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A cool spring was lit by the gentle rays of the sun, cascading upon the waters like a waterfall of gold. The river shone with the light like brilliant gems and even the wind danced merrily through the trees. Somewhere in the woods, on a meadow of lilies and soft grass, a great big golden lion lay, his long tail swishing and whiskers twitching. His eyes were closed as he basked in the sun's healing tendrils, in communion with the deep magic of the world.

The mighty lion, Aslan, had a plan. Aslan always had a plan. However... this design was not supposed to go the way it was, but then, everything happened the way it happened for a reason, did it not? His plan could be altered, modified to accommodate the change. He glared at the vision of cold and white he saw before his eyes. No, he would not stand for this. At the same time, Aslan recalled the moment that everything changed for two of his chosen champions... when he made a split second decision that would alter the course of the future.


"So, what was it like?" Edmund asked. He and Caspian rowed the longboat out toward "the end", moving through a sea of beautiful white sweet-smelling flowers. "When Aslan changed you back?" he added.

Eustace thought for a moment as he gazed at the peaceful waters. "No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't do it myself," he explained. "Then he came towards me, it sort of hurt but... it was a good pain, you know, like, when you pull a thorn from your foot? Being a dragon wasn't all bad, I mean, I think I was a better dragon than I was a boy, really," Eustace said, if a bit regretfully. "I'm so sorry for being such a sod," he added softly.

"It's okay, Eustace... you were a pretty good dragon," Edmund admitted with a friendly smile. Who knew all it would take was an epic adventure in another world for the older boy to smile genuinely at his cousin. The friends grinned comradely at each other.

"My friends," Reepicheep said, drawing their attention. "We have arrived!" he gestured toward the wondrous sight before them. Enormous walls of water cascaded upward it seemed, into itself, and stretching out as far as the eye could see. It took them no time to reach the shore, the group unable to get over the enormity of awe they felt for this place. It was simply magnificent. It was not until Eustace spoke, that any of them noticed the mighty lion that walked just behind them, smiling warmly at them.

"Aslan!" Eustace turned to look at the great lion.

"Welcome, children," the wise lion greeted amiably. "You have done well, very well indeed," he praised. "You have come far, and now your journey is at its end," he said.

"Is this your country?" Lucy asked curiously.

"No," Aslan told her. "My country lies beyond," he gestured just over the waters, and indeed one could see the peak of land just beyond the top of the waters.

"Is my father in your country?"

Aslan turned to appraise the oldest Son of Adam. "You can only find that out for yourself, my son,-" he told him. Aslan saw the new King eying his land. "-but you should know that if you continue, there is no return," he warned. Caspian was unsure, he desperately wanted to see his father again but he knew that it was not his time yet. In the end, he decided not to go. Reepicheep, on the other-hand, had other plans. It was with a heavy heart, that the four humans bid their mouse friend goodbye. Eustace's heartfelt goodbye was the most touching and most strange to the noble mouse. Now, it was time for Aslan to see to his human family.

"This is our last time here, isn't it?" Lucy asked tearfully, leaning into her brother's comforting hand on her shoulder. Aslan stood and gazed at them a moment. His reply would have been very simple, if he had not suddenly felt a change, heard a voice whisper inside him. No, this would not be their last time in Narnia, for in fact, they would be greatly needed again. Aslan's whiskers twitched and he glanced up toward the sky, closing his eyes and nodding. "Aslan?" Lucy prompted hesitantly.

Aslan nodded to himself, and set off to spin the threads of the fabrics of his design again, as he was instructed by a force greater still than he. "No," he finally said, surprising them. He opened his eyes and looked back toward them with a gentle smile "This will not be the last time for you two," Aslan gestured to Edmund and Lucy. "You will still be needed soon," he added.

"And... and me?" Eustace asked shyly.

"You, my son, will be needed again as well, but at another time," Aslan smiled at him. "But for now, it is time to head back," Aslan told them. He smiled and gestured toward the cascading waters once more. Before their eyes they saw the waters swirl and open up to reveal a portal. "Go now, my children, we shall meet again," he said. The three teens bid their farewells to Caspian and Aslan, and stepped in, watching the water collapse around them but never fearing it.


The teens would soon find themselves back in the room they started in. Back in the place where their latest adventure had begun. The teens would share a smile. No longer would they fight and bicker amongst themselves, no, instead, the days that followed brought peace and understanding between the siblings.

It wasn't long until the war ended and the cousins would separate again. While Peter and Susan were still in America, Edmund and Lucy were able to reunite with their mother and father. It was a happy time, but both of them felt a little like a big part of them was missing. They were happy to be back, but they could not wait to return. However, soon, it seemed, would not be as soon as they hoped...

But Aslan had a plan. He knew something was coming, something that attempted to pick at the delicate strands of his tapestry, but he would not allow it. What he would allow, was an alteration in his design. Aslan had a plan, but for his plan to succeed, he needed another element. There was already magnificence, gentleness, justice, and valiance... but there was something missing. Aslan searched for this missing piece to the puzzle, and would find it sixty-five years later. This would not do, something had to be done about that. But wait... this element was still raw and full of cracks... maybe this could work if he polished it.

Aslan had a plan.


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