Chapter Eighteen

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Simba sighed as he watched everyone get ready for the night. His mother had picked up the cub version of him, which had been oddly silent throughout the reading, and began to bath him. Lily and Alice seemed to have the same idea as there was an odd aroma coming from the human cubs.

"Ugh!" Harry groaned, wrinkling his nose.

"That's disgusting," Ginny nodded. "Thank Merlin I'm the youngest of seven, I never had to deal with that. Poor Bill though. He never escaped it!"

"Did I cast an engorgement charm on whatever's in that nappy?" Harry muttered.

Susan rolled her eyes. "We all used to do it you know. No sense in getting your wand in a knot over the fact that you made a mess in your nappy."

"But can I make a fuss over whatever it was I ate to make that smell?"

"…okay yes you can. Merlin Harry, I didn't think it was possible for that to smell so bad!"

"It could be Neville's!"

"Yes it could be. But I'm maintaining it's yours because I'm not smelling both nappies to find out which one is producing that smell."

Simba shook his head, a little disheartened that he even knew the answer to this question. "It's Harry's."

"How did you…?"

"Seriously? The scent of baby Harry's nappy is worse than baby Neville's," Simba sighed and shook his head. "And for the record, I'd like to avoid smelling anyone's nappy ever again."

"Can you tell what he ate to make it smell like that?"

"Merlin, what are you? Twelve? Why the obsession with my brother's nappy?"

"You have to admit that smell is not normal!"

"It's a baby's diaper! I'm pretty sure they all smell like that!" Simba stated, ignoring the fact that he had no way to really verify that fact seeing as he was living in the oasis rather than living in an environment where there would be a lot of human babies.

"If that's the case, then I'll never have kids!" Susan exclaimed. "No way am I smelling that for over a year!"

"Susan, didn't you already say you're never having kids?" Neville asked. "In case—?"

"Yeah well that's besides the point," Susan said quickly. "Let's figure out where we're going to sleep for the night."

Harry shrugged. "As long as it doesn't involve a root sticking in my back, I'm good. I'm sure though Dumbledore will conjure up some sleeping bags or something. Remember when he did that in our third year?"

"Oh yeah and we all slept in the Great Hall," Susan grinned.

"That was fun," Ginny nodded. "Even if it was terrifying at the time."

"Fun yet terrifying. I think that describes every year Harry's had at Hogwarts," Simba chuckled and Harry shook his head in amusement.

"You're just as bad you know?"

"Oh I know. But that doesn't change the fact that you've had some terrifying years at Hogwarts. Safest school in Europe my butt."

"…keeping it clean for the under two year olds in the room?"

"Yeah. Did it work?"

Harry nodded and chuckled as Simba puffed out his chest in pride. His brother was so strange sometimes.

"You know they're not even talk—?"

"'Oony!" Baby Harry took that moment to squeal in delight as Lily finished changing his diaper and held his hands out to Remus.

"Did…did he just say?"


James grinned and patted Remus on the back. "Looks like you're Harry's first word Moony."

"I'm pretty sure he was saying 'mummy'," Remus shook his head.

"Where is there an 'n' in 'mummy'?"

"Or an 'o' for that matter?" Sirius chuckled. "Face it Remus, you are the first word of little Prongslet."

Lily beamed. "As long as his first word's not a swear word, I think it's cute that it's your nickname Remus."

"Oh trust me, I can make it—."

"If any swear words escape my son's lips before he's fifteen Sirius Black, I'll make Peter Harry's Godfather!"

"Duly noted," Sirius nodded, not noticing the growl from Simba or the way Harry's eyes darkened in rage at the very thought of Peter being his godfather. However, those from Harry and Simba's time did notice though they weren't sure if they should ask.

"Professor?" Harry asked, trying to think about anything other than the rat being his godfather. He knew if that had been the case, Pettigrew wouldn't have thought twice before handing him over to Voldemort. "Where will we be sleeping?"

"Well, I was thinking, since whoever provided us the reading material has not seen fit to allow us to leave, we might be able to sleep out here," Dumbledore said, as he pulled out his wand and conjured up sleeping bags. Bright purple puffy sleeping bags.

"You never change do you?" Harry chuckled as he grabbed one.

"Would you really want him to?" Neville asked as he followed suit.

"Good point."

Dumbledore chuckled as the adults quickly grabbed their own sleeping bags. "Well, I'm flattered my students will continue to think so highly of me."

"Trust me professor, unless they're Malfoy or his cronies, it's rare to find someone who thinks poorly of you," Susan nodded.

"What about Skeeter?"

"She's a horrible person anyway."

"The toad?"

"In Fudge's pocket."


"He's an idiot."

James chuckled. "So far, I'm in agreement with everything you've said but who's the toad?"

"Umbridge," Harry elaborated. "Horrid, horrid woman."

Simba nodded. "I don't know how you lot survived her for a year. I'd have gone after her the first chance I got!"

"You did go after her the first chance you got," Harry reminded him.

"Which just proves I have no will power," Simba stated. "Which is kinda scary when you think about it. You've got more self control than I do Harry."

Ginny snorted in amusement. "Oh Merlin, I never thought the day would come when I'd meet someone with less self control than Harry!"

"Oi! I've got self control!"

"…punching Malfoy in the face was your example of self control?"

"I want to hear that story!" Sirius exclaimed.

Lily shook her head. "In the morning. We've all been up far too long and if we stay up any longer we'll be exhausted to be sure."

"LIly's right," Arthur nodded. "We can hear the story in the morning."


Ginny chuckled. "Ah dad. Fred and George pummel him too if it makes you feel better."

"As much as I don't like the idea of my sons fighting…good for them," Arthur grinned. "I'll sleep well tonight knowing there's a future where my sons are safe and able to get into school yard squabbles."

Harry couldn't help but give a sad smile at that, knowing that when the fight occurred, Voldemort was starting his second wave of terror across Wizarding Britain.

But the past didn't need to know that. The past deserved a chance to sleep with the prospect of a peaceful world for their kids dancing in their heads.

As they all drifted off to sleep, Simba sighed. He didn't know how much longer they'd be reading but he did know this. The future was not as bright and shiny as those in the past believed.

And he knew it was only a matter of time before that was revealed to them.