A miracle baby

by CarlisleCullen45 all characters are own by Stephanie Meyers expect for the plot

year 1992 few months before Christmas Forks Washington

Esme pov

Chapter 1.

she woke up that day not feeling very well usely it odd for vampires to feel that way but the moment her children came in from the hunt as the fresh scent of animal blood hits her she bolted stright for the bathroom once she reaches the bathroom she threw up last night hunt which was deer she wonder what could be causing her to throw up it she Decide to keep this from her handsome husband Doctor Cullen she make her way back downstairs once she descend the stairs her daughters and sons and granddaughter nessie look up at her she tries to smile and heads outdoors she looks to the stars wondering why she was not feeling as she thought some more she notices a very special star high up in the evening sky it seems to shining down upon her she gazes at the star all of the sudden the star shine like it never shine before she was puzzle by the star bright light as it shining towards her it lit up the night sky and ground surrounding her