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Discovering Love

By: Ellivia22

Chapter 1: Heartbreaking Confession

*London's POV*

I hide behind the entrance to the Lido Deck and wait for Zack's signal. Since I am out of sight for the moment I let my emotions show. My fists are clenched, my teeth gritted. On the inside my heart is shattering. Doing this for Zack is going to kill me.

Zack has been in my heart since we got on the ship. I love his sweet, sensitive interior that he hardly ever shows. I love his sense of humor and how charming he can be. And everytime he looks at me with his intense blue eyes I feel my insides turn into mush.

After everything we've been through during the marriage project I thought we had a chance. Tears threaten to spill from my eyes. Now with Maya in the picture I don't see us ever being together. The only reason I'm doing this is because I'd do anything for him.

"I think you're getting the wrong idea about me being a player. I'm actually a great guy. Ask anyone."

That's my cue. Forcing a broad grin on my face, I rush onto the Lido Deck. "There you are, Zacky-poo," I say in fake cheerfulness. "I just wanted to say that you were the best boyfriend I ever had." Or would be if you actually dated me. "So respectful, loving, sweet, and very non playerish."

Zack comes close to me just as we had rehearsed. I am barely able to register his words. Maya could never appreciate Zack the way I do. I know how true my words are about him.

"Oh, so you two dated," Maya says, breaking me out of my thoughts.

"We sure did," I say, forcing my smile to be bigger. Zack's arm goes around my shoulders. My entire body tingles from his touch.

"That's interesting because when I asked you about him, you said and I quote 'YUCK!'"

Because nobody is to know how I really feel about him.

Zack leaves my side. I force my eyes to remain dry and the smile to stay on my face as he looms closer to Maya. Jealousy is consuming me so fast and I have no desire to stop it. "You asked about me?"

"Well when I first met you I admit I thought you were kinda cute." Maya answers.

"You thought I was cute," Zack repeats, sounding pleased.

She likes him too. I snap. I can't stand this any longer. If Zack is supposed to be with anyone, it should be me. I'm the one who truly loves him. "Wait a second. Did you just call my man cute?"

"London..." Zack says in a warning voice.

"Are you trying to move in on him?"


I take off my earrings, absolutely furious. He's defending her. "Honey, hold my earrings. I'm about to throwdown!"

Before I can reach my intended target Zack grabs me around the waist and starts pulling me away from Maya. I hear him shout more reassurances to Maya, making me even madder. I continue to yell and scream as I struggle against his grip, not caring about what I'm saying.

Zack doesn't let go of me until we reach an empty lounge. I turn to face him. He glares at me furiously. "What in the hell was that all about?"

I pretend to look confused. "What? Did I not do a good job?"

"Drop the act! You just made things worse and you know it. I thought you agreed to help me."

I immediately drop my phony stupid look. I stare at him defiantly, letting my true emotions show. I can't hold them back any longer anyway. "You're right. I did agree to help. Doesn't mean I like it."

Zack's face softens slightly, but his blue eyes are still blazing. "What do you mean? You don't like her?"

"I like her. I just don't think she deserves you. You deserve someone who knows you inside and out; someone who loves you for who you are."

"Like who?"

"Like me. I love you, Zack. I've loved you for years. Every word I told Maya about you during our act is true. I love you and nothing will ever change that."

Quickly I reach up, pull his face closer, and press my lips firmly on his. His lips are sweet and surprisingly gentle. A second later I pull away. My heart is beating fast. Then before he can say anything else, I bolt out of the lounge. I have no idea where I'm going, nor do I care. I just want to get as far away from Zack Martin as I can, leaving my broken heart behind.


*Zack's POV*

Once London is out of the room I collapse into the sofa, burying my face in my hands. I feel so frustrated. Women are complicating. I have no idea why I bother putting up with them.

I just don't understand why London did a 180 all of a sudden. She seemed so eager to help me-even enthusiastic. Why would she help me try to snag Maya even though she doesn't like the idea. It makes no sense.

I love you

London's devastated face flashes in my mind. I've never seen her express so much emotion before. Now that I think about it she's expressed more emotion today than I've ever seen. Even this morning.

I knocked on London's door, wiping my sweaty palms on my jeans. I was having a hard time wooing Maya and I needed all the help I could get. I knew the right person to ask without hesitation. London had always been a good friend to me. I knew I could depend on her.

The door swung open, revealing London. Even though I was sure that I was in love with Maya, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful London looked. She was wearing a sparkling green tank top and black pants. Her dark hair was half up, half down. Like usual her make up wasn't overdone, making her brown eyes sparkle. My hormones were starting to go wacky because of her beauty. She smiled at me.

"Hey Zack. What's up?"

I snapped out of staring at her. I was on a mission. I couldn't get distracted. "London, I need your help."

She opened the door wider. "Of course. Come on in." The door closed behind me. "What can I do for you?"

"I need your help. Maya somehow heard about my player reputation. I know I shouldn't care, but I really like this girl. I mean really. I need your help with convincing her that I can be a good boyfriend. I need you to pretend that we used to date."


I turned to face her. After a moment a wide smile spread across her face that looked forced. Her brown eyes had lost their spark and looked pained. "Of course I'll help you. After all, what are best friends for?"

"Thanks London. You're the best."

I wrapped my arms around her in a tight hug. My heart started to race. I had never felt that before. I pushed the feeling aside. It was probably excitement that I was about to snag Maya at last.

I pulled away a moment later. "Okay so here's the plan..." As I continued to tell her my plan I could've sworn I saw her heart break behind her deep brown eyes.

What am I going to do? I hate that London is hurting, especially since I'm the primary cause of it. There's got to be something I can do to makes things right. But what? I can't lead her on. I can't let her think that I have feelings for her when I only consider her a friend. Though I have to admit, that kiss she gave me was amazing. I've got to find a way to ease her torment, though I have no idea how. I've never been good in the comforting department. Just ask my brother, Cody.

I rise from the sofa, my hands stuffed in my pockets. I have to do this before I pursue Maya. I just hope that I don't hurt London anymore than I already have.


*London's POV*

"Come on, Londie. Tell me what happened," my manicurist Luci asks gently.

I shake my head silently, the tears still dampening my face. I've been crying nonstop since I told Zack the truth. I didn't expect him to confess his feelings for me, nor did I expect the rejection to hurt this much. To temporarily distract myself I went to my favorite manicurist on the ship.

Luci has been my manicurist ever since we got on the ship. She's two years older than me and also has Thai in her. Once I found out about her love for shopping, we instantly bonded. She's always been so understanding and attentive. No matter what I had to say, she would always listen and offer me advice.

The fact that I'm unusually quiet and sobbing has alarmed her greatly. She knows that I love Zack and would understand how I'm feeling. I just don't think I can get the words out.

After another long, strained silence my newly polished nails are dry. I carefully place some cash on her workstation and rise to my feet. "Thank you for the mani and pedi, Luci." my voice cracks. "I'll see you next week."


I start running away from the nail salon. I am obviously too upset to watch where I"m going because I slam into something hard. The breath is knocked out of me. When I regain my balance I realize that I ran into the last person I want to see right now.

"Are you okay," Zack asks in concern, clutching onto my elbow tight to help me keep my balance.

I pull away from him. My eyes immediately travel to the floor. I am too ashamed to look at the one I love. "Sorry, Zack," I mumble, walking past him.

He grabs my arm again, more gently this time. "Wait. We need to talk."

"I have nothing to say."

"Then just listen." His voice lowers. "London, you've been one of my best friends since I was twelve years old. And I appreciate the fact that you helped me out of the goodness of your heart. Though it kills me to hurt you even more, I can't return your feelings. I'm so sorry."

I force back a sob using all my strength. Zack lifts my chin and wipes the tears from my eyes. "Is there anything I can do to help make this easier on you?"

I knock his hand aside. "Yes. You can leave me alone. Forever."

Then I turn and hurry away, determined to stay as far away from Zack Martin as possible.

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