It's been two days since I told Rachel everything. I don't know how I did, but I... did. All my walls came down in that one moment. No one knows, not even Mark. TJ knows I told her. Believe me, he had a few choice words to say.

~ "So, I told Rachel yesterday," I said, barely a whisper as I spoke to him on the phone, standing in the front yard.

"Told her what?" he asked as I played with the thread of the whole in my pants.

"I told her," I said, carrying out the 'o'.


"TJ?" I called into the phone, worried.

"You didn't," was all he said.

"I did," I sighed.

"You barely even know her!"

"I know, but, its a long story and I'll explain when I get back," I said, then quickly added, "And she knows your a guy now, not my dying friend."

"Well, how are you still talking to me?"

"She understands why I need to talk to you, so she is letting me still," I explained. feeling like I probably shouldn't have told him.

"Back to the first thing," he said, "Why did you tell her?"

"I had to clean the pool! What else was I supposed to do?" I finally let it out, frustrated.

"You could have just said you were afraid of water! You didn't have to tell her your life story!" he yelled back, and I had had it.

"You know what? I know you love me and all, and are trying to look out for me, but it's my story to tell. I am so unbelievably thankful that you have been here for me all this time, but I don't care if you are disappointed in me for telling something that is my story to tell. So, you can suck it because I was expecting you to be there for me and say good job, you're progressing but instead you yell at me. Goodbye TJ."

I pressed end and quickly whipped around, only to run into the chest of someone. I literally jumped, as I thought I was alone out here. I looked up to see Cody, but before he could say anything, I ran through the house, slamming my phone on the kitchen counter and raced up to my room. ~

I still haven't talked to TJ, and I don't think I will for a few days. Then yesterday, Cody sat by me at dinner. I was sure he was going to ask about my phone call but he remained silent, not even glancing at me. I hope he didn't hear enough of the conversation to put a few pieces together.

So, this morning, it was back to work at the pizza shop. Sadly, it's me, Cody, and Rachel.

How awkward will this be?


Ever since yesterday, I have been feeling so jealous and angry at Jordan, but I have no idea why. She shouldn't mean much to me, especially after four days of knowing each other. Still, ever since that phone call where I heard her yelling at some guy on the phone, I couldn't help but feel a twist in the pit of my stomach.

~ "I had to clean the pool! What else was I supposed to do?" I heard her voice yell from the back of the house.

Curious, I crept to the front, making sure she couldn't see me. She was standing out front, one arm crossed across her chest and the other holding a phone away from her ear. I could only see the back of her, and from her body language, she looked furious.

"You know what? I know you love me and all, and are trying to look out for me, but it's my story to tell. I am so unbelievably thankful that you have been here for me all this time, but I don't care if you are disappointed in me for telling something that is my story to tell. So, you can suck it because I was expecting you to be there for me and say good job, you're progressing but instead you yell at me. Goodbye TJ."

Does she have a boyfriend? By now, I was a few yards behind her, and she was pressing 'end call'. She turned around, and I could see how angry she really was. She hadn't noticed me, but once she had, it was by bumping into my chest. I didn't know she could jump and spazz like that. She looked up at me; surprise evident, but also regret/

Why regret?

I watched as she stalked back into the house, and I heard the door close, which I expected to slam. At least she can control her frustration. ~

That girl has me curious and wondering. I will admit she is beautiful, and she definitely is different than other girls I know, but I am still unsure if I like her or not.

Maybe if I get her to open up...

No, that won't happen. I know girls like those. It's all secrets and lies.

But yet, I want to know everything about her. I want to know the truth behind the lies and the cause behind the secrets.

As I was getting dressed and ready for work, I started mindlessly humming, which turned to singing. Soon enough, I was singing parts of different Ed Sheeran songs.

I was sliding on my pants when another chorus popped into my head, but it was no Sheeran song. It was an older song.

When the visions around bring tears to your eyes,

and all that surrounds you are secrets and lies,

I pulled a long-sleeved shirt over my head while I tried to remember the rest of the words.

I'll be your strength, Ill give you hope,

Keeping your faith when its gone,

The one you should call was standing here all along,

And i will take you in my arms,

And hold you right where you belong, till the da-

I was interrupted by a slight knock on the door and I turned to see Lane. She gave me a small, sleepy smile, and said breakfast was ready.

She was dressed in a pair of grey sweats and a baggy sweatshirt. "Why are you up so early? High school doesn't start till like 8 doesn't it?" I asked.

She shrugged, "7 actually, but I have SAT's." She faked excitement by raising her arms and giving a sarcastic, "Whoo!"

I laughed and said, "Alright, well good luck."

She nodded, "Thanks. Oh, and one more thing."

I gave her a look to continue and she sighed, "What's up with Jordan? I mean, she seems different lately. We were watching Criminal Minds yesterday and she wasn't even paying attention... AND it had extra Reed!"

I chuckled, but shrugged, "I don't know. She won't talk to me, but ever since chores with your mom, she's fallen silent. I noticed too and I honestly don't know."

She only sighed, saying, "Alright, later."

"Bye," I smiled, before tying on my shoes and heading downstairs.

Jordan wasn't there, but I sat down at the counter anyways. Rachel stood across from me, typing away on her phone. She greeted me with a hello and a smile, letting me know we were grabbing breakfast on the way to work. I nodded, a question quickly popping into my mind before she returned her attention back to her phone.

"Um, Rachel?" she glanced up, pulling her lip between her teeth.

"Could I use my phone for just a second? I need to tell my friend something and get his opinion," I asked.

"She gave me a skeptic look, "What is it?"

"Girl problems?" I offered, not really knowing if it was or not.

She only nodded, understanding, and stood up, grabbing my phone from her purse.

I thanked her, walking out of the room, knocking into none other Jordan.

"We really need to stop doing this," she groaned, rubbing her head.

I gave her a skeptic look, smelling the stench on her breath. Toothpaste and alcohol?

"Someone got druuunk," I said, trying to hie the smirk pushing its way to the surface.

She only groaned again and I chuckled lightly.

"Well, have fun working today," I said, patting her back before standing up and walking to the hall bathroom.

I closed and locked the door, pulling up my messages and opened a new text.

Hey man, I need some advice. But you cannot tell Kylie! -Codes

Within minutes, Kendall replied.

Promise! Whadya need? -Kenny

I quickly typed back.

Girl advice -Codes

Ahh, i see. Well, what about it? -Kenny

See, there's this girl, and I think I may like her, but I can tell she's hiding something. I don't know if I should try and get her to open up or just let it be. -Codes

Try to get her to open up, but don't force her. Just start by telling her things about yourself and giving her a sense of trust. -Kenny

Really? -Codes

I'm sure, Codes -Kenny

Okay, thanks :) -Codes

Anytime (: -Kenny

I let out a deep breath, unlocking the door and heading back to the kitchen. I put my phone back in her purse and sat at the counter again. Jordan was grabbing some Advil and a glass of water, while Rachel was still typing on her phone.


Oh my god, my head hurts.

That Cody kid was right about the alcohol but I had barely had any. The reason I had such a headache was because I spent the night crying myself to sleep.

Where did I get the alcohol?

That kid really needs to learn to hide his stash better. I found those bottles easily.

"That's a cute outfit," Rachel comments me. I glance down at my red long sleeve polo, which was two sizes too big but super comfy, and my long black leggings. I had my favorite pair of brown lace up boots on and my hair was tied up in one of those french braids to a bun things. I don't even know.

But as I chug down my second glass of my water, Rachel says its time to go and we three all head out to the car. I pull my leggings up a bit as I sit down, Cody next to me, and tuck my knees to my chest once I buckle up.

Rachel turned up the radio and Best Love Song was on, almost over actually. I smiled and started to sing along.

Homey kiss your girl, Shawty kiss your man,

We can see you on the kissing cam,

Show me some love, Show me some love,

Now look her in the eye, say baby I love you,

I'll never put no one above you,

And if you feel that way, go 'head and kiss your baby,

And now we got the whole stadium in love!

I wasn't singing loudly, just enough that I could here. I tapped my feet and fingers to the beat. As the song ended, I heard the radio host mention that they had a new hit t play called 'Be The One'.

As soon as it came on, Cody groaned and I looked over at him. He was banging his head on the head rest with his eyes shut and I couldn't help but giggle.

"Is that you Cody?" Rachel asked, looking at him through the rearview mirror.

Cody made an 'mhm' sound and nodded.

"Why are so mad about it?" I raised my eyebrow at him.

He looked at me, and I swear, it looked like something clicked in his head.

"You know how they say I write all my own songs?" he asked.

I nodded and shrugged.

"Well I didn't write that one. In fact, I didn't even like this song," he said, "I only wrote one song on the album."

"They won't let you play your own stuff?"

"Nope, they say they know what my 'audience'," he made finger quotations, "wants to hear."

"Well fight for your music then," I said. Wasn't that obvious?

"It's not that easy," he said, turning away from me and to the window.

"Yes it is," I said, annoyed, "Bands do it a lot. They record their songs and release them over youtube, sometimes under an anonymous name or just put it out there, against their management. It's actually kind of simple. Then take those results of what your fans think and go from there."

He looked back at me, as if he were thinking, but said nothing. We stopped at Mickey D's and got breakfast, then arrived at the pizza shop soon after. I got out of the car, not waiting for him. Once inside, Rachel sent him and I to the front to man the register. Apparently her two grown nephews were working in the kitchen.

I did what I did the last time, grabbing the money drawer from the office and putting it into the register. I counted it to make sure it was the same as it was yesterday and then began wiping down the counters. The shop opened in ten minutes, so I took the time to organize underneath the counters.

As I was separating cups by sizes, Cody plopped down next to me, making me jump once again, and hit my head on the counter.

"Shit," I muttered, placing my hand over the spot it had hit and stood up.

"Sorry!" Cody apologized, rushing to the back and returning with ice wrapped in a small rag. He place it delicately to my head as I hissed at the contact.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," he chuckled, "Much less make you hit your head."

"It's fine, just- OW," I groaned as he moved the pack a bit, handing it to me.

"Do you need me to kiss it better?" he used a baby voice and made a pouty face. I laughed and shoved him.

"No your jerk," I giggled.

He placed his hand over his heart, faking pain, "Ouch! You know, words hurt."

I rolled my eyes and lifted the ice pack, "Does it look bad?"

He inspected it, and shook his head, "Just a small bump. It may bruise, but at least it doesn't need stitches."

"Good, I'm terrified of hospitals," I mumbled, reapplying and adjusting the ice pack.

"I know how you feel," he said, "I hit my head on the side of a pool as kid and needed five stitches." He lifted the hair near his ear, showing me a scar.

"Ouch," I grimaced.

"Ya, but that's really the only serious time I've had to go to a hospital," he said, "Other than when my cousin passed away."

I looked up at him, seeing a small amount of sadness wash into his eyes. I only now realized his eyes change color. When he's happy, their a beautiful blue, with the grey in the middle barely showing. When he's sad, like now, the grey in the middle becomes much more prominent.

"How?" I asked. Somehow I knew he wouldn't want sympathy.

"Cancer, Leukemia," he said, the sadness filling his voice as well. But soon the sadness was filled with love. "But, it's alright. He and I were close as kids, and when he passed, I felt as if he was with me still, like my guardian angel."

"I bet he is, and at least he is in a better place as well," I said, letting my free hand rub his arm. "I know how you feel. My aunt on my mom's side passed away from breast cancer 6 months after I was born. But I still feel as if, even though I never really knew her, she will always be with me, watching over me."

I don't know why I told him, but it felt good. He smiled at me, not one of happiness but of understanding.

I stood up, discarding the ice from the rag and tossing it into the dirty bin.

Once we opened, I was busy folding boxes, cleaning tables, and switching off with Cody on manning the register. We barely even spoke except for "Switch" and "You take this, I'll take that", but when business died down a little, it was me with the register and Cody sitting beside me. It was the particularly slow part of the day.

It was a nice silence, not awkward, not weird. We were both just sitting there, absentmindedly playing with random objects and listening to the radio over the loudspeakers.

"If I-", Cody broke it, making me glance at him, "If I were to, you know, release one of my own songs, would you help me?"

"I guess, if want me to," I said, going back to messing with the pen I was holding.

"Well, it was basically your idea," he said, and I could hear him shrug.

"Alright, how bout tonight we take a look at some songs, if you have them, and we'll decide which one?" I offered.

"Sure, thanks," he smiled at me, which I returned.

"Yo-" I was cut off by the sound of obnoxious entering the shop.

"Hey, look! It's hot girl and dousche boy again!" That voice. Ugh, those idiots are back.

I turned to see my assumptions were true, as they had two new sluts with them today.

"How are you sexy? I've missed you," one of them says to me, and I just roll my eyes.

"I'm sorry, the people who give a fuck are on the next block," I remark without much emotion, nodding my head to the side and flipping him the finger.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," one of them laughs, holding his hands up in surrender, "We had some good times didn't we?"

"That must have been my twin, she actually likes asshole's like you," I spit back.

"You and your twin are both really mean," one of the sluts spoke up. She was snapping gum and had one of the jerks hands wrapped around her waist.

"I bet if you added all of their IQ's together, it wouldn't even break the average standards," Cody whispered in my ear, making me laugh and not just a little giggle. A burst of laughter.

All of the kids look at me, confusion scribbled all over their faces. That only makes it funnier.

When I finally catch my breath, I turn to see Rachel had come out of the office to see what the whole commotion was about.

"What's going on Jordan?" she asked.

"Please excuse me," I gave the teens at the counter a smirk Rachel couldn't see and strolled over to her. She followed me right into the office, as well as Cody leaned against the doorframe, probably curious as to what was going on.

"What's wrong Jordan?" Rachel asked, given me a look.

"You know how there was that complaint a few days ago that Cody and I were rude to some customers?" I asked and she nodded, "Well, those are them. But they aren't customers really. They just come in here and harass me. Cody too, but mostly me."

"It's true," Cody spoke up.

"Well, you still need to treat them as a customer," Rachel said professionally, but leaned down so she was at my ear, "But if I don't see you talking back, then I can't report anything. Just don't be too bad."

I smiled. Like one of those big smiles when a little kid is told she can go get ice cream.

"Deal," I said, and walked past her, past Cody and back to the counter. I walked in on a lip lock between bimbo and jackass. I cleared my throat, seeing as there were a few people behind them now.


Watching Jordan tell of those lowlife jerks and whores was hilarious. But, I remained calm and still so I wouldn't punch them out.

But after Rachel and her talked, we both walked back only to come upon two of them making out. Jordan cleared her throat and I watched as she took their orders.

"What can I get you to eat?" she asked.

"You would good," one of them snickered, "And to go please."

"Sorry, we're all out of that," she smiled sweetly at them, "How about pizza?"

The guy finally gave up his antics and ordered a meat lovers pizza for the group, but Jordan didn't put it in as Meat Lovers. She clicked the little notes tab for the order and I watched as she typed in, "Chop up some anchovies and liver and add them to the sauce; onions under the cheese *Special Request*"

I had to keep a straight face as the guy paid and they went over, sitting in the group booth, just in the sightline from the counter.

Liver and anchovies. Ugh, those things are disgusting. This is going to be hilarious.

I took over another register as Jordan and I took other people's orders who were in line, and the entire time I was thinking.

I cannot wait to see there faces when they get their pizza...

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