Hello all. Just a random story I cooked up yesterday while in bed. Always wanted to write Wholock first encounters :) Enjoy!

"So, where we going this time, Doctor?" Rose asked, strolling into the console room.

The Doctor looked up from the console, eyebrow quirked.

"No idea. Maybe somewhere far away, farther than we've ever gone before, to a time untouched by mankind, to a time far beyond the reaches of time and space..." He was starting to have a dreamy look on his face.

Rose looked at the Doctor, a smile emerging on her face.

"Have you been watching the Discovery Channel again?"

The Doctor scratched his head, looking entirely unapologetic.

"Yeah, sorry. But you'd have to say I'd make a brilliant host on that channel!"

The Doctor spun a wheel and twisted a dial, pushing down a lever with his outstretched foot while whistling a tune at the same time. Rose had always marvelled at how he managed to actually drive the ship without killing himself. The Doctor seemed to have heard Rose's thoughts, and winked at her.

The Tardis hummed to life, and they were off.

Rose was jolted from a particularly nice daydream she had involving hot chocolate and cookies when the Tardis crash landed.

They were floating aimlessly through the Vortex whilst the Doctor tinkered with a clunky device he claimed was necessary for their trip to the planet Muffin, when there was the most awful scraping noise. No sooner did the startled Doctor look up from the mess of wires when they plummeted suddenly, eliciting yells from both Time Lord and human as they were flung about the rocking Tardis. Rose, barely hanging onto the console, could numbly discern a faint whistling that grew higher and higher, quite like a boiling kettle.

With a loud boom, the Tardis lights went out, plunging them all into darkness. A split second later they were all on the floor, a tremendous jolt knocking the duo painfully onto the metal grating.

"What have you done again?" Rose shrieked.

The Doctor looked at Rose, his brown eyes wide with shock. His mouth hung open, speech temporarily disabled as he gasped, winded from his fall.

"It's not my fault! And I don't know… We were supposed to be travelling way forward in time and space, but it appears we're on planet Earth again…" the Doctor busied himself with removing a part of the flooring, exposing the many wires connecting to the Tardis console. He pulled out his sonic screwdriver and started sonicing away, an irritated frown etched into his face. Rose realised he was wearing his glasses again, and stifled a laugh. This was going to be a long wait.

Suddenly, the peaceful hum of the Tardis was broken by the sound of the doors being flung open rather violently, from which two figures tumbled in, who then proceeded to slam the doors behind them, panting heavily.

The Doctor whirled around, shocked.


"Do you think we lost them?" the shorter, blonde man gasped. He seemed totally oblivious to his new surroundings.

"Yes." the taller man managed. He had curly, jet black hair, which was matched well with a thick woollen coat; it looked a little like the Doctor's; all flappy and dramatic.

Rose looked on, mouth agape with surprise. She realised the Doctor had a similar expression on and closed her mouth immediately.

The tall mystery man was standing upright now, his startling blue eyes taking in the Tardis. He glanced at Rose and the Doctor, his gaze electrifying.

Suddenly, he spoke in a surprisingly deep voice.

"What are you doing here on Earth?" he then looked slightly embarrassed, as if he'd only just realised how absurd the question sounded. The blonde man only looked tired. And annoyed.

"Sherlock, what are you babbling about now?" he said, before his eyes finally began to start comprehending what he was seeing. His jaw practically dropped.

"Where are we?"

"A good question. I'd reckon, some sort of ...time...vehicle?" the man cocked his head, "this blue box was never in that alley before; I should know. The inside of the box is significantly larger. Hence a… cloaking device that disguises its true size. Box's design was of 18th century origin. Not something you would expect in this time and age. This box probably would have had the perfect disguise back then, but not now. Travels in time then. No existing country has such high level of technology yet. Mycroft would have known; and by extension, I would have known too. So technology is either newly discovered or not possessed by humans in the first place. A look at the central console would show that there is an unidentifiable circular language present in the screens and on pieces of paper stuck on them. Alien language? Most probable, considering that my other theories have already been proven wrong by the structure of this place and the condition of the equipment. Conclusion, the box is not just a box, but is of alien technology, and travels in time. Since it's of alien origin, probably travels in space too."

The man ended off abruptly, his face flushed from the exertion from his run into the Tardis and excitement of this new mystery.

The Doctor stared at the man, shock written all over his face.


The Doctor sounded so idiotic Rose had to nudge him hard in the ribs. He squirmed and blinked quickly to focus.

"I can't believe you just did that!" he finally spluttered.

"Neither can I." The man looked quite surprised himself.

Rose had a queer feeling. Only one person she knew of could get all that in a minute, and he technically doesn't even exist in real life. But the blonde man did just call out his name.

"Sherlock... Holmes?"

The man nodded politely to her.

"One and only." He gestured to the gaping man beside him.

"This is Dr John Watson, my blogger." he said, indicating the man, who nodded awkwardly.

Rose looked at the two new arrivals. She suddenly had a pretty good feeling that today was going to be a very interesting day indeed.

Not sure if I want to continue with this story... Please comment! :)