Kathleen grinned sheepishly at the boys in front of her and rubbed the back of her neck.

"Hey fellas."

Darry crossed his arms and raised a brow expectantly.

"Where have you been the past two years?"

"Scotland." she answered immediately. At his 'no duh' look, she sighed, running a hand through her hair.

"A war's started over there and they needed everyone they could get. Listen - I'll tell ya'll everything as soon as we round up the rest of the gang, okay? I only wanna say this once." she waited until the boys nodded to change the subject. She grinned brightly at them, "How's Johnnycake been?"

Darry and the others shared a look and Soda began hesitantly.

"Kathy, your folks have gotten worse since you left for that school of yours. Johnny can't stay at home with gettin' beat or hollered at. We can hear her yellin' all the way down at our house. He usually stays in the park or crashes on our couch."

Kathy hissed.

"Where is he? Where is my brother?" she demanded. The boys exchanged another look, debating whether or not to tell her. Harry tapped his guard's shoulder. She turned to him with a brow raised.

"Yes, Harrykins?"

He rolled his eyes.

"We need to contact the others before Padfoot and Moony decide to track us down and skin you for not letting them know we're alive."

Kathy grimaced and pulled a mirror out of her back pocket.

"Here, you go talk to the mutt while I deal with these idiots." she told him, handing him the mirror. He nodded and walked off to a more secluded area and she turned back to her friends.

"Well? Where. Is . He?" she ground out. Soda sighed.

"At home."

Her eyes narrowed.

"Harry!" she called. The emerald eyed teen materialized by her side.


"I'm gonna leave you with these boys here while I go get my little brother. Okay?" when Harry nodded, she turned back to the boys, "Guys, this is Harry. I'm gonna leave him with ya'll. If anything happens to him - if he gets lost, or jumped, or his hair actually lies flat - I'll skin ya, ya dig?"

The three nodded hurriedly. Nobody wanted to cross Kathleen Cade. She smiled brightly at them before turning and walking off. Harry rolled his eyes.

"I don't know if she wants to go the normal way or if she's forgotten that she can apparate." he muttered to himself exasperated. Darry, Soda, and Dally, however, heard and burst out laughing.

"She prob'ly forgot." Soda said through his laughter. Harry chuckled and nodded his agreement as he watched her go.