A/N: Merry Christmas! I hope you all enjoyed reading these drabbles as much as I enjoyed writing them. Here's the last one.

50. Impossible

"You know," said Candace looking up at the boys' invention of the day: knitting the largest blanket ever for…actually, she didn't know what for and she doubted she wanted to. For some reason, they were planning to make it invisible or something. Honestly, she stopped listening when the little nerd boy was explaining the current project. "Do you two even know the meaning of impossible?"

"Sure," said Phineas offhandedly as he used the remote control in his hand to lead the fifty foot knitting needles into their next stitch.

"Really? Then what does it mean?" Candace demanded.

"Something that can't be done," Phineas said still focused on the knitting needle.

"Alright, now use it in a sentence," said Candace.

"It would be impossible to find a better sister than you," said Ferb, looking away from the other needle's work and straight at Candace.

"Hey, that's a perfect one," said Phineas, also looking away from his needle too and giving his brother a thumb up. "Good job, Ferb."

Candace stared speechlessly at her two brothers before a small smile started squirmed its way onto her face.

"You two definitely don't know the meaning of the word at all," said Candace walking away to go tell their mother about the latest project. "But I guess it could be worse. I could have brothers who did."