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The next morning Ronnie woke up, she was so happy to have her little girl next to her. Lexi then moved and cuddled up to Ronnie. Ronnie loved the feeling of someone needing her. She then decided it was time to get up. She got up and went and had a shower. She then quickly got changed before deciding to get her daughter up. She finally managed to get Lexi up.

" Mum, do I need to go to school?" Lexi said.

" Yes, now hurry up" Ronnie said.

" But Mum, I have no school clothes and I want to spent time with you." Lexi asked.

" Arg, Okay, fine but only today" Ronnie said.

" Thanks mum, your the best" Lexi said.

Lexi went in and hugged Ronnie

Later, Ronnie was sat on the sofa next to Lexi watching the TV.

" Lex, why don't you want to go to school?" Ronnie asked.

" Just don't want to" Lexi asked

" Why?" Ronnie asked.

" Would you, everyone whispering about you. That's the girl who's mum gave her up and was in prison" Lexi said sharply.

"Sorry" Sorry said. A bit taken back by how Lexi had just snapped.

Ronnie decided just to let Lexi calm down a bit

Awhile later they were still sat on the sofa

" Lexi you know you can talk to me about anything, right?" Ronnie asked.

Lexi nodded. " Mum" Lexi siad.

" Yeah" Ronnie asked.

" Em, well, it's just. I'm older now and think" Lexi began to mumble towards the end.

" What Lexi" Ronnie asked.

" It just I kinda think." Lexi said. She knew she just needed to ask but she was too scared as to what her mum would say. It was embarrassing.

" Lex, just spit it out." Ronnie said softly.

" It just I think I kinda need a bra" Lexi said embarrassingly.

" Seriously lex. All that fuss for that" Ronnie asked.

Lexi relaxed realising her mum didn't really care and just let it go.

" Come on then missy, let's go shopping" Ronnie said.

Lexi had to wear the clothes she was wearing yesterday. Ronnie took a mental note to go to the care home later and get more clothes. They arrived at the shopping centre and went to new look. They looked about and got some tops, jeans and shorts. Ronnie then walked over to the underwear.

" Lexi what types do you want?" Ronnie asked. Lexi shrugged her shoulders, she found it really embarrassing. " Lexi, it'd not that embarrassing"

" Right, padded or non-padded" Ronnie asked.

" I think padded what do you thing" Lexi asked.

" Yeah, if that's what you think you need." Ronnie asked.

Lexi nodded and her and ronnie grabbed a couple of different sizes to go and try on. They went to the changing room. Ronnie was just going to wait outside but Lexi said she could come in. They tried some sizes and then bought the ones they liked. In the changing room Ronnie couldn't help but notice how skinny her little girl was. Ronnie honestly thought Lexi didn't need a bra as she was very flat chested but she was getting to that age.

Then then went to more shops before deciding to go back home. On the way home Ronnie and Lexi stopped off at the care home first. The care worker told Ronnie Lexi could stay with her for just now. The care worker also told Ronnie to make sure Lexi was eating as she has a history of anorexia.

After that they went back to Roxy's flat. Roxy was making lunch and Amy was playing. Lexi went over and played with her cousin. While Ronnie went and made her and Lexi's lunch. She made herself and Lexi a sandwich and put it on the table. She called Lexi over to eat it. Lexi ate it most. She was starting to have enough and began mostly playing about with her food.

" Lex, you have to eat up" Ronnie said. Lexi looked up to see that her mum was being serious and finished eating her sandwich only leaving a little bit.

After that, Lexi decided to go and get changed into her new clothes as she had been wearing this all day. She got changed and then went to the livingroom. She went through and Roxy had said that she was going to go to the salon and as it was quiet she could fit Ronnie and Lexi in for a pedicure and manicure. Lexi was really happy as she had never had that done before. They arrived and started with the pedicure, Roxy was doing Lexi's while Poppy was doing Ronnie. They had a really good time and it was nearly 5 o'clock by the time they had finished getting pampered and talking to Roxy. They went back to the flat and Ronnie started to make tea.

" Mum, I have dancing at 7:30 until 9." Lexi said.

" Okay" Ronnie said.

They had tea and then watched some TV before Lexi went and got ready for dancing. She quickly got ready and then they left. Lexi gave Ronnie directions and then they arrived. Lexi went in and Ronnie went back home.

Dancing went really quick and when Lexi came outside she saw Ronnie motorbike across the road. She crossed the road and Ronnie gave her a helmet and she climbed on behind. She was a bit nervous as she hadn't done it before and do begin with was holding ronnie really tight. After awhile she relaxed. Once she got home, Lexi went for a shower. Then she watched some TV with her mum and Auntie before going off to bed.

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