They soon arrived in Telford. Lexi knew exactly where she was as she remember running away last year.

"Andy who are you?" Lexi asked worriedly. Andy just ignored the girl and encouraged them to a car.

"We need to visit someone" He said as they piled into the car. Lexi was wondered and grabbed her phone.

"You will not be using that today" Andy said taking it away from the girl.

"But I want to speak to my mum" Lexi said and Andy just glared at her.

"You do not tell anyone about this. If you do, I will hurt you in only a way man can. I'm not afraid of you Alexis but you should be afraid of me" Andy whispered to the girl and Lexi was shaken especially after everything that had happened with Aleks.

They arrived outside a big white building.

"Come on kids" Andy said as he encouraged them inside. Lexi was more reluctant but walked in once she felt Andy put a hand on her back.

"Hi Dad, isn't Matthew just like I told you he was and look at Alexis?" Andy said and the man nodded slightly.

"Very like her mother but I can see some of Dani shining though" Andy said and Lexi looked at him.

"How do you know about my sister" Lexi asked.

"She is my sister" He said and Lexi jumped as it clicked who he was. The rest of the day she stayed quiet.

It wasn't long before they all arrived back home.

Once they arrived home, Lexi ran straight up the stairs. Ronnie was slightly confused as she to what had upset the girl but decided to just leave her alone. Ronnie really wasn't happy with Andy. He was away for the whole day and didn't contact her to let her know how they were getting on and now her 14 year old daughter was in huff.

Ronnie waited until dinner time to go up and speak to the girl. She served the kids theirs first and knew that something was going on. They were very quiet and Ronnie couldn't seem to get through to them that they could speak to her. Once the other children had finished eating and were settled. Ronnie walked up the stairs to see Lexi. As soon as she saw the girl, she knew that something was wrong.

"Hey baby, what's going on?" Ronnie asked and Lexi looked up.

"Nothing" She said smiling but the smile never met her eyes.

"I know that something isn't right sweetie" Ronnie said walking over to the girl and putting her arm around her.

"It's nothing" Lexi said but Ronnie sat down and cuddled up with her.

"Come on, Lex it is just me" Ronnie said and Lexi snuggled into her mother's chest.

"I'm not allowed to tell you" Lexi mumbled.

"How not? You do know that you can tell me anything" Ronnie said and Lexi nodded.

"He told me not to" Lexi said and Ronnie was confused and worried now.

"Sweetie, please just tell me" Ronnie said really worried now.

"Is it about Andy? Did it happen today?" Ronnie asked and Lexi nodded.

"Did it happen at the zoo?" Ronnie asked.

"We didn't go to the zoo" Lexi mumbled.

"Where did you go then?" Ronnie asked softly.

"Telford" Lexi mumbled.

"Why did you go to Telford" Ronnie asked. "I need to go and find him"

Ronnie jumped up suddenly moving Lexi away from her.

"Baby, are you going to be okay if I go and see if I can find out what's going on?" Ronnie asked suddenly realising that Lexi was upset and Lexi nodded. Ronnie needed to find out what was going on.

Ronnie walked down the stairs to clear her head but she didn't know where to start. She knew that this was going to have to wait until tomorrow. She needed to check his bag and figure out what is going on.

She decided to take the children over to Kyle's to see if he knew anything. She didn't understand why they went to Telford. She knew that, it would have struck a cord with Lexi and just accused that is why she was so upset.

She spoke to Kyle and it just confirmed her suspicions. She knew that she needed to get home and speak to Andy on his own.

Once Ronnie arrived home with the younger children, she got them all ready for bed. She aim was to get them to bed and then she could speak to Lexi without any interruptions.

"Lex" Ronnie said as she opened the door. Lexi sat up and Ronnie walked over to the bed and sat at the end of it.

"Shall we have a little chat about today?" Ronnie asked and Lexi nodded.

"What exactly happened?" Ronnie asked.

"He took us to see this man, he must have been Andy's dad as he called him Dad. I think he has had a stroke and well he spoke about how much me and Matthew look like you and how it was like a memory of her" Lexi said.

"What do you think he means?" Ronnie asked and Lexi shrugged.

"He really scared me" Lexi mumbled into her mother.

"What scared you?" Ronnie asked.

"He said if I told you where we went today he would hurt me. He said he would do something only a man could" Lexi said. "Do you think?"

Lexi stopped talking unable to continue.

"I am not leaving you alone with him ever again baby, nothing will happen to you I promise" Ronnie said and Lexi shrugged.

"You trust me, don't you?" Ronnie asked and Lexi nodded.

She snuggled further against her mother's chest and it wasn't long before she was able to drift off to sleep. Ronnie had previously planned to leave the girl once she had spoken to her but after the last confession, there was no way she could leave her little girl.

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