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Snape dashed up the stair like a mad man, he nearly knocked over several prefects and collided into multiple teachers. He finally made it up to the highest point of the castle, and the one of the only ways for a Vampire to enter. The astronomy tower Snape made it to the top breathing heavily. He saw Jessica in the arms of a tall thin man with glowing red eyes , and slick black hair. His sharp fangs where clearly visible, and his mouth was filled with blood. Snape gasped in horror and slowly looked at Jessica. The blood that came from the bite, was rolling down from her neck.

Her eye gazed blindly into space, her skin was ghostly white. Her face was in shock but at the same time relief. It looked as if she was paralyzed.

"No! What have you done to her?" Snape demanded. The tall figure said nothing but smiled darkly. Snape pulled out his wand ready to attack, but the Vampire Just stepped backwards off the edge of the tower.

Snape ran to edge and look to see which way they ran but they were nowhere to be seen. He stood there for awhile rain started to pour down soaking the tall dark man. Eventually a loud clap of thunder brought Snape back to reality. Slowly he backed up against the wall. His stomach knotted up, his head was spinning and his heart was pounding inside is already aching chest. He couldn't find his breath. He had just lost the one person who he was suppose to protect. He knew he was to for this. He had to get her back but he could go there, Not to the Vampire Academy. He had to tell this to Dumbledore.

The next morning Jessica's disappearance didn't go unnoticed. Whenever students asked Snape where she was he would say that he sent he back to Halloween Town for awhile and there was no need to worry. Harry, Ron, and Hermione knew what Snape was saying was absolute and Complete bull, and for that Snape avoided them because he knew that they knew he was lying.

Malfoy's consistent remarks nearly drove Harry, and his friends to snap. Even Snape was tempted to whack him upside the head with one of his books but resisted.

"I tried to tell her that Snape would abandon her." Malfoy said one day talking to a small group of friends, as they chuckled. He sat in the court yard on a small wall. "I bet she was crying, and begging our head of house to let her stay." Beck and Jade walked by. "Oh please don't send me away Snapey-kins. I want to stay with you." Malfoy mocked in a cry baby voice making his friend holler with laughter. Jade threw her bag to the ground. Beck tried to grab her but it was too late Jade was marching up to the blond rich kid.

"You little piece of shit!" Jade Yelled at Malfoy.
"Look who it is it's Snape's baby girl." Malfoy said. Jade pulled out a pair of scissors and pointed them at his neck.

"Jade stop! Put those away, and let just head to our next class." Beck suggested taking the scissors away from his girlfriends clutches.

"You're going to listen to your girlfriend Jade?" Draco teased. Jade stopped dead in her tracks.

"Jade don't he's only trying to get you into trouble." Beck attempted to stop Jade, but it was far too late, she swung around punching Draco square in the face. He fell over to the other side of the wall with a thud. He stood up to tackled Jade, but she was already on him attempting to claw out his eyes. Soon Snape and McGonagall were attempting to pull them off of eachother. Snape managed to restrain Jade and hold her back.

"Jadelyn West! Calm yourself down!" Snape yelled as she continued to kick and punch. Draco stood up and ran to fight Jade again. McGonagall seized him just in time.

"Both of you in my office immediately." McGonagall shouted. Pulling Draco along with her. Snape followed pulling Jade along. They managed to get to her office. "Both of you sit down." She ordered angrily. They obeyed and sit down in the chairs in front of her desk.

"Never in all of my life, have I been more disappointed in my own house. I can't tell you how many fights I've broken up, but never would I think that my own daughter…" Snape started to lecture.

"Okay first of all this little suckfish started it. He was insulting…" Jade argued.

"Jadelyn Evelina Snape!" Snape snapped. "It does not matter who he is insulting. From what I saw. You threw the first punch!" Snape shouted.

"See she attacked me." Draco said.

"Oh you are not out of trouble either Mr. Malfoy." McGonagall stated sternly. Draco looked offended. "You continued to fight as well."

"But I…" Draco started to argue.

"No buts Mr. Malfoy, both you and Jade are forbidden to attend games and other activities." Snape said angrily.

"But I'm on the quidditch team." Draco shouted.

"Not anymore Mr. Malfoy. I am going to inform the captain that you are off the team and he needs to find a new seeker." McGonagall talked down to him. "And you and Jade will have detentions with me for the rest of the year. Draco you will be in the mornings and Jade will have nights."

"And to be sure this childish stuff doesn't happen again one hundred points will be taken from Slytherin…Each." Snape added.

"This is so unfair." Draco muttered.

"You break the rules you get punished that's how it works." McGonagall said sternly. Draco and Jade looked at eachother with pure loathing. Each blaming the other for their punishment.

"And both of you are lucky that you were not expelled." Snape scolded.

"Now both of you go to your next classes." McGonagall ordered, and Jade and Draco turned and left.