=Two of a Kind But Only One Heart= (Two Princes)

Author Update 2014: After almost 12 years, I've decided to actually go through this story again and edit some of the spelling and grammar errors I found. I haven't touched this story since it was originally published and finally overcame the fear of reading my own work to actually read it through again. I'm amazed at how well this story aged and I'm happy that it's been a great read for so many of you! The changes will be slight but I hope they're appreciated.

Chapter 1: College, The Job Hunt, and a Surprise?

Pan pulled her Sociology books out of her locker and proceeded to her next class. It was her second week at Satan City Community College. She hadn't made any friends so far, but, luckily both Marron and Trunks were in her Sociology class. They were both picking up credits at the college to go towards a Masters Degree. Pan entered the classroom and took her usual seat behind Marron. The professor arrived shortly after and began to set up the computer projector for that day's lecture and corresponding slideshow. Marron, who had been chatting with one of her many friends in the class, turned around to talk to Pan.

"How are you liking it here so far?" she asked with a smile. Pan shrugged.

"It's okay I guess." Marron gave her an encouraging smile before turning around to pay attention to the professor who was ready to begin his lecture.

Ten minutes into the lecture, the classroom door creaked open and Trunks strolled in, apparently oblivious as to what the time was, and took his seat next to Marron. He looked at both girls as he sat down and gave them a silly grin.

"Fashionably late as usual, Trunks?" Pan smirked at him, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

He laughed sheepishly, opened his textbook to the chapter being discussed and put on his glasses. Pan tried to focus her attention back on the lecture but couldn't help stealing an occasional glance in Trunks' direction. He looked incredibly attractive when he studied his book so intently with his head bent over the pages and his lavender hair falling into his face. His glasses made him look so serious and studious even though Pan knew better. After and hour and 20 minutes lecture on the Marxism perspective, everyone gathered their books and rushed out of the classroom. Pan lingered behind to talk to the professor, not about anything in particular, but she knew Marron and Trunks always stayed behind after each lecture and she wasn't about to pass up a chance to prove how intelligent she really was. After her elder classmates discussed the inequalities of society with the professor, Pan interjected with a question of her own concerning an issue addressed during the lecture. Trunks and Marron looked at Pan in amazement as she articulated her viewpoint to the professor who commended her for her astute deductions. Pan smiled with satisfaction and turned towards her friend and left the classroom with them.

"So, Panny, you're still trying to get a job?" Pan cringed as Trunks called her by her despised nickname.

"Yeah, and I know you'd be more than happy to give me a position at Capsule Corp., Mr. President, but I'd like to find work on my own just this once."

"Good for you, Pan. You show them how independent you can be." Marron encouraged.

Pan smiled and bid her two friends goodbye as she broke off to head towards her locker to get her books for her next class. Trunks and Marron went to their cars and left since Sociology was their only class for the day.

On her way home that afternoon, Pan spotted that the restaurant not too far from her house was hiring. She stopped in The New Age Restaurant and asked about filling in an application. No sooner had she finished the application than the head hostess sat down with her at one of the tables and told her about what her new job entailed. Pan then followed the woman to the waitress area and watched as she wrote in her name and scheduled her to start that weekend. All she needed to do was get her uniform. Pan was elated as she flew to the uniform shop to purchase her black skirt, vest and white button-down blouse. She flew home as fast as she could and burst through the front door; breathless, but excited. Videl and Gohan looked at the satisfied expression on their daughter's face and then saw the bag of clothes in her hand.

"Any reason why you're so happy?" Videl asked a Pan who was still grinning from ear to ear.

"I finally did it, Mom! I got a job!" Pan replied excitedly.

"And where exactly do you work now?" Gohan asked pointedly. He didn't want any daughter of his working in a disreputable place.

"Oh Daddy!" Pan sighed as she hugged her father. "I work at the New Age. They hired me on the spot! I start this Friday night."

Pan didn't wait for her parents to respond. She sailed up the stairs to her room where she removed each article of clothing from the bag and placed the items carefully on her bed. She was so pleased that she managed to get a job on her own. On Friday night, she would start as the new hostess for the balcony section of the restaurant and she could not wait. Pan turned on her computer to e-mail Bra, who is currently away studying at a private college, and tell her the good news. She wouldn't tell Trunks yet. The perfect time to surprise him would have to be planned first. Little did she know that she was the one who was going to be surprised.

AN: So? What did you think? I have a few more chapters to type up. Next up, Pan gets a double surprise, but did she want the good news or the bad news first? Find out in chapter 2!