just felt like that since you came out of the closet that I should too" He said smiling again and taking his hand in his revealing his true sexuality

Vitaly grabbed a hold of the lion's shoulders which made him look directly at him, he held his cheeks again

"I don't believe you" He said in a joking sort of way

"Well...let me show you then" He said in his sexy girl voice

He slid up to his face, looked deeply into his eyes and lightly kissed him, it lasted for a while then they broke apart making Vitaly blushed again, putting his paw on the lion's back and stroked it up and down then he took his other paw and put it on his head then stroked it down feeling his mane

The tiger tilted his head back to let the feeling overcome him which led his whole body to rose up

They were about to kiss again until Alex heard his name called my Gia, he looked back then back at Vitaly who had a sad look on his face, he hated when the tiger was sad, he leaned in at gave him a last quick kiss for tonight then got off of him to let Vitaly up

Alex waited for him to stand up

"Will I meet again?" He said

Alex nodded and Vitaly smiled followed by blushing then he turned around and walked to the door with his girly side look to Vitaly

The tiger wraved goodbye to Alex and he did the same

Once Alex stepped outside, he closed the door

Back at Stefano's trailers, he and Marty were chatting

Marty took a deep breath, closed his eyes then open then again after a second passed

" Marty...are you okay?" He said making sure

The zebra looked at him, that's it...he couldn't take it anymore, it was their moment alone

" know we've been hanging out for a while now" He said scooting closer as well

"Yeah" He said getting excited

"Well...I've seemed to develop these feelings for you" He said not looking at him

" What do you mean feelings" He said acting dumb

Marty swallowed his gutt and went out and said it

"I think I've falling in love with you" He said hoping that the sea lion would feel the same way

"Really? He had to make sure he was telling the truth

Marty nodded as tears started to form then he put his hoof down

He wished he had kelped his feeling to himself until he felt a flipper on one of his hoofs and another one on his cheek making him look at him's okay...I'm' a gay too...why'd you think I got all these pictures" He said giggling

"Really?" He said with tears still falling down his cheek

Stefano nodded and kissed hin on the lips, it lasted for a while then he parted

"You like? He said commenting on his own lips

Marty nodded while tears were still in his eyes

"Hey...cheer up" He said whipping his eyes with his flipper

Marty sniffed his tears up, Stefano stood up and an idea hit him...he needed to show him love and he pulled out a flipper to Marty, he took it and stood up

"You wanna dance with me" He said as a romantic

Marty nodded and the sea lion smiled

"Just take my hand, take a breath and take one step, keep your eyes locked on mine and let the music be your guide" He said stroking his cheek

"Marty" He said as he put his head on his neck

"Uh hu" He said while feeling his partners shiny butt

"I want you to promise' a me something" He said

"Anything" He said now fully in love

"No matter what happens...we'll always stay together" He said while stroking his cheek ahain

"I promise" He said intending to keep it

Stefano smiled and went into a passionate kiss with him

Note the his whiskers didn't bothered Marty at all but it did tickle a little

They continued making-out on the floor, they were toung-kissing and touching each other

Suddenly, Alex opened the trailer door and saw them making-out

Marty turned his head and saw his best friend

"Alex...what're you doing here?" He said while shuddering his words

"I was just going Gia's trailer" He said unbelieving they his best friend and Stefano were both gay

"Okay...I'll see ya Alex" He said bidding him goodbye

"Yeah...see ya" He said walking out of the trailer

When he was out of the trailer, he shut the door then placed his back on the door and slid down holding his head in confusion

Sure he had that gay dance of his but he never that he'll actually be gay...I guess he always been gay and didn't know it

All this ran though his head until it struck him...he decided to be gay but something else came up, how is he going to explain this to Gia..he had to shuck up his gutt and he had to do it

He then got up and went to Gia's trailer, he took a deep breath before entering

Gia saw him and Alex looked at her in a worried face, she sensed something was wrong

"Alex you okay" She said

"Gia...there's something I got to tell you" He said seeing that this wasn't going to be easy knowing that he was always flirted with her

"What is it..everything okay? "She said when she walked up to Alex

"Not might want to sit down for this" He said looking down

Gia nodded and leaned against the wall and she listened as best she could

" Vitaly wants me to help him with his act" He stated

"Is that all? She said thinking that was all he had to say

"Yes" He said

"Okay then" She said knowing that there was more to the story then he could say

Alex knew she was going to find out sooner or he just went out with it

"I'M GAY" He said it so loud that it echoed from each trailer

Gia sighed as if she know it all along, she just gave a nod in approval

Alex smiled at her then it went away

"What about us...I mean I don't want to ruin our relationship" said in a sad tone

"It's okay Alex...we can still be friends" He said after giving him a final kiss goodbye

Alex knew Gia was right and was glad that she accepted him for how he was now

"If Vitaly makes you happy then I say go for it" He said giving her support

He was so glad that he pulled her into a hug as a thank you

"Thanks..Gia" He said happily before running out the door

Gia smiled while shaking her head back and forth

"Gay guys are always the cutest" She said crossing her arms and going to close her trailer door

He ran passed Stefano's tralier and went to Vitaly's

Inside Vitaly was getting ready for bed, he pulled off his tights and went to hang them above of his wardrobe of rings

When he was done, he heared a knock on the door, he walked to the door and opened it, thats when he saw Alex in tears

"Alex...what are doing here? He said with his nakedness exposed

"I told Gia that I was gay" He explained to his new lover

Vitaly blushed a little but kelt it hidden so the lion wouldn't feel shame

"So...she said that I should be with you" He said to his future boyfriend

"Really" He said crossing his arms

" you mind if sleep with you tonight?" He questioned judging that he wouldn't mind

Vitaly blushed at the surprise that the lion would say that to him..after all he was the one who tortured him the most

"Well...if that case..sure" He said letting out a big smile

"Thanks Vitaly" He kissed his furry neck

He walked in, the tiger saw him walked passed and closed the trailer door

Alex turned around and saw that the Russian tiger had removed his tights

He pulled out his toung and his heart was skipping beats, he had never felt this way before ...okay their was that one time with Marty but that was 2005

The song "I'm Sexy and I Know It By LMFO started to play in his eyes

He walked to Vitay who was looking at his mirror and one picture was pinned up, it was Vitaly's wife named Surlata, he took it down and looked at it

It had the two of them together on their weeding day

"I'm sorry..this is who I am" He said to himself before ripping it in half, he balled it up and tossed it far on the other side

He then breathing repeatly until he felt a paw on his shouder, it was Alex and he turned around

He pulled his paw on his cheek and Vitaly just kissed him on the lips then they came along the wall and they reusmed kissing with passion

Alex moved in a swift motion and suddnly he felt Vitaly's toung in his mouth

He then put his leg on his butt and placed his hand on his back

Vitaly's fur felt so soft like flowers, the tiger let out a soft purr once more

Soon Alex realized that they had to go to bed

"Vitaly" Alex said smoothly

The tiger was licking Alex's neck but stopped once he heared his name, he pulled away then looked at his new lover

"We should really go to bed" He finally suggested

Vitaly nodded and took his paw in his

They found a corner, it looked nice and cozy

Alex had a dirty idea in his head

He turned to Vitaly and the tiger turned to him

Alex kissing his lips, while doing so he was leading him to the floor

He was on the bottom...yep...they were having sex for the first time and both having the gay life, it was petty sweet

Vitaly put his toung in the other males for the last time tonight as did Alex

He put his paw on the tigers head and closed hie eyes to let the feeling overcome him

Soon his started to fall asleep then Vitaly carefully and slowly pulled his toung out and layed on his side with his paw under Alex's back

He scooted closer and hugged him to warm him up

He then strocked his hair and it felt glossy and very soft

" Alex..your beautiful..If I never knew you..I would never found hope" He said with a lot of passion in his voice

Vitaly then sealed it with a kiss and he closed his eyes as well

He felt two paws on his back, it was by Alex

He smiled and kissed his forehead

They were finally asleep and everyone else was too

I did a little editing so I just felt like doing it, btw I'm be going back and editing my other stories when I get some free time. Hope you enjoyed this chapter though I'll be editing the next one as well

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