Well folks, this is my 'thank you' page. I know, I know. This means that my story has definitely come to an end. Don't worry though, I've got some ideas for a new story. I just don't know when I'll be able to start it. Anywho, for all of you who contributed words of encouragement and suggestions, this is my dedication to you. THANK YOU!


Review Stats:

TOP THREE: Ills - you had the most reviews with a total of 15! That's one for each chapter! Blue-angel204 - came a close second with 8 reviews Supaa Saiyajin Trinity - 6 reviews (your use of capitals was quite impacting and kept me lauging ^_^!)

THREE OR MORE REVIEWS: FloralBlackMoon BrandonB (I'm sorry that this didn't turn out to be a T/P but I gave my audience what they asked for ~shrugs~) Chibi Tenshi

LESS THAN THREE: Anime Luver Anzu chan Angel-in-love Z Empress Terra Princess of Darkness Max Allusions of Mist Tari Pd Trunks-gal Android 21 Pan-Chan Chrisy Angel of Darkness (are u the same as Princess of Darkness?) Dbz-girl2 Dolphingurl140 Kawaii M-chan Stefidunno Pan_1102 Badtzzy Angelbabe14 Toran-kun lover a.k.a Sakura Valerie

And last but not least, special thankies to my bestest best friend, VioletCry for reviewing my fic - even if it was only TWICE. Just kidding, girl, thanks for the support!

Well everyone, I guess this is sayonara for now. Thanks for sticking with me over the months it was totally rewarding to get so many reviews for this story. Hopefully I get 100 reviews or more for my next work. Hope to see you then!

Domo Arigato - Aikori Ichijouji