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A slow smirk spread across his face.

The blood rushed to hers.

Sakura stole a quick glance at the piano. No, he couldn't possibly be serious about—

Who was she kidding? She was secretly thrilled. Her heart drummed in sweet, sweet anticipation.

Sasuke pushed the piano bench backward, creating more space. "I didn't expect you to be the sexually deviant type, Sa-ku-ra." He slid the cover of the piano keys back on and cornered the embarrassed pinkette against the instrument. He pressed her against the smooth surface and rested his hands on either side of her. He tilted his head slightly and studied her flushed appearance.

Sakura bit her lip. "I didn't mean that—"

Sasuke silenced her with a quick kiss. "Shhhh... you know you want to," he whispered against her mouth. His thumb brushed her lower lip. His voice was thick with desire and sensuality. Oh baby...

And how right he was; Sakura was just too mortified to admit it.

"Umm... I don't think—"

"Don't think, Sakura. Just feel." And with that Sasuke claimed her mouth once more. He gripped the back of her head firmly while his other hand trailed down the side of her body.

Sakura whimpered into his mouth and clung to him. Piano sex? Who would have thought?

Sasuke's hands trailed to the back of her thighs and he hoisted her up onto the piano. Sakura scooted over toward the edge as much as she could; the nightgown she wore hitched up in the process. She wrapped her arms around his neck loosely.

His thumbs drew small circles on the soft skin of her inner thigh. "This should be interesting," he breathed in her ear. His nose drew a line down her jaw and the center of her throat. Sakura's breathing was ragged. Her heart pounded in her chest. He'd barely done anything to her, so why was she feeling this way? She tilted her head back as his mouth made its way up her throat again, and felt a hint of tongue in each desire-filled kiss he lay upon her neck. Every press of his lips sent tingles down to her dangling feet, and back up.


"Hm?" His lips stopped at her erratic pulse. He smirked knowingly.

"You're... d-driving me... crazy," she managed to say.

"That's the point, Sakura." His lips moved over to her shoulder and he pushed the strap of her nightgown down. He did the same with the other strap and the silky texture of the garment slid down her body and pooled at her waist. Sakura shivered at the feeling of the cold air hitting her skin and bare chest, but she quickly warmed up when Sasuke cocooned her with his body.

He nipped slightly at her jaw and closed his eyes as his hands roamed the well-memorized contours of her upper torso.

"You're so beautiful," he murmured when he cupped her bare breasts in his hands. His thumbs circled her nipples and they hardened under his heated touch. He tweaked and teased them and each light twist caused her lower belly to clench in yearning. Sakura leaned back on her hands, tilting her head up in a silent gasp when his mouth closed over one of her hardened nipples. He circled the erect bud with his tongue and began to suck.

"Oh god!" Sakura arched her back at an almost impossible angle when his teeth scraped the sensitive flesh.

Sasuke repeated it, grazing her nipple with his teeth once more. She yelped and her body rocked against his. She wanted so much for him to stop the sweet, unbearable torture, but at the same time, she wanted him to continue. Conflicted, she turned her head aimlessly—this way and that when he didn't give her a moment of respite. His lips moved over to her neglected breast and his skillful mouth continued its pleasurable punishment on her other nipple. Sakura moaned her lover's name in small mewls and whispers; her arms felt weak and she was sure she was about to combust any moment—

Sakura panted heavily, groaning when she felt his mouth make its way back up her neck and to her own.

"I swear..." she trailed, waiting for her erratic heart beat to calm.

"You swear what?" Sasuke smirked and gave her a quick kiss. He cupped her breasts and moved his thumbs back and forth over her sore nipples.

Sakura closed her eyes and her back arched slightly at this slight touch. "I swear... I'm going to get you back for that."

"Oh really?" Sasuke stared back at her provocatively, amused by the glare he was getting. "You sure you can do that?"

"Yes," she answered, reaching for knotted string of his pants.

He quickly caught her hands and pressed his upper body against hers."I don't think so," he said, wrapping his arms around her bare torso.

Sakura was about to retort, but stopped herself when he lay her down. He was bent over the piano, his upper body resting against hers. "Right now, it's just you," he said as he moved off of her.

Sakura huffed and sat back up. She tugged annoyedly at his shirt. "You still have your clothes on," she remarked, already undoing the first two buttons of the chemise. Sasuke caught her hands again and made her lay back down again, hovering above her. He gave her a smirk and kissed the corner of her mouth.

"Like I said, Sakura, it's just you this time."

She resigned with a sigh and pouted, jutting out her lower lip. He caught it with his teeth and coaxed her to open her mouth for him once more. His tongue slid alongside hers, directing their kiss. She lay there almost in submission with her fingers twisting in his already unruly hair.

He eventually withdrew and straightened, his intent clear. She lay there transfixed by his carnal gaze. His hands smoothed over her shoulders, moving down to her breasts, over her stomach, and stopped at her waist where her nightgown was bunched up. His passionate gaze never left hers as he slipped the garment off her hips and legs, letting it fall to the floor.

The moonlight that seeped through the curtains highlighted her pale skin. Against the already white piano, her skin glowed, giving off a light, ivory hue. His hands rested on her hips while his eyes trailed down her body. She felt so exposed... so wanton underneath his promising, sensual gaze. Her instinct was to cover herself up, but her body wouldn't move as she lay there frozen, her heart beating in anticipation of what could possibly happen next.

His hands smoothed over her thighs and he coaxed her to open her legs for him. He tapped his fingertips lightly on the inside of her thighs when she finally acquiesced. Nervous, Sakura bit her lower lip, bending her fingers against the piano as a means to alleviate her uncertainty, as his fingers journeyed up the inside of her leg.

Sakura pressed her lips together, stifling a moan when she felt his finger slide along the opening of her sex. She lifted her hips in turn, trying to feel more of him against her, increasing the duration of the stroke. He smirked arrogantly at her response and continued lightly circling her sex with slow, deliberate movements. His thumb brushed her little bundle of nerves, sending tingles all over her body. His thumb flicked back and forth over it, and she squeezed her eyes shut, her nails scraping the smooth surface of the piano in need of some leverage. His fingers moved back downward, circling her opening once more. He didn't increase his pace, though the way she was reacting to his touch begged him to do so. She propped herself up on her elbows and stared at his amused expression with half-lidded eyes. He was being absolutely infuriating.

She narrowed her gaze and opened her mouth to say something when he suddenly eased one long finger inside of her. Her eyes immediately shot open and she breathed in sharply at the sudden feeling. She pressed her lips together as he began moving his finger in and out of her at a slow and sweet pace. Lifting her hips to meet each of his slow pumps, Sakura stared into her lover's eyes as a familiar heat churned in her lower stomach. She bit her lip again, stifling yet another moan she wanted so badly to release.

Sasuke smoothed his free hand over her shoulder and up her neck, gripping the side of her head. "I want to hear you, Sakura," he said, releasing her lower lip from her teeth and brushing his thumb over it. His other hand stopped moving; his finger stayed buried inside her. "Let me hear you," he repeated huskily.

Sakura stared at him with an expression of uncertainty, but let out a long moan when he began moving his finger again. Her elbows felt weak and she was grateful when he wrapped a supportive arm around her.

"Oh God… mmmmmmm." The pinkette tilted her head back when he eased a second finger into her scorching heat. She felt him kiss his way down her collarbone and up to her ear.

"Say my name," he whispered, his voice thick with sensual promise, as they rocked together.

"Sa-Sasuke… oh…"

"Again," he commanded softly, scraping her earlobe with his teeth. He increased his pace, brushing his thumb over her sensitive bundle of nerves.

"Sasuke…" she repeated. "Sasuuukeee," she repeated once again, dragging his name in a loud wail. The familiar tension pooled in her belly, causing her to arch her back. She breathed loudly, feeling she was about to reach her peak. She rocked against his hand wanting… desiring… demanding release when…

…his fingers stilled and he withdrew them. She blinked, feeling the previous building tension come rushing back down. He raised the two fingers to his mouth, and his tongue darted out as he tasted the evidence of her arousal. He made a deep, throaty, and husky sound of approval. Sakura felt the blood rise to her cheeks and she averted her gaze, too embarrassed to chide her lover for doing something so… explicit and… lewd.

Sasuke chuckled darkly, bringing his face close to hers so that their noses touched. "Would you let me?"

Sakura knew all too well what he was referring to. The only thing was she didn't have an answer. "Ummm…"

"Yes or no, Sakura?" he asked kissing his way down to her breast and sucking the pert nipple softly.

"Ah… um… I d-don't know," she replied as coherently as she could. The heat of his body and his proximity were intoxicating enough. Adding that to how well he was playing her was only hindering her thought process.

"Is that a no?" he asked, gently pushing her back and making her lay down again.

"I-I…" Sakura trailed.

"A yes?" he spoke against her belly button.

Her breathing hitched. Damn.

Sakura closed her eyes, waiting for the contact she knew was coming. She could feel Sasuke smirk up at her while he parted her legs further…

…Her whole body shuddered when she felt him blow gently on her sex. It wasn't the first time he was doing something like this with her, but she usually had never been the one to initiate this sort of deviant intimacy.

Sakura mewled softly when she felt him flick her sensitive bundle with his tongue. Her hands instinctively reached down to twist in his hair, unknowingly encouraging him to continue. She didn't know how much more she could take. She hadn't gotten down fully from her previous high, and she could feel herself beginning to reach that oh-so familiar peak again.

He sucked softly and then slowly began circling her sex with his tongue. The sensation was absolutely beyond anything she'd ever felt. Her hips bucked against him, but he still maintained his relentless pace, pushing her over the edge enough to make it seem like she was about to fall over.


"Hn?" That single syllable vibrated through her most intimate part causing her to shudder.

"You. Now," She commanded, breathless.

Sasuke smirked at her demanding tone. He straightened and began undoing the buttons on his shirt, letting it fall to the floor. He did the same with the rest of his clothes, tossing them off to the side.

With the strength she had left, Sakura sat upright, reaching for the man and wrapping her arms around his neck. She pulled his head down, engaging them both in a heated kiss, while her hands roamed his sculpted chest.

He probed her entrance gently with his erection before he buried himself inside of her in one single motion forward. Sakura moaned into his mouth and he took the chance to slip his tongue into her hot cavern, exploring it with a leisure pace.

A couple seconds passed before he pulled himself out and pushed back in again, filling her to the brim. His pace was agonizingly slow, and Sakura made an annoyed sound while he sucked her lower lip.


"I know," he said, nuzzling her.

"Move faster," she whispered when he pulled out of her and pushed himself back in… even slower.

"Just take a moment to feel it, Sakura." Sasuke wrapped his arms around the woman tighter, almost clutching her to him. He continued moving in and out of her slowly, reverently, like he was worshipping her.

Though she was used to his more… wild side, Sakura found that she was enjoying the slow pace and they way he held her so tightly. She moaned at the delicious friction between their sweat-covered bodies: the way his chest rubbed against her breasts, and the way his pelvis pressed so intimately against hers.

Her hands gently clawed against the hard muscles of his back. She tilted her head up, searching for his mouth—a search quickly put to an end when Sasuke connected their lips in a passionate kiss. Sakura held onto him tightly, engaging herself in the kiss while she met each of his thrusts with her own.

"Faster, Sasuke… please," she managed to breathe against his mouth.

Sasuke briefly closed his eyes at her plea. He opened them and they held an intense gaze that burned right into her emerald eyes, making her gasp inaudibly. For a split second Sakura swore his eyes burned red, but as soon as she thought it was there it was gone.

She felt his arms tighten around her before he began pumping in and out of her at a quicker pace. Sakura buried her face in his neck, breathing harshly and occasionally placing a kiss or two along the skin of his throat. She gripped his forearms desperately and his muscled rippled under her tense hold. Wrapping her legs around his waist, Sakura held out until she couldn't anymore. With one last thrust, she felt herself unravel with a loud wail of her lover's name on her kiss-swollen lips. Her whole body convulsed against his as she rode out her high.

She heard him hiss unintelligibly as he reached his high too, and sudden warmth filled her entire body. Her breathing, though ragged, calmed eventually as they both reveled in the after glow of their "unorthodox" love-making.

Sakura pulled back slightly to look at the raven-haired man. Though his face was usually emotionless, she could make out the slight content expression that it held. "That was amazing," she said, despite the blush that adorned her cheeks. She gave him a quick kiss and then looked at him through her lashes shyly.

"It was your idea," he said, helping her off the piano, then caging her against it.

Sakura blushed scarlett.

Sasuke leaned in close, his lips at her ear. "Do you have anymore?" Oh, how he loved teasing her.

"Stop it," she said, smiling shyly. She buried her face in his chest, trying to hide her embarrassment.

Sasuke chuckled, wrapping his arms around her in a sweet embrace. "Now," he began, "about you piano lessons..."

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