Mimzy was a strange looking creature.

Not that there were a lot of 'normal'creatures inhabiting the Muppet House. But she was different from anything anyone had ever seen. She was about three/four feet high, & her dark, ebony hair fell around her funnel-shaped ears. She had high cheekbones, & her eyes shone like emeralds.

This paticular morning would change Mimzys' life, not to mention the lives of her friends. But you'll see how soon. As soon as I stop babbling. I should stop about now. Ok, on with the story!

With the morning (the life-changing morning!) Everyones' alarm clocks went off at the same time.

Hitting the snooze but turning on the radio, they started their day to 'Start the Commotion' by The Wiseguys:

Get up, get up

Put the body in motion!

Get up, get up

Put the body in motion!

Get up, get up, get up, get up!

Get up, get up

Put the body in motion!

Get up, get up

Put the body in motion!

Get up, get up, get up, get up!

Higher, Baby!

Everyone waiting in line for the bathroom sang along with the radio. Mimzy was heading down the stairs when Kermit the Frog greeted her. "Good morning, Mimzy!"

"Good morning!" She returned the greeting.

"Morning, Mim!" Said Gonzo, the resident 'whatever' & Mimzys' best friend.

"Good morning to you, too!" She replied happily, bending down to embrace him. Just then, a rat rushed past them. "Hey Rizzo!" Mim yelled at him.

"Yeah, mornin' Mims. We gotta get to the kitchen before Animal starts eggin' people again!" He replied hurridly as he rushed to the aforementioned kitchen.

"EGGY, EGGY!" They heard Animal shout. Mimzy laughed as she took Gonzos' hand & followed Rizzo.

"Ah, good morning everyone!" Said Fozzie the Bear politely. "What's for breakfast?"

"No idea, has anyone asked the Swedish Chef?" Kermit replied thoughfully.


An explosion rocked the whole house. Residents stuck their heads out of the bathroom & bedrooms, asking their neighbors what happened. "Did you hear that?" "Was that Bensen & Beaker?" "No, I think it was the Swedish Chef." "Does that mean we get no breakfast?!"

PePe the shrimp stuck his head out of the kitchen.

"The oven's still broken, ok? The traditional breakfast we were gonna have is a no-go. All we have is bologna sandwhiches."

Everyone groaned.

"But no bread." PePe added. More groans.

"Just perfect." Ms. Piggy grumbled.

Kermit thought for a minute, then said, "I suppose we could order something for breakfast, that is if everyone's willing to pitch in."

"Oh Kermie! That's a wonderful idea, ooh! I have to get my wallet! Yes, I will help. Even if it is not the ladys' job to pay." Piggy gave Kermit a big hug & kiss, much to his embarrassment!

After they ate, the residents all went their seperate ways.

"Well ladies & germs, any suggestions on what we're gonna do today? I'm open." Rizzo shrugged.

"Why don't we see what Bensen & Beaker are up to?" Mimzy suggested.

"That's a great idea! Anyone wanna come with?" Gonzo asked. Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, PePe, Rizzo, & Animal agreed. It's not like they had anything better to do, right? Well, read on & see!

In the basement, they found Bensen & Beaker jumping with excitement. "We've just discovered something extraordinary! Haven't we, Beaky?" Bensen was shaky. Beaker nodded & 'meeped' his agreement. everyone looked at each other, waiting for someone to say something.

"Please, tell us what it is Dr. Bensen." Kermit broke the silence.

"Alrighty!" Bensen exclaimed, making them all jump with suprise.

"Just yesterday, we created a door. We still don't know where it goes, but we believe it opens up to another world!" Bensen explained.

"Do I wanna know how you managed to make a giant magic door appear in the basement wall?" Rizzo asked sarcastically.

"They used a juiced-up version of their 'door-in-a-jar' ok?" PePe replied.

"Probably not, Rizzo." Gonzo said out of the corner of his mouth. Mimzy nudged him playfully in the arm.

"I won't bore you with the details, but this morning we sent a Rover to investigate the other side." Bensen continued.

"ROVER, ROVER!" Animal yelled.

"Yeah, what happened to the Rover, Doc?" Kermit asked.

"Oh, it came back with many interesting finds!" Bensen said excitedly. Piggy muttered something like 'Like you haven't said that already'. "Our Rovers' recorder captured some strange sound waves. Hit it, Beaky!"

Beaker typed something in on their computer. "Mee mee mee meep, mee mo!" He said.

Suddenly they heard a chorus of baritone voices singing one note, over & over, neverending.

"I feel so calm." Kermit said. PePe nodded in was shaking, his hat clutched in his little paws. For once, even Ms. Piggy was speechless.

"Are there any people living on the other side of the magic door?" Fozzie asked. Bensen & Beaker both shrugged.

"...I've heard this song before." Mimzy said with a faraway look in her eyes.

"Mims, you ok?" Gonzo asked, putting his hand on her shoulder. He wasn't answered, because Mimzy started to sing along to the strange song in her own soft, soprano voice.

"W-what's goin' on?!" Rizzo was on the verge of panic. To his horror, he was about to get his answer!

A bright, white light emitted from the cracks around the door. The Muppets looked on in wonder, as the door slowly opened on its own...

"HOLD ON!" Kermit shouted, & they all grabbed each others' hands. Except Bensen & Beaker, who had hidden under the lab table. Mimzy was still singing, & the white light was all around them. It was all they could see. Then they started spinning, faster & faster.

"I'm getting really, really dizzy ok?!" PePe shouted at the same time Rizzo yelled, "I'm gonna hurl!"

Faster & faster. Then a few of them lost their grip.

"NNOOOO!" They all screamed as Piggy, Fozzie, & Rizzo went spinning off to who knows where.

End of Part One.