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It had been one month since Edmund proposed to Natalie.

Natalie had to learn quick, using the little bits of know-how Aslan had basically 'installed' in her new memories, to fit in 20th century England, though it helped that she had always been a history buff, knowing also that she was pregnant and had to try and keep that from Edmund's parents as long as possible. It would have been scandalous if they found out she had had relations with him without being married to him first. It became a problem when Natalie began showing signs of her pregnancy after a week though. Edmund requested marrying her sooner, insisting. They were eighteen though, so they could essentially do so if they wanted to. John Pevensie had reluctantly agreed, but insisted they had to wait at least one month, to 'get to know each other better' and for them to prepare for such a big step in their lives. They, of course, had to agree.

One month had gone by very slowly for them. Keeping their hands off each other becomes very difficult, but they could not risk being caught by anyone or letting rumors spread, so they had to keep apart from each other for the most part, to keep people from prying into their lives and wonder why they acted so much closer than people who supposedly only been dating for a short time. But that didn't say they couldn't go on dates, even as hard as that was without letting it get carried away. Natalie even had to resort to lying about her slightly belly growth, saying her fiance just liked to dote on her with too many sweets. Fortunately, people bought that.

Now, now the month had come to an end and Edmund and Natalie insisted on getting married. They had already made preparations. The day was a bright and sunny one, despite the cold temperature. Natalie found it odd that, not only was it not raining or snowing, it was sunny and peaceful... she was under the impression that it rained quite a lot in England? Perhaps Aslan had something to do with this? Either way, Natalie found herself staring out into the clear blue sky that morning, smiling dazedly to herself. Today was the big day! Today she was going to get married! She knew it was tradition, she knew today she couldn't until the wedding, but she found herself wanting to see Edmund pretty badly. But then, that wasn't new... she always wanted to see him.

"Natalie! What are you still doing in your pajamas!" Lucy asked in exasperation. Natalie looked over in surprise. She hadn't heard her door open at all, nor had she heard Lucy walk into her room. She had given the Pevensies keys to her house and often times then not found one of them waltzing in, either declaring that she would do something with one of them, just stopping by to hang out with her, or bringing her a home-cooked meal. "Come on, get dressed so we can get to the church already!" She went over and tugged the older girl out of her bed.

"Lu, it's seven in the morning! The wedding is not until two! I'm pretty sure I have enough time for all of that!" Natalie protested, but let the younger girl pull her toward her dresser.

"We still have last minute checks to make, make sure the catering has arrived, prepare for the reception, get you into your dress, do your make up, your hair, you're mad if you think seven hours is enough time!" Lucy shook her head.

"Lucy, relax," Natalie chuckled. "Why are you more nervous about today than I am?"

"Because I'm more responsible than you?" Lucy stuck her tongue out.

"Hey, that's not... well, alright, maybe you're right," Natalie blushed, holding her hand over her slightly larger belly. "I hope I'll still be able to fit into my dress?"

"I'll make you fit," Lucy promised with a look of determination. Somehow, even if it was Lucy who said it... or maybe because it was Lucy who said it, that sounded pretty scary. It turned out, Natalie had been right. Everything was in order and everyone was prepared for the wedding. They made it to the church with plenty of time to spare, and Helen and Lucy had to firmly forbid Natalie from wandering, knowing she would probably go look for her husband to be.

When Natalie finally met Peter and Susan, it was just before the wedding. Peter looked radically different from Edmund, wondering how it was possible for siblings to look so unlike the other. He was taller than Edmund and, like him, very handsome. Piercing blue eyes under neatly combed golden brown hair and a wide jaw. He looked every bit a King, picturing him with a gold crown and a flowing cape, he might even look like King Arthur! He looked like he could take down a bull with his bare hands, or maybe even just glare it into submission, having the same sort of intensity in his eyes as Edmund did. Edmund's older sister, Susan, was a glamorous beauty with long flowing hair and a strong frame. She looked like she could take on the world without even messing up one strand of hair on her head. She had that sort of strength and confidence in her eyes. Natalie could also see a wise sort of gentleness. She was every bit the Queen Lucy had bragged to her about. Clearly, the Pevensie siblings were made to be Kings and Queens. Aslan had certainly chosen well! Even if she still felt like she could never match to their regal grace... she might have been named Queen by Aslan as well, but she doubted she would even be as natural as they seemed to be.

"You must be Natalie Valentine," Susan said as she walked over to her, grace with each step.

"We've heard much about you," Peter said, his voice shocking Natalie slightly. He sounded a bit like Edmund, but his voice seemed like it was made to command, strength and wisdom reverberated from him. It was no wonder Edmund admitted trying to be like him when he was younger! His eyes studied her as he and Susan made their way over to her.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both, I've heard a lot about you too," Natalie smiled weakly.

"So, when did you-" Susan's questioned was cut off, a horribly painful look crossing her face. She fell to her knees, her hand balled to the side of her head.

"Su?" Peter turned sharply, by his sister's side immediately. "Are you alrig-" he gasped, cutting himself off as well, his hand clutching his own head.

"What's going on?!" Natalie asked in concern, kneeling before them. She began to get very worried when they didn't respond, but just as she stood to call for help, Peter's hand shot forward and caught her wrist. Looking back down at him, she blinked in surprise at the wide-eyed, astonished look in his eyes. "What's wrong?" Natalie asked again. Peter let her wrist go and helped his sister up, who had an equally stunned look in her eyes.

"We remember," Peter answered breathlessly, glancing over to his sister, who nodded in agreement. "We remember everything," Peter's face turned pained once more, but this time, it wasn't because of physical pain.

"Natalie, seeing you... it woke memories in us that we had kept locked up, brushed aside as though they were just childish fantasies. We remember Narnia... we remember Aslan, we remember everything," Susan explained.

"But... that- you forgot?" Natalie frowned in confusion. "Why would I make you remember? We just met!"

"Something about you must be different. Something must have changed," Peter shook his head, also confused. "Whatever it is, I'm... well, I can't be sure whether to be happy I remember, or sad. Now that I remember Narnia, I miss it terribly," he frowned sadly.

"I'm sorry..." Natalie apologized weakly.

"No, you have nothing to be sorry for," Susan insisted. "We're grateful to you, we always felt like something was missing, and now we know what," she smiled reassuringly and pat her arm.

"Now that I remember everything, it's amazing Edmund actually found himself someone!" Peter chuckled. "I was afraid he'd be bitter and alone his whole life!"

"Come now, Peter, you're not being fair. You know as well as I do that Edmund has changed quite a lot since the last time we saw him," Susan chided him.

"Yes, yes, of course, you're right, as always," Peter smirked.

"My God, it's like listening to Edmund and Lucy all over again," Natalie laughed softly. "They're a lot like you two when they argue," she smiled fondly.

"Really? Huh, imagine that," Peter muttered, but Natalie could see the pride in his eyes.

"Natalie, dear? It is time to finish getting ready," Helen said as she poked her head in the room. "Hello, my lovelies!" Helen went over to her children and kissed them both on the cheeks.

"Hello, mum!" Peter grinned. "I'll see you girls later, I'm going to go make Edmund's life difficult," he said, his hands in his pockets and a skip in his step.

"At least he's honest," Helen laughed.

"Here, let me help, mother," Susan smiled and went to assist the older woman with Natalie's dress and hair. By the time she was done getting worked on, she looked like a work of art. She had chosen a simple white dress with a fairly short train. The dress was embedded with what looked like diamonds, but were clearly fake, just enough sparkle to make her look dazzling, and she wore thin white gloves that went up to her elbows. She felt great, despite the dress being a little tight on her. She could hear the music playing in the main hall of the church and received friendly pats on the arm from the women, who left the room when John showed up.

"Are you ready, love?" John asked affectionately.

"Yep!" Natalie nodded with a smile.

"No 'cold feet'?"

"Nope!" Natalie grinned. It was slightly surprising to her how sure she was about this. She would have thought with how she grew up, in both time-lines, that she would be unsure and try to push Edmund away... but she honestly couldn't think of something she wanted more at the moment. Natalie hooked her arm through John's and let her lead her to the main room, where everyone stood when they appeared.

They made their walk down the isle, Natalie blushed at the thumbs up she received from the Pevensie siblings. Natalie glanced back toward the front and her heart nearly gave out at the sight of Edmund in a three-tier tuxedo. She was now torn between wondering what he looked better in, battle armor, dressed for war, or a sleek, black tuxedo and gray and white vest with his short but messy black hair. It was a tough one. John patted Natalie's hand as they stopped by the alter, then separated from her, stepping back and smiling. "Who gives this woman to be married to this man?" The priest asked, turning to the people in the room.

Natalie bit her lip and glanced over to Edmund's father, who nodded encouragingly. "I give myself away, I have no guardian," she answered. John sat by his wife, taking her hand and kissing her knuckles. Helen was practically in tears, happy tears, but still tears.

"Very well," the minister smiled, gesturing her to come forward. John smiled once more, squeezing her hand, and then handed her hand over to his son who took it with a grin. The pastor turned to Edmund. "Edmund Pevensie, will you have this woman to be your lawful wedded wife, to live together after God's ordinance in the Holy Estate of Matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others keep you only unto her as long as you both shall live?" The priest asked, noticing how cool and collected the young couple was, their warm smiles never leaving their faces. It was refreshing to see young people getting married so sure of their love.

"I do," Edmund answered readily.

The preacher then turned to Natalie with a warm smile of his own, repeating what he had said to Edmund. "And you, Natalie Valentine, will you have this man to be your lawful wedded husband, to live together after God's ordinance in the Holy Estate of Matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others keep you only unto him as long as you both shall live?" He asked kindly.

"I do!" Natalie announced enthusiastically. The minister smiled at both of them and continued with the ceremony.

"The marriage rings seal the vows of marriage and represents a promise for eternal and everlasting love." He motioned for a child, most likely a neighbor's son who was invited to the wedding, over. Edmund and Natalie repeated their vows, their eyes never leaving each other and their hands grasping. For them, they were the only two people in the room. It was only when they heard the word "kiss" that they realized they had been married. Edmund grinned and lifted Natalie's veil, stepping closer to her. The kiss was a soft, tender one with the promise of love. Natalie cupped Edmund's jaw, stroking it gently as she moved her lips against his in the soft kiss. Neither of them were aware of the thundering applause around them. Soon, though, they forced themselves to pull away and blushed when the finally realized once more that they were indeed not alone. Edmund took Natalie by the arm and the couple grinned happily at their friends and family who cheered at them.

After many hugs and congratulations, the first few she would receive that day, Edmund and Natalie got into the Pevensie family car, and drove together to the reception. Everyone else car-pooled over. When they got there, it seemed the caters had arrived and had everything prepared. The new couple reluctantly separated to change into more comfortable clothing. By the time they finished, the guests where already arriving. The reception was being held in a middle school gymnasium, while school was out for the winter. The music playing was unlike what Natalie was used to listening, and on a record player no less! Still, it was loud enough and the gym was padded well enough that none of the sound escaped the room and you could hear it pretty well. Natalie smiled when Edmund showed up next to her and, with a charming smile on his lips, held his hand out to her. The first dance of the evening.

Natalie lay her head on his shoulder, her eyes closed, she let him lead her through the dance, for the first time in years, not noticing all the eyes on her and her husband. Husband... she was married! She was married to Edmund! It was every girl's dream to find their soul mate, and it was every little girl's dream to marry a handsome Prince... but she got to marry a King! A very handsome one at that! "May I cut in?" Natalie looked up to see Peter smiling widely.

"Only if the missus is alright with dancing with a scoundrel," Edmund smirked.

"I think I'm used to that," Natalie stuck her tongue out at her new husband, who laughed in response.

"Oh, I like her, Ed!" Peter chuckled. Edmund rolled his eyes but stood aside, smiling at them, and muttered about going to get a drink. "Don't drink too much, Ed! You know what it does to you!" Peter teased.

"Drop dead, dear brother!" Edmund called back, though his tone was more affectionate than anything else.

"What is he like when he's drunk?" Natalie asked, now curious about the banter.

"He never got drunk while in Narnia?" Peter asked curiously. While his brother was not one to drink much, let alone get drunk, he and his sisters had witnessed him a bit sloshed during a few parties back in the "Golden Age". But perhaps that was because he was trying to escape the incessant annoyances of the "noble Ladies" that would throw themselves at him. He remembered not blaming him.

"No, we were all mostly getting to know each other, and then, you know, some conflicts in Narnia..." Natalie told him.

"Conflicts?" Natalie could feel the tall man stiffen slightly. Clearly he didn't like the sound of that. Having been King for Narnia, Natalie assumed he still had instincts to try and defend it.

"Didn't Edmund tell you? The White Witch had come back-" Natalie was cut off by a strangled gasp from him, but went on before he could interrupt further. "The first signs that she was stirring was corrupting some minds, including the mind of a Calormene General. The man killed their King-"

"Tisroc..." Peter corrected in a mumble.

"Their Tisroc, and Edmund and Caspian intercepted their invading army. They defeated them but were forced to kill them all... Jadis wouldn't give up her hold on them..." Natalie frowned sadly. "And then, after that, a few weeks later, Jadis found a way to physically reappear on Narnia and she built an army to attack us. She had poisoned Caspian, figuring Edmund was too weak to be able to fight her without him... she underestimated him though, and Edmund led Narnia into victory, killing Jadis. He almost died that day, if it wasn't for Lucy, that is," Natalie took a shuddering breath. She could still see the pale, bloody face of her love, dying in her arms.

Peter couldn't feel more proud for his little brother. He had faced his fears, and conquered a horrible evil. "I'm sorry, you lot suffered a lot," Peter frowned, his hold on her tightening slightly, as if he were trying to protect her.

Natalie found it endearing and had to smile. "We're okay, we made it with Aslan's grace and defeated all the obstacles life could throw at us. Now we're married, so I'd have to say this is a very happy ending, yes?" she suggested.

"Or happy beginning?" Peter grinned.


"So, anyway, did my little brother give you a hard time?" Peter asked with a twinkle in his eye, trying to steer the conversation back to a more pleasant topic.

"No, he was a perfect gentleman. In fact, I think I caused him more frustration than anything else," Natalie admitted.

"Yes, I can imagine," Peter chuckled.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, no, I only mean that you're very beautiful, so I can imagine how frustrated you made him," he smirked.

"Oh!" Natalie blushed. "No, not like that..."

"I know, I'm only teasing," Peter laughed.

"You're just as bad as Caspian," Natalie shook her head.

"Caspian? Last time I saw him he was... well, I suppose you could call him reserved?"

"Reserved!" Natalie laughed. "No, that's not the Caspian I know," she smiled fondly.

"Then he must have mellowed out," Peter smiled. The two danced a little longer until Edmund reappeared with a raised brow. "Honestly, Ed, you're going to be stuck together for the foreseeable future, you can stand a few minutes away from her," Peter chuckled.

"That's poppycock," Edmund scoffed, but smiled anyway. His elder brother relinquished his bride to him once more and the couple held each other close. While they danced, the siblings stood watching, reflecting how changed their brother was. Around Natalie, he seemed calmer, more focused, even a bit more mature if that were possible. None of them could detect the usual bitterness and bad attitude from him, all they could see is smiles and laughter. Someone had finally found Edmund and healed his scarred heart.

After the dancing, after the gift exchange, and after the cake was eaten, Edmund and Natalie bid the guests and Natalie's new family a farewell. While they couldn't afford an expensive getaway, especially with the country trying to rebuild after the war, Edmund and Natalie were still able to go to the family cabin, some ways south of Finchley. The drive there wasn't very long, but Natalie still found herself asleep for most of it. It had been a tiring month, after all. When they finally arrived at the cabin, Edmund helped the still half-asleep Natalie out of the car. Making their way inside, Natalie gasped when Edmund suddenly lifted her up into his arms, carrying her into the house and kicking the door shut. She all but giggled as he carried her to 'their room' and gently set her down. While she had been expecting him to be a bit anxious to get on with the more 'exciting' parts of being married, she was surprised by how soon he wanted to 'experience' it. Not that she was complaining or anything.

Edmund paused, gazing down at her, and gave her a sheepish smile. "We don't have to do this right now, if you're too tired?" he said softly.

Natalie smiled and caressed her husband's cheek. "Turn off the lights, my King..." she answered simply. That was all Edmund needed to hear. It seemed the saying 'third time's the charm' really did fit most situations, though it would more fairly be considered a fourth time for them. In this case, the fourth time being with Edmund was even better than the other three. By then they knew each others bodies pretty well, they knew how to tune it like instruments to get the best reactions from each other.

Eight months, three weeks, and eleven hours later, Natalie lay, completely spent, on the hospital bed, smiling tiredly as the nurse handed her twins. A boy and a girl. Edmund stood by her side, his eyes wide with awe as his wife took their children, cooing softly at them. "What will we name them?" Natalie asked. "We never really came to a decision?"

"I've been thinking about that since you shot down my last suggestion. What about Laura, for a girl... after your mother?" Edmund asked.

"That's... that's perfect!" Natalie had tears in her eyes. Clearly, she was still hormonally imbalanced, so Edmund would still have to be careful with what he said. "Thank you!" She reached for him and Edmund bent over, happily accepting the gentle kiss from her. "I was thinking about William, for our son, what do you think?"

"I think I love it," Edmund grinned. Just a bit later, after making sure the babies were alright and properly logged, they were returned to their parents. By then, Peter and Susan were there as well, congratulating their sister-in-law and brother. Helen Pevensie had been delayed, picking up her husband and daughter from the airport for this momentous day, but would be arriving soon. In the meantime, Natalie had made room for Edmund to sit on the bed with her and the two held their children, smiling at each other lovingly. Natalie watched Edmund lay a gentle kiss atop his daughter's fuzzy, soft head and she figured their daughter would be a daddy's girl just as she had imagined it.

"So there are the proud parents!" Natalie and Edmund looked up to see Peter and Susan walking in, equally bright grins on their faces.

"We're sorry we couldn't be here earlier," Susan apologized.

"If you had just tagged your bag like dad had told you to, we wouldn't have had to spend such a long time in the airport," Peter scoffed.

"Well excuse me for a little slip-up! I'm not perfect, you know," Susan rolled her eyes.

"In any case, we're glad you're here," Edmund interrupted.

"Oh! You had twins!" Susan gasped, just noticing that they each held a baby.

"Yep! A boy and a girl!" Natalie grinned tiredly.

"You must be exhausted," Susan frowned sadly as she walked over to the bedside, leaning over to try to fix her sister-in-law's hair a bit.

"I'm fine," Natalie smiled. "Would you two like to hold them?"

"We'd love to," Peter smiled. He took William, while Susan took Laura. "So what are their names?" he asked curiously, making faces at the little tyke he held, though the baby was still much to young to understand what the man holding him was doing to react.

"William and Laura," Edmund answered, smiling at how goofy his brother was behaving.

"Beautiful names," Susan gushed. She smiled down at the baby girl she held. "A fitting name for a beautiful little lady. You, Laura, would make a gorgeous Queen, I'm sure of it," Susan said to her niece, the siblings smiles and nodded in agreement.

"And you, nephew, with a strong name like William, I bet you're going to grow up big and strong and be a great warrior, like your dad," Peter cooed to his nephew, smiling at his brother who blushed at the compliment. "You just be sure to tell uncle Peter when your dad's being an ass," he chuckled.

"Peter!" Susan and Natalie both scolded at the same time. Natalie tried to conceal a laugh though, finding it much more amusing than her straight-laced sister-in-law.

"What? He doesn't understand a word I'm saying, do you, sport?" Peter grinned down at the baby in his arms.

Suddenly, Helen, John, and Lucy came barreling into the room, grinning at the six of them from ear to ear. Lucy was torn between the twins, wanting to be with both of them. Once the family had settled a bit, Natalie let her new mom and dad – something she was still giddy about – hold her babies. The siblings and Natalie looked at the older couple fondly but something distracted them. A soft rumble of a laugh was heard at the corner of the room, where a full-length mirror stood. They turned and were surprised to see Aslan standing there, looking out at them with an affectionate smile.

"Greetings, children," he said kindly.

"Aslan!" Peter gawked. "It's really you! I've – we've missed you," he said, frowning sadly.

"And I you, Peter," Aslan responded. "You have questions for me?" he stated, knowing they did.

"Aslan, why did we forget, and now remember as soon as we met Natalie?" Susan asked curiously.

"Truthfully, Susan, that is as much a mystery to me as it is to you. Natalie was sent to Narnia to not only heal herself, but help heal Edmund's fear over Jadis. Perhaps her gift extended to you as well. One thing is for certain, things that were supposed to happen have now changed... for better or for worse, I am uncertain at the present time. Do not fear though, I will always be with you," he smiled. "Natalie, your children are very special, take care to keep them safe, alright? I know you'll do a wonderful job," Aslan's eyes twinkled.

"Special? Why?" Lucy asked curiously.

"They are children of two universes. Two time-lines. That makes them special. I can see great things in their future," the great lion smiled.

"Narnia?" Peter suggested.

"Possibly," Aslan smirked. "But now is not the time to think of such things. Now is the time to celebrate life and love. Take care, children, perhaps we shall see each other again?" Aslan suggested, the familiar twinkle returning to his eyes. The 'children' blinked 'back to reality' when John and Helen addressed them. Aslan had disappeared from them mirror. The group turned to their parents and the children once more and crowded a tired, but glowing and very happy looking Natalie, until the nurse made them leave, though Natalie had refused they kick her husband out.

A while later, Edmund watched Natalie sleep while he held his children close to him. He couldn't have asked for a more perfect gift. The idea that his children could one day be important to Narnia sent chills up his spine. He wasn't sure whether to be excited for them, or worried. Then a thought occurred to him. Aslan had mentioned they would see him again, he was pretty sure he wasn't just talking about the children. Would they one day find themselves in Narnia again? Laura stirred in his arms, wrapping her little hand around his finger, distracting her father. Edmund smiled down at his children, momentarily forgetting what he had been worrying about. Perhaps Aslan was right. Now was not the time to think of those things, now was a time for them in that world. Let tomorrow bring what it would. He knew he, Natalie, and his siblings would be ready for whatever life threw at them next!

The End...

End A/N: Because I like HAPPY ENDINGS, damn it! What can I say? I'm a sap at heart! No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, unfortunately, the story has come to an end. Even though I am not really planning a sequel at the moment, you can still go ahead and try to persuade me lol who knows, it might work! A good ending theme to this story might be the ending theme to "Anastasia", "Life is a Road" it seems to fit. Listen to the lyrics, you'll think so too! For the record, I CAN NOT STAND the "Mr and Mrs whoever last-name..." it sounds like they're saying the woman is losing her individuality and will now just be referred to as that guy's wife... I'm not a feminist or anything, I just don't like it. Therefore, I didn't add it! I swear though, if I ever get married and my preacher says that, I will slap him, I will slap him in front of everyone, I don't care! LOL. Well... unless my father marries me off (he's a pastor), I might just look at him with great annoyance and then maybe vent at him after the wedding, lol!

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