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The light shined in the dark room. "Ugh, sunlight." Jade said as she covered her face with her blanket. Her dark brown hair was messed up. She grabbed the brush that sat next to the picture of her and her boyfriend Beck Oliver, whose hair was well perfect. She slipped in on a pair of black pants and some black bell combat boots and a grey shirt. She put on her makeup and turned to the window to check for storm clouds, but instead of clouds she saw a black owl staring at her. "JADE WEST Get down here now!" a male voice yelled. Jade rolled her eyes and went down stairs. Her father always yelled at her when something went wrong, or was out of the ordinary. Jade finally reached her father.

"What?" Jade said in a voice of deep sarcasm. Her father looked at her, a scowl on his face and said. "Explain this." He handed her a letter that said 'To: Miss Jade West at: the bedroom at the end of the hall.' It was weird how did they know Jade slept there. She turned the letter over and saw the same handwriting 'Hogwarts'. 6:46 she was late, not saying a word to her father she left. Beck was already waiting for her at the end of the drive way. He was wearing blue jeans and a grey and blue shirt. "Hey Jade." He said as he placed a kiss on her cheek. "Hey." She replied as she climbed into the front set. She looked at the letter she had received. Who was this person? "You got one two?" beck asked as he buckled up his seat belt. "Wait you got a letter from this Hogwarts." Jade asked curiously. Beck pulled out the same letter from his back pack. Only his said, To: Beck Oliver At: the trailer by the garage. This was getting weird. Beck and her didn't say anything on the way to Hollywood Arts, both of them deep in thought. They arrived at the school filled with talents.

They walked into class it was empty except for Andre stood with his back against the wall. Jade look at the letter he was reading. "Where did you get that?" Jade asked. "I don't know. You got one too?" Andre replied. Cat burst into the room. "Hiiiii Everyone." Cat squealed with joy. "Look what I got." She said holding up the same letter. "Cat too huh" said Beck sitting down. Once again the door opened, there was Robbie holding his Puppet Rex. "Hey does anyone know who this Hogwarts guy is?" Rex asked. "You too?" they all replied emotionlessly.

Tori entered the class. "How's it going Tori?" Andre asked. "Well I got this weird letter?" Tori started to say "Yeah So did we." Interrupted Jade. "So we all got a letter from some janked up guy named Hogwarts?" Andre stated. "With a name like Hogwarts who wouldn't be janked up?" Rex said. "My brother once had a bird and he named it Puppy." Cat said. Everyone just stared at her. Jade stood up with her coffee in her hand. "So what do we do now?" "Well what does the letter say?" Robbie asked. Beck opened his letter and read it. "Dear Mr. Oliver, We are pleased to say that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry, a representative teacher from the school will be there on the 24th to explain to your parents, and lead you to the school. M. McGonagall."

"The 24th but that's tomorrow." Robbie said. "We only get tonight to say goodbye to our parents." Tori noted. The rest of the day was quiet. They all went home not saying a word Beck drove Jade home as usual. She walk in her room and not bothering to eat she climbed in bed and fell to sleep. Jade awoke with no problem she looked outside and saw dark clouds and rain. She smiled. She looked at the clock it was 9:56 am. She read the letter over. Witchcraft… What would her parents say? Jade didn't care. Her father hated her anyway and her mother didn't care about her either way. They would be happy she was gone.

After she dressed she went downstairs and sat on the couch. It wasn't long until Jade was cutting up her mother's old tote bag. She sat on the coach all day knowing someone was going to talk to her parents. The clock read 5: 59pm. Jade hadn't moved all day. Only to eat lunch. There was a sudden knock on the door. Her father answered but immediately backed up, and Jade saw why. There in the door stood a tall man with a hooked nose, eyes as black as the robes he had on. His hair was jet black and shoulder length, at his side was a girl who was tall for her age, her black hair was long, too long it went down to her knees. Her eyes were a bright blue.

The man stared at Jade's father. "Well…" he started. "Are you going to invite me in or not?" He spoke no higher than a whisper. Jade's father was obviously intimidated. Letting the man in dark clothes in, "Yes of course come in Mr.…?" Mr. West stuttered. The man turned and coldly said. "I am Professor Snape. You will call me Professor Snape, or sir, do I make myself clear." Mr. West nodded trying to avoid Snape cold black eyes. Snape continued. "I am the Potion master and head of Slytheren house at Hogwarts. I'm here to escort your daughter to Hogwarts. Now Jessica…" "Jessica. That's her name. Beautiful daughter you have there. How old is she." Mr. West said starring at the girl who was observing the room. "She's 12, and she my niece. Now Jessica Help Miss West with her luggage wile I attempt to explain Hogwarts to these muggles." Jessica nodded with a smile, and fallowed Jade.

Jade was packing up her clothes wile Jessica watched. "What are you looking at?" Jade asked. "You. Got a problem with that?" Jessica remarked. Jade stared at her but turned away to continue Packing. "So you're Uncle?" "What about him?" "Why was he like that to my dad?" "He hates muggles, and so do I and I hope you're in slytheren Otherwise Me tío will give you a hard time." "What's Slytheren?" Jessica rolled her eyes and answered. "Aye Curumba. You're such a muggle. Hogwarts is sorted into four houses, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytheren. Me and me tío are in Slytheren. " Jade finished packing. "Jessica! Miss West! It's time to go!" Snape called. Jade and Jessica rushed down stairs. Snape looked at them. "Do you have everything Miss West?" Jade nodded. "Would you like to say goodbye to your parents?" Snape asked. Jade stared at him for a second then answered. "No." Snape opened the door and said. "Then let's go." and they left the house.

There was a big van in the drive way, Jade could see Andre, Robbie, Tori, and Cat in the car all ready. She through her bags in the trunk, and sat next to Cat. Snape looked at a list and drove off. Robbie kept staring at Jessica who was sitting shotgun. "We have one more stop to make then we're off to the airport," Snape stated. "Airport?" Tori repeated. "Yes Miss Vega. Hogwarts is in London. Which means we will have to fly, because there is a big body of water we call the ocean?" Snape retorted sarcastically. Jessica let out a little giggle, and said. "Don't worry Vega. My Tío is just tired. He's been driving for hours." The pulled up to Becks house, and Snape stepped out with Jessica.

It took 5 minutes for Snape and Jessica to come back with Beck. Jessica put the luggage in the back. As Beck sat next to Jade and said. "Well… He's nice." Snape got back in the car and said. "Now before we take off does everyone have everything, and I hope you do because I won't turn around." No one had forgotten anything. So they started on their way. No one said anything for several minutes. It wasn't until Snape spoke up. "As much as I enjoy the silence, I must say for a bunch of teenagers you are very quiet." Andre spoke. "So is everyone going to miss Hollywood Arts?" "I'm going to miss Sikowitz." Cat stated. "Me too." Agreed Tori. "Hey at least we're all together." Beck added, kissing Jade on the cheek. "Hey Robbie. Why don't you ask the chick riding shotgun out on a date, and get her rejection done and over with?" Rex said as Snape's eye's flicked to Robbie. "What was that young man?" Snape interrogated. "Didn't you know Robbie here has been starring at your niece for the whole car ride?" Rex blurted with a chuckle. Suddenly the car stopped and all that was seen was an urban puppet flying out the car window.