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The flashing red blue of the police car lights on the distant shore reflecting out over the water were mesmerizing. The white police boat rested silently next to the island. The police had already marked of the area in front of their front door to the tower. Robin found it all slightly ironic. He turned away from the water, his eyes landing on the sheet covered figure of the girl. An officer walked up to him, name tag reading 'Officer Clarkson'.

"Can we get your side of the story?" He asked.

They probably didn't need to interrogate all of them, but this was procedure, and maybe someone would have noticed something that the others hadn't

"sure" he said,

he had a growing suspicion that none of them would be sleeping that night.


"Alias Nightshade" Cyborg announced pulling up a picture of the ID she had on her.

"Wait did you say 'Alias'?" Beast Boy said reading the name, taking a double take.

Cyborg shrugged,

"Apparently its pronounced 'AH-LIE-US' instead of 'EY-LEE-UHs'.

Robin's eyes narrowed as he stared at the screen thoughtfully. The picture that came up with the information was over the girl that had died on their front porch, so to speak. Average was the first word that came to mind when you looked at the photo, no outstanding features, someone who would be able to slip into and blend in a crowd easily. Robins frown deepened.

"What's her background?"

Cyborg tapped a few more keys

"I thought you'd say that so I did some digging" more screens popped up "medical records birth certificate, friends, school classes, there was everything, basically a perfect background but it seemed…"

Robin finished the sentence "too perfect".

"Yeah" Cyborg said "so I looked a little closer turns out none of it was real".

Starfire, already upset that a possible friend and innocent had died right in front of her and that she was unable to do anything, became more upset

"what do you mean she does not exist, I saw her there right in front of us, as did all of you!"

"calm down Star" Robin said his arms now full of crying Tamaranean "What he meant that she is not who she says she is, her name is- was not Alias"

Starfire sniffled and pulled away

"Oh so that's what friend Cyborg meant"

Robin waved his hand for Cyborg to continue.

"And turns out there was a lot more than meets the eye"

he pressed another key on the computer; files began appearing at lightning speed. Driver's licenses, IDs, birth certificates, loans, guest lists, airplane tickets, and the sheer amount of data began to overlap itself even on the super-sized screen. "Then I came upon this picture" Cyborg said pulling an enlarging a photo to the front of the mass,

"This is when all the information started to be legit, not just… well… forged"

the Titans all unconsciously took a step forward, intent on unraveling the mystery of just who this girl was.

"Name Mikayla Clyde, yes it's not spelled the conventional way. Born August 13th 1997 making her over just 15 and ½. Coincidentally her half birthday was right before valentine's day or what she liked to call 'singles-awareness day'."

"cute" said Raven flatly "now let's move on to the important stuff"

Cyborg shrugged and turned back to the computer

"by all rights she was normal, really the only noticeable thing was the fact she was a bit smarter than anyone else, but she said that was due to her ability to listen and keep on trying until she either did it, or was no longer prevalent" he kept scrolling, "she had an ok family life Mom, Dad, three siblings all younger and boys, had really no outstanding problems"

"But?" Robin prompted

"cast your minds back to the fateful day of October 5th of this year" Beast Boy said while peaking over Cyborgs shoulder, obviously dramatizing what he read. Cyborg threw him.

"Yes well on October 5th just two days after oldest siblings birthday, she went out to walk the dog. It was just starting to get dark when she arrived home"

"Quit making it sound like a cheesy horror movie and get on with it" said Raven. It's not that she was insensitive, it was the fact that if she got too attached, too reeled in, and things were going to start breaking.

" I am trying" huffed Cyborg "I'm just reading off the report OK?" when he received no response only impatient gestures for him to continue he turned back. "She reentered the house by the front door, the same door she left from. She said that when she entered the house it was quiet, which wasn't unusual but generally there would be a bit more sound than dead silence."

They were all hooked, Cyborg included, because this was the first time he had really read through the story.

"She said she called out the name of her second brother Jonathan"

"the one who had the birthday?" Beast Boy interrupted

"no, that was Josh"

"please can we get back to the report?" Raven said, last thing she wanted is for them to get into a fight, and then she may never know what happened. Cyborg continued

"apparently Jonathan is the one who and I quote 'loves the dog to death'" before they could tell him to get a move on Cyborg continued reading "but she received to response, she thought it was odd but brushed it off, it was here she turned around and re-locked the front door out of habit. That's when they struck"


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