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On to the story

Two shots were fired, the noise being silenced. A burning sensation buried itself into the back of her thigh. Collapsing she looked back behind her, catching sight of the gun man on the overhang above the front door. Not wanting to be shot again, but knowing she couldn't stay, or attempt to leave from the door she just entered. Mikayla shoved her self upwards and managed to get herself under the over hang where she couldn't be immediately shot at again. Her next stop was the back door, hopefully from there she would be able to get her neighbors assistance. There was foot steps on the stairs, she had to move now. Gasping she put weight on her right leg. It almost collapsed underneath her

"come on come on I don't have time for this"

barely putting any weight on it she managed to get herself almost to the door before it collapsed underneath her again. He shooter had also reached the bottom of the stairs and was taking aim again. She knew if that shot landed it would kill her. Apparently the shooter had also notified who ever else was in the house of her arrival. One of them came running over, smacking his partners gun away

"weren't you listening to boss at all? We need her alive!"

while they were distracted she ripped open the backdoor and managed to get out of the house. They noticed this and landed another two shots, one in her shoulder and a graze on her side.

"long depressing story short" ended Cyborg "she managed to get away" he shuffled through some more documents "but it didn't stop there, apparently they killed off the extended family she was sent too, then the rest of her extended family then the foster family. It was at the foster family when they noticed something strange, she had been shot through the chest with something the size of a baseball but then the wound healed up and it was like it hadn't even been there. Here's the crime pics, but there not for the weak stomached"

he passed the photos around . they were gory to say the least, leaving Beast Boy to wobble out looking ill, then return when he got a grip back on his stomach. Robins eyes narrowed

"why were they targeting her?"

"no one knows" cyborg shrugged "apparently she noticed it too, and not wanting to hurt anyone else to curse them, she took off. At least that's what she said in the note she left behind"

"and a few days later" started Robin

"Alias or Nightshade appeared" finished Raven.

The tower phone rang. Robin picked it up

"hello this is Titian Tower, how may we help you?"

"Hi this is Officer Burkley from the crime lab, there's a few things I think you guys would like to see.

They all decided to ride the T-car over.

"one thing just doesn't add up" said Robin "what exactly was she doing in the time she disappeared to the time she showed up dead on out door step, she was obviously doing something but what?" no one had any response

The door to the crime lab swished open, letting the super teens inside. A man in a white lab coat looked up from a desk near the shining table that was currently occupied by a sheet-covered body, her body.

"hello you must be the teen Titian" he said offering a hand to shake Robin shook it

"yes you must be officer Burkley" the man nodded

"we called you in because what we found on the body was well baffling" he walked over to the desk and picked up the first of the plastic bags


"ID's yeah we know but we don't know how many or why, can we look at them" the man handed them over, and Cyborg immediately began to scan them into the system

"the other" Burkley said while pulling on plastic gloves "is what really throws us" he unzipped the plastic bag carefully and extracted what seemed to be a gun. "this looks like a fully functioning weapon, heck it even sort of acts like a fully functioning weapon" he demonstrated this by pulling the trigger "but as you can see it doesn't do anything moreover it is impossible for anything to fit down the barrel as it is too small and there is nowhere for any sort of bullets or cartridge to be inserted either, quite frankly we don't know why she would have this at all." Robin pulled on a pair of the plastic gloves

"may I?"

Officer Burkley handed it over after noting his use of the plastic gloves, it wouldn't do to have the evidence ruined. Robin accepted it hesitantly years of training were prompting him to throw away the gun immediately but he knew it was useless, and that it couldn't do any damage, so he wanted to take a look.

Seconds after he touched it the gun began to glow with a soft green blue light. Robin yelped drawing attention to him. They all stared

"what did you do?" asked Burkley scrambling to document this somehow

"nothing, I just picked it up"

"set it down see what happens" suggested Beast Boy Robin tried to. Key word tried. The gun wouldn't budge from his fingers. He flipped his hands totally upside down so that the gun had no support. It stuck to his twice gloved hands like glue. Then in an instant the green blue light began to fade gradually being replaced by a yellow color. The gun also began to change and everyone in the room watched entranced as it seemed to melt in on itself becoming longer and thinner, eventually molding itself into one long pole, collapsible, by the look of it, exactly what Robins favorite weapon was.

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