01. First kiss

He stood fidgeting at the edge of her bed, and Candace frowned at him. She wanted him to leave. The boy and his daddy had come into the house and taken over. Because of his daddy, Candace couldn't go into her mommy's room anymore without permission, and she couldn't go to Phineas' because he'd be there too. And now he wouldn't leave her room either. Phineas had already left after giving her a goodnight hug and kiss, but he didn't follow Phineas like he always did.

There he stood beside her bed staring at her and gripping the edge of his pajama shirt. Candace stared back, because she wasn't going to lose here. Not in her room. Finally his eyes lowered and stared at her bed sheet instead, but he still didn't leave. Candace wanted to yell at him and push him out, but then her mommy would get mad and scold her. So Candace decided to take the boy's hand and take him to Phineas' room. But when she tried to pull him forward, he didn't budge. She let go of his hand and crossed hers. Her foot tapped, like that cartoon on television, and he slowly looked up at her. Then suddenly he leaned forward, wrapped his arms around her, and gave her quick kiss that missed her cheek and hit her chin. He then ran out of the room.

Candace stared at the door. Ferb was weird. That wasn't how one gave a goodnight hug and kiss. Both people had to do it, not just one. Didn't his daddy teach him that? She moved to the door determined to show Ferb how a goodnight hug and kiss was supposed to go.