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Rukia Kurosaki

Chapter 11


I was sprawled out on the floor (because no matter how fun it would have been to tease him, I was too tired and lazy to hear him bitch about me being on his bed), reading an old manga I found inside the closet that I haven't read in years, when Ichigo entered his room.

"Oi midget," he said as he sat on his bed. I didn't bother looking up and instead waited for him to continue. But of course, being the stubborn idiot that he was, he instead poked me with his big toe.

"Hey, listen to me."



I rolled over once to get away from the annoying appendage. I heard some shuffling but ignored it. I'm even too tired to get mad. Besides, it's getting to the good part. The hero is finally going to declare his love for his best friend after rescuing her from the evil gang that wanted revenge on him for—



"DAMMIT WHAT DO YOU WANT?" In a second, I had already stood up and slammed my foot on Ichigo's face. I take back my earlier statement about being too tired.

"Gahhh! That hurt you bitch!"

"It was meant to, bastard!"

"What's your problem!?"

"My problem is that you're annoying!" I huffed, "Can't you see I'm trying to read something here?"

"I was trying to tell you something!" he scowled.

"I was listening!" I retorted, "Well? What is it?"

He scoffed, "I thought you were listening?"

I smacked him upside his head.

"Oww! What was that for!?"

I rolled my eyes. "For being stupid. You didn't tell me anything you idiot!"

"Or maybe I was and you weren't listening." I raised my fist…

"Alright, alright! You win. Don't hit me!" he exclaimed as he defensively made an "x" with his arms in front of his face.

I crossed my arms and looked at him expectantly, "So? Talk."

He sat back down on the bed, making himself comfortable as he spoke. "Well, it's time for Yuzu and Karin's monthly dentist visit but since Goat-chin's going out of town tomorrow for some conference, I'd have to take them."

I raised an eyebrow, "If you're asking for a day off of your Shinigami Duties, just go straight to the point. Besides, I am perfectly capable of defeating Hollows."

Ichigo scowled even more, "I was gonna ask if you wanted to come with me! You know, since you've never been to a dentist before."

Of course I have. Takeshi's human after all. But he doesn't need to know that. It didn't stop me from releasing a small chuckle though, "If this is your idea of a first date…"

"WHAT!? No! Who said anything about that!?" Ichigo's face turned red and I laughed even more.

"Stop laughing, midget!" And I did, but not because he told me so.

"Argh!" He cried in pain as I kicked his shin. "Do you really think you can get away painless with calling me midget twice?"

"Ughh!" he raised his hands in exasperation, "You're impossible! Fine, do what you want!" And with that, he stood up and stomped off, muttering something like "violent midgets and their mood swings."

I shrugged and went back to reading my manga.

I heard the front door shut as Ichigo and his sisters left the house. For the first time since arriving in this time, I finally found myself alone. I, of course, have been waiting for this moment since it would be the perfect time to visit and talk to Urahara.

After popping a soul candy in my mouth and instructing Chappy to stay inside the room, I jumped out the window and shunpoed to Urahara's shop.

When I arrived, I was greeted by an irate Jinta who was furiously sweeping the grounds. Igoring him, I barged right through the doors.

"URAHARA! Come out you manipulating bastard!" I yelled, already gripping Sode no Shirayuki in my hand.

"I swear if you—"

"Ah, Kuchiki-san! My favorite customer!" Out of nowhere, an annoyingly cheerful voice suddenly cut me off and with it came the very person I was going to murder.

"You really have a lot of nerve—"

"Now, now, Kuchiki-san. Put your zanpakuto away. There's no need for such hostility so early in the morning, ne?"

My eyebrow twitched as he interrupted me for the second time. "Cut the crap, Urahara. Just take me back to my time and switch me back with my past self!"

A look of confusion and astonishment passed through the merchant's face (though I can't tell if it's fake or genuine. With Urahara, you never really know for sure.) "How did you know about that? I mean, it's not the exact thing, but…"

This time, it was I that became confused. "What the hell are you babbling about?"

His cheery demeanor was back in an instant. "Well, you see, just yesterday I had finally completed my latest invention!" He fanned himself as he motioned for me to follow him to one of the shop's rooms. Inside, I saw a weird –looking circular TV. It was on top of a four-foot… box thingy… that had three clocks aligned in the middle. It also seemed that countless wires from the screen were connected at the back of the box-like thing.

"What is it?" I asked, my anger temporarily replaced by curiosity.

"It's a communication device." He said simply. "It allows us to communicate with anyone from any time in the future. Of course, that person would have to also have this device so it's mainly for my own purposes. Though, it can't let you time-travel if that was what you're looking for."

So that's why the sneaky bastard sent me two weeks early.

"Does it work?" I asked the younger version (not that he looked any different) of the said sneaky bastard. It was a stupid question, having known Urahara enough to acknowledge his genius, but I asked anyway just to leave a small crack on his pride.

"Kuchiki-san!" he gasped, covering his shocked mouth with his free hand. I rolled my eyes. Seriously, I have better acting skills.

"I can't believe after all these years you would still doubt my ability!" he exclaimed.

His annoying act was getting on my nerves but I was saving my rage to a… more deserving Urahara so I just shot him a bored look. "Have tried it then?"

"Nope! But since you are my favorite customer, after all, I'll let you be the first to test it!"

"I'm honored." I replied in a flat tone.

All Urahara did was grin as he crossed the room and prepared the device. "So… what time would you like as a demonstration?"

I didn't even need to think. The answer was obvious, "Eight years from now."

Urahara look albeit curious at my immediate answer but didn't ask and instead crouched down and made a few adjustments on the device. His body was blocking my view though so I wasn't able to see what he was doing.

The monitor lit up and after a few moments, Urahara stood. By this time, soft ringing filled the room. Now beside me, Urahara chuckled and said, "Works just like a telephone. Now, we just have to wait for someone, hopefully me, to pick up."

And pick up he did. The ringing ceased and almost instantly, the monitor flashed, replacing the blank white screen with the face of a cheerful Kisuke Urahara.

"Oh hello, Kuchiki-san! And to your handsome friend over there as well!"

"Why hello to you to, handsome stranger!"

I'm surrounded by idiots.

"Both of you shut up!" I glared at the one by my side then turned to the one on the screen. "You better give me a damn good reason why I shouldn't murder you right now!"

"So you've already figured it out… As expected of Rukia Kuchiki! I had hoped to wait until you got back, but really… you're too smart for your own good."

"Flattery will get you nowhere." I said sharply. "I know there's a reason why you specifically chose me to get rid of The Dreamer, if that's even what it's called, and it's not just because I've encountered it before like you told me. In fact, I don't remember encountering it at all. Whatever memory remover you've sprayed me with already wore off. I also know it isn't as weak and insignificant as you've said. It has something you want and for some reason, I'm the only one who can give it to you. Knowing you, this is all part of some mad genius plan and obviously you've chosen me to be your puppet again. You've told me a lot of crap before sending me here, so tell me, how much of it is even true?"

"Impressive," he said while nodding his head and grinning. "To be able to deduce as much, you really are something. But that's not just it, by a long shot."

Urahara's eyes were now hooded under his hat and his cheerful demeanor had been replaced by a calm and calculating one. "As you may know, the past, present, and future are tightly connected by a very complicated knot. It's not as simple as you may think. You see, for every second or even millisecond of a person's life, new time space is created. This becomes a somewhat record of our lives and in other words, our past. And those time spaces will move on to the next second and keep going until it catches up with the present which will never happen naturally since the present itself is constantly moving at the same pace. It is all just a straight arrow pointing upwards, with the very present state of a person leading.

"In other words, the one that is still making the future for your past states. It would be impossible for these people to travel to the future since to them, it does not exist yet. However, were one of a person's past selves be able to somehow disrupt the flow of time and be able to indeed catch up to the present, it would certainly be troublesome. If that person stayed too long that her disappearance from her original time space would already be affecting the normal chain of events, it will affect every other time space ahead of it, including the present. Fortunately, no one has been able to do such a thing. Well… except you, that is."


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