Gir sat on the couch in his disguise with a cup of suckmonkey in hand. He was currently drinking it and trying to get the very last drop as he watched TV. It was the angry monkey show. Gir looked over at his Master. "Hello Mastah!"

Zim took a glance over to his robot minion, then over to the TV. He shuddered. He'd never understand... He shook his head. ..Pathetic.. He mused, before crossing the room to go into the toilet, so he could go down into his Labs.

''..Gir, don't disturb me!'' He made sure to raise his voice slightly, so the robot could catch the message and stay where he was.

~~~The next morning, the Irken appeared out of his toilet, adjusting his wig, getting ready for skool. Last night, he had put some kind of chemical into the skool food for the students. It was supposed to get them sick.

Dib walked to school with a sigh, his held his umbrella since it looked like it was supposed to rain and made his way down the road. He glared at the Irken's house as he passed and kicked at a rock on the sidewalk, kicking it again as he walked close to it once more. Soon he felt a drop on his skin and looked up with a smile, he liked the rain.

Zim froze in his steps, his eyes widening when he heard the pitter-patter suddenly starting to fall onto the roof of his house. That sound... it was enough to paralyze him slightly in his spot. Erugh... He wasn't about to be defeated by mere rain.

''..GIR!'' He shouted at top of his lungs, waiting for the robot to appear. When he didn't, Zim let out a long sigh. HJe was probably hanging out with those humans again... ''..Computer! Get me an umbrella.. I'll be needing it..'' He was sure he had a small collection of them somewhere.

The computers arm came down with a selection of umbrellas for Zim to pick from as thunder sounded from outside, it suddenly started to rain heavily soaking the yard in a matter of minutes.

Zim quickly grabbed one that he thought would withstand the mighty force of the burning rain. ''..Zim WILL survive..'' He muttered, making sure it was fully operational before he approached the front door. He took a deep breath, opening up the front door first, before opening the umbrella. Wait a second... As he stepped out into the rain, making sure the umbrella covered him thoroughly, he shut the door behind him.

He narrowed his eyes. ''...Dub-human.'' He said with a cup of hate behind his words.

Dib glared over at the Irken as he walked, not interested in talking to the Irken right now. He made his way to the school.

Zim narrowed one eye at the boy, watching him leave. Yeah, he'd better leave... He hmphed, continuing his way as well. A grin was slowly coming onto his face, as his thoughts from Dib to the plan for the lunch period... Oh yes, they'd never know what hit them...

Kids were gathering into the classrooms, Dib went to his locker and put his things up before going to class. He sat at his normal seat with a sigh.

Zim made it safely to under the roof of the skool's pouch. He chuckled, carefully folding up the umbrella, so he wouldn't get any of the liquid onto him. Kids passed him, ignoring him, as he turned around and pointed towards the rain. ''..YOU DIDN'T GET ZIM THIS TIME! WUAHAHAH-''

He paused when he noticed stares. He cleared his throat, now starting to go into skool. He pulled the door open, not bothering to hold it open, and a kid smashed right into the now closed door. He slinked the classroom, taking his usual seat, grinning.

''..Weirdo.'' A kid commented, who stood in the hall watching the whole thing from earlier.

Dib sat at his seat and rolled his eyes as he heard Zim's scream. He shook his head and sighed, stupid irken.

Zim sat back in his seat, calmly waiting until the bell would signal for lunchtime. It should be grand... He pointed to the clock, then leaped onto his desk, which was quite the habit by now... ''..Just you wait, Dib-monkey, just you wait...'' He told his rival.

Dib growled. "Shut up Zim, I don't want to hear anymore of your shit." He continued to berate the Irken, a little pissed of at him right now.

Zim pffted'ed, narrowing his eyes towards him. ''..Well, too BAD, Dib! You have to, like everyone else HERE! ...And wouldn't you want to know my grandest plaaaaan? For today?'' He asked, while the other students kept their eyes on their teacher. At least, best as they could...

Dib rolled his eyes. "Just spit it out already." He said, getting annoyed. He was starting to get a headache. Some of the students rolled their eyes as the fighting continued. "Will you two just shut up!" Jessica yelled.

Zim narrowed his eyes towards the student. ''..SILENCE!'' He turned back to Dib. ''..HA! Well, you won't find out until lunchtime, Dib-boy! It'll seal yours and everyone's fat-Ehhh... WILL PROVIDE you with many nutrients and...stuff.'' He smiled as he looked around the classroom. Can't appear abnormal, now could he?

Dib arched his brow. "That did not make any sense at all." he said and looked out the window with a sigh. "Idiots..." Jessica said.

Zim pffted. ''..It did too! And YOU!'' He pointed at Jessica. ''..Be quietttt...'' He narrowed his eyes, about to continue, when the teacher yelled at them to shut up. He grumbled slightly, hopping down, now bringing out an Irken device to toy around with, underneath his desk, so the teacher couldn't see.

Dib rolled his eyes. "Just shut up Zim." he said before going back to listen to the teacher and sat back in his seat. He sighed and put his head down, all that time being abducted made him a little tired. They had tried to perform little experiments on him and tried to do other things. Thankfully he had gotten away from them.

Zim ignored Dib's comment, as he toyed around with it. He clicked a program on the screen, which made a little ball come out of it to hover over the class. It then scanned every student with an invisible laser. Only a slight flicker of the sweep showed in front of the students' eyes, enough to simply just brush it off as normal.

It completed, hovering back over to the Irken, and he took it, reading the results, plugging it back into the device. Everyone read as healthy, so... He would send these results to the nurse after the lunch period was over. That way, they wouldn't bother the students... Oh, he was simply flat-outgenius. He burst out into laughter.

Dib and a few of the other students blinked. He looked over at Zim and glared at him again. What the hell was he trying to plan?

Zim;'s outloud laughter slowly died out to the one-in-awhile chuckle, as he continued to read the stats, stopping especially at Dib's own. Heh... Hopefully, he'll get the sickest... Then again... he was the only one who knew about Zim, and Zim could blab all he wanted to the human about his plans... A human who... acknowledged him, his plans, his existence.

He shook his head. Don't think so highly of THAT filthy human.. He reminded himself.

Dib closed his eyes and sighed, it was almost time for lunch. He was starting to get a little hungry, and he hadn't really eaten in days. he looked at the clock and then back at Zim...was he going to mess with the food?

Zim glanced at the clock, a good distraction to his thoughts. GOOD~ In the next ten minutes... the people of this skool shall suffer... The Irken sat back calmly in his chair, putting his hands behind his head. His eyes didn't dare move from the time.

A few minutes later the bell rang signalling it was time for lunch, a few students left the class quickly and obviously very hungry. Dib stood and walked to the lunchroom, waiting in line to get his food and then went to go sit down at the usual table he sat at.

im grinned more and more as he watched each individual go through the line to get their food. He was standing in the back of the line, in no hurry to get the food. Once he did, he turned away from the Lunch assistant and observed the cafeteria a bit, before going and sitting down at his usual spot. Everything seemed allright for now, but his eyes landed on Dib. Oh, he wanted him to go down first.

Dib stared at his food and sighed, unsure of whether or not he should eat it or not...but he was so very hungry right now. He sighed and ate the food, after a while feeling a little ill.

Zim's grin just grew wider, as he leaped up onto the table pointing towards the boy, after setting down his fork. ''..HA!'' He yelled out trumiphantly, watching Dib slump down a bit on the bench.

''..Having a fun time, Dib human?''

He taunted, hoping over to the next table, getting closer to him.

Dib groaned, feeling like he was going to throw up and not listening to Zim's annoying ranting. Without warning he threw up on the floor, as did a few of the other students.

Zim laughed evilly, as he finally landed on Dib's table, watching him throw up. Eugh... ..this sound is quite... disguisting.. He shrugged, kicking down the boy's somewhat empty tray on top of him. Wait a second... He looked around, noticing only a FEWstudents were vomitting.. what about the rest?

Some of the students who hadn't thrown up had brought their own lunch and looked around at the others that had throw up. "Yuck!" Jessica yelled as Zita threw up.

Zim's grin slid down a few notches, as he watched the students pull food out of lunchbags and such. He growled. ''...WELL THEN... At least I won this round, Dib!'' He went into a maniacal laughter once more, before a teacher went to go get a nurse. The Irken nearly missed the teacher leaving and stood there with his device...

Wait, eh? He tried to click on the students' stats, but they won't go through the skool firewall. ''..What's going on!?''

Dib stared at him and chuckled. "You didn't think of the flaws."

Zim threw the nearest thing around him that was on the table, a bottle of opened water. It splashed onto Dib, but also some had flung a bit onto him. He winced when it made contact onto his hand. It twitched slightly. He heard the noise of the empty bottle boink off onto the floor.

"I think you forgot water doesn't hurt humans." Dib smirked.

''..NO I DIDN'T! ..Now shut your noise tube, and vomit more. Moreeeeee.'' Zim told Dib, before looking up to see a conversing nurse with a few students. He quickly hopped down to the floor, cursing in Irken, as he sat on the bench.

Dib chuckled a little and threw up a little. He sighed a bit and looked at Zim. "All you've succeeded in doing is make everyone think the lunchroom had food poisoning."

Zim's narrowed eyes went wide, as he registered that statement into his mind. He glanced over his shoulder, watching the nurse talk to a student nearby.

''..Oh, honey, just food posioning.. You'll be fine by tomorrow..''

A growl behind the nurse errupted. That wasn't the plan! ..A BUT STILL!

"Your plan sort of messed up..." Dib said. "What was it supposed to be anyway?" he asked, throwing up a little bit.

''..SILENCE!'' Zim cut him off at the insult, as he crossed his arms, glaring down a bit dully at the floor. He supposed he could tell the Dib.. he was the only human who would care to listen. Even a bit. ''...Well, the AMAZING Zim was going to do a plan where all of YOOOOU-'' He emphasized the word greatly, pointing towards everyone. ''- would be horribly sick and maybe even die..But eh... It only somewhat worked.'' He muttered the last few words, so they would be barely audible.

''..But I still succeeded..'' He took a look back to the room's occupants.

"We're not dead yet." Dib pointed out, spitting out part of the vomit that was still in his mouth. "Yuck..."

''..I SAAAAAIIIID somewhat successful, didn't I!? Does the superior-ness of Zim not phase you!?'' Zim shouted into the poor boy's ear. He sat down calmly after that though, still fooling around with his device.

"I don't care how superior you say your are." Dib rolled his eyes and went to put his tray up, making sure to miss the puddles of vomit.

Zim intentionally stuck his leg to trip the boy. When he heard a sound, and a clatter, he chuckled. ''..You should learn to watch yourself..''

Dib groaned as he fell in some barf, he growled and glared at the Irken. "Dammit Zim!"

Zim looked up and laughed. ''..What did I warn you about earlier!?'' He gloated, looking back down to his device.

Dib grolled his eyes and returned his tray. "Shut up."

Zim narrowed his eyes after where his enemy was moments ago. He'd get him one of these days... Perhaps even shove knowledge down his throat... Meh. He'd figured out something. That was certain.