This is my fourth chapter of Madagascar 5

Rated: M

Pairings: Alex/Vitaly, Marty/Stefano, Freddie/Spike, King Julien/Sonya, King Julien/Maurice, Jonesy/Ted (Slash)

The seats were crowded with people, here to see the act and they mumbled then the light went dim "Ladies and gentlemen, the show is just about to-" He was being attacked by two monkeys and took his microphone "Hey get away from there you mainge monkeys." The crowd was confused at that was going on, and one boy was scratching his head.

It all went silent now then after a couple of seconds until they all heard chimpanzee noises. "Mommy, what's going on? asked a little girl.

Backstage, Vitaly, and his boyfriend were smooching against the trailers making out. The Russin tiger pinned Alex with both hands, the lion placed a hand on the back of the other's head.

They parted for some air "Vitaly, when I get back to New York.. will you come with me? Alex asked stroking his cheek.

Nyet, I can't' The Tiger sighed in depression knowing this would bound to come up sooner or later.

Alex was offering his boyfriend to go back with him so he could live a life without being single but knowing that, it would also mean that he would have to leave the circus framily behind and he didn't want that.

"I understand, circus must stick together," He said after sighing. "Da, that it correct," He said and placed his hand by his side but caught Alex running up and hugging him but the tiger raised his chin with a whole hand.

"You helped me realize I could jump through flaming hoop, I'll return the favor," He said calmly before stroking his glossy mane and was about to kiss him one the lips until Gia came along.

"Alex, can I speak to you for a minute," The Jaguar said before walking to a pack of hay and sat down. Alex looked at his boyfriend 'It's okay." He said giving his approval and he smiled and walked over there.

"Something you need, Gia? The lion asked sitting next to her. 'Yes, from the time we spent together, I'd like to set date for you and Vitaly" She said rubbing her own leg, wish they'd get that together.

Really, that's amazing...Vitally will be glad to hear that." Alex said. "Well, if it isn't my best friend' Mary said approaching him on all fours while Stefano was hugging his neck. "Marty' The lion got up to give him a nuggie which the zebra laughed Alex then parted. "Alice, It's good to see you," Stefano said. "Wanna see are new temporary act? The zebra said.

'Mary, what is act? She asked getting up. "Yeah, we wanna see it," Alex said standing next to his former girlfriend.

"Okay, be preparing yourselves." The sea lion said before unraveling his arms and stood straight up. "Manu and Maya, grab me the juggling balls.' He kindly shouted. The elephants both smiled and used the trunks to grab ahold of the balls that were laying on the ground.

They threw them at Stefano, and he had successfully caught them then quickly did his juggling. "Impressive but is that it? Alex said crossing his arms smiling. "You've seen nothing yet, Alice" the sea lion stated before telling his boyfriend hit it as smacked his butt which Marty didn't mind if it was his partner doing it.

Anyway, he galloped around the place, Stefano was keeping his balance this time. Vitaly walked over to his boyfriend and put his arms around him as he smiled. "Vitaly, what is your act? Gia asked turning to him 'We're doing the Swan Lake" He said as Alex put his arms on top of his.

After a couple of seconds, the zebra and sea lion stopped where they started "Ta-da" Both said in unison. "Wow, that was incredible," Gia said clapping her paws "Totally, no wonder you two work so well together," Alex said, and Stefano got off of Mary's back.

Back to the stage, Jonesy was riding the rails down the ramp while on his rocket skates, Ted was standing on the other side like he was about to determine his fate cause in his act, he took the part of being a daredevil. The Great Dane kept telling himself to breathe.

It wasn't long until the Bernese Mountain Dog sail through the course, the audience cheered for him "Okay, looks like your up" He said patting his back "and don't worry, you'll do great" He gave him a kiss on the nose before climbing down the latter.

He just spread his arms out, about to take a leap of faith down, he screamed all the way while covering his eyes until he was grabbed by Freddie. "Just in time" He said happy to see his friend "Well, couldn't let you guys have all the fun" The Yorkey terrier said winking then put him on the ground.

The spotlight brought light as Alex and Vitaly came out and the dogs turned to them. "Well, It's about time y'all showed us" Freddie said. "What do you mean, you were too busy making-out with Spike" Jonesy said poking at the front of his dress irritating him. "Don't tick me off" Freddie said starting a little growling.

"I didn't even get a bloody good look at what's in that dress of yours" He catered up to he like a creep and started to lick up his neck.

"You wanna see what's in my dress" The Yorkie said sweetly before gently taking his hand from behind and painfully slammed him to the ground.

Spike was very aware about Freddie's anger and decided to place him over his shoulder then take him backstage to cool down.

I don't know about you guys but, I am not a fan of rape and that's what Jonesy was trying to go and I don't blame him plus Ted saw the whole think so could they start a rivalry instead of being soulmates for life. Find out in the next chapter.

Also watch Alex & Vitaly with support from Gia including Stefano and Marty.

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