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Discovering Love


Five years later


Wow time sure has passed by fast I think as I place the last bite of my chocolate mousse cake in my mouth. The sweetness of the chocolate melts instantly in my mouth. It's absolutely scrumptious. The chatter of the other people in the restaurant fades away as I momentarily reminiscence about the past.

After graduation from Seven Seas High, Cody and I went our separate ways for the first time ever. Cody had convinced Yale to take a second look at his transcripts and was allowed to attend with Bailey. I, on the other hand, decided to stay close to home and close to London by going to Boston University. Last year I graduated with surprisingly good grades, earning a degree in Physical Education. Cody, of course, received a law degree and is about to start graduate school. He and Bailey are now married and expecting their first child.

"Wow Zack, you were right. This place is amazing."

I break out of my thoughts briefly as I smile at the girl sitting across from me. London looks absolutely amazing tonight. She's wearing a long layered purple dress. In the middle of the dress is a band of rhinestones. Her dark hair is curled down her back just the way I like it, purple earrings complimenting her outfit. But it's not her clothes that captivates me. It's London herself.

My relationship with London these past years has been incredible. At first we took our relationship slow, since this was my first real relationship. Plus, even though I knew London loved me, I had to prove to her that I was serious that I wanted a real relationship. But after six months of dating, she trusted me completely and everything has been awesome since.

Now it's five years later. London got a degree in Business and has stepped in her father's place to manage the hotel chain. She's been doing quite well. In fact we've all be impressed on how much she's matured and how responsible she's become. This change in her makes me love her even more. In fact I'm ready to ask her the most important question in my life. My stomach churns in anxiety. She's the only girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. I hope with all my heart she says yes.

To celebrate our five years of being together, London and I decided to take a mini vacation to Portugal. In fact, right now we're dining at Cervejaria de Trindade. The food is just as amazing as Cody said it was. I, however, am too absorbed with London to notice.

The waiter places the black book containing the bill on our table. I grab it quickly before London has the chance. She gives me a look. I smile in response. "You paid for almost the entire trip. So just relax and let the entire night be on me."

"All right," London says reluctantly. "Thanks Zack."

I touch her soft hand. "My pleasure."

We stare at each other. Then I lean in, kissing London tenderly. After all these years her kisses still taste like new. She responds tenderly, tasting wonderfully like chocolate. "I love you," London says after we pull away.

I stroke her cheek. "I love you, too."

After signing the bill I pull London from the table. "What do you say we go for a walk on the beach?" I suggest.

"I'd like that."

As we leave the restaurant, I feel the small box in my pocket. I smile to myself. Everything is going according to plan.


It is nearly midnight when Zack and I manage to make it back to the hotel. After dinner we had spent most of the evening making out on the beach and watching the sun set. It was so romantic. In my mind I can still see the waves crash on the shore and feel the sand in my toes. I can't get the grin off my face. Being with Zack has made me the happiest girl alive. He has been so attentive and sweet throughout our relationship. I know now that I've found my soul mate.

Zack massages my shoulders as I use the hotel key to open the door to our hotel room. Shivers still manage to run down my spine from his touch. I hope I'll get this feeling for the rest of my life. I open the door. Instead of the room being completely dark there seems to be a faint glow of light coming from the direction of where the bed is. I can smell a light aroma of lavender. I glace at Zack who shrugs. I make my way past the mini kitchen and small couch to figure out what the strange light could be. I gasp.

Countless lit candles surround our bedroom, on the dresser, night stand, and the small table near the patio door. On the white bed spread are red rose petals in the shape of a heart. It is positively romantic. Did Zack do all this? I turn to ask him.

Zack is on his knee in front of me. My heart leaps to my throat. I stand motionless, my eyes locked on his serious blue ones. "Z-Zack?" I barely manage to utter.

"London, you are the love of my life, nobody else. I cherish every second that I get to be with you. All I want is to spend the rest of my life with you," He opens the small velvet box in his hands. Inside is a gorgeous 18 caret white gold ring. It is almost covered in diamonds with a heart desire setting. It's not exquisite as what I'm used to getting, but I don't care. The ring comes from the heart of the man I love with all that I am. "London Leah Tipton, will you marry me?"

Tears splash down my face, ruining my make up. I am beyond caring at this point. I've never been so happy in my entire life. I let out a squeal of delight. "Of course I'll marry you, Zack Martin!"

He places the beautiful ring on my finger and I practically leap into his arms. I kiss him fiercely, my hands gripping on his nice black shirt. We collapse on the bed, making the rose petals fly everywhere. Our arms wrap around each other tight.

"You've made me so happy," I say blissfully.

He smiles and I can tell that he's just as happy as I am, if not more so. "I'm glad. I love you, London."

"I love you too, Zack. Always."

As I melt into his sweet kiss, everything around us seems to disappear. All that matters is Zack and the bright future ahead of us.

The End