Haha sorry early readers I got so excited I kind of forgot to make an authors note... Oops. Oh well. Well this story is about Max and Fang going undercover as a couple. Pretty basic. I don't want to give too much away now, but keep on reading and you'll find out

Anyway, special thanks to my super awesome beta Sierra159! I couldn't do it witout ya girl!

Have you ever noticed that there aren't many spies at kindergarten career day? There are doctors, lawyers, vets, ect., but no spies. Why? For one, if you were a spy you wouldn't want to give away your identity, because theoretically, any of those innocent looking kindergarteners could be highly trained terrorists. You'd be surprised what they teach kindergarteners these days.

Also, the parents don't really want their little kindergarteners to become spies. They want their kids to live nice, long lives with lots of money. They don't want their cute little 6-year-olds to have to grow up and lie to them about everything in their life and be in danger of dying 24/7. They don't want their "babies" to learn everything that's wrong with this big, sick world and have to deal with it. They want their kids to be doctors and lawyers and vets. Not spies. And if you do see a spy, it's probably one of those "poser moms" that dress up as characters to read to little kids every Thursday. Poser Moms, no one likes you. But anyway, I digress.

My name is Maximum Ride. I go by Max. I am a spy.

Yes, you read correctly. I am a spy. I know I just gave away my identity, but if any of you are terrorists, come and get me. I'd like to see you try. But back to the spy. I'm the girl who follows bad guys around, then beats them up in a dark alley. It's a hobby. And I do make fun of all you Poser Moms. Telling a kindergartener it's a secret means it's not a secret anymore. Common sense people. And besides, you guys have us all wrong. Being a spy is hard work. You put yourself and your loved ones in danger. The best spies are the ones without loved ones. That's why my team is the best.

My story starts with me climbing up an elevator shaft in an evening gown.

But please, let me explain.

I'm on one of my many missions, or Operations (ops) as we call them. You see, my team has been on the same case for years- stopping human mutation in illegal science labs. We've gotten very far into the case, almost to the point of being able to end it.

My operation now is to find the name and location of the lead scientist.

And now back to the elevator shaft and evening gown. I am currently at the party of a high-ranked scientist named Steve Johnson. He's quite rich and has a 5 story mansion with an elevator. The first floor is a huge lobby with an even larger ballroom. The second floor is a typical scientist geekcave complete with a high tech robot and every single video game known to mankind. The third floor is your normal giant living space with a big kitchen, a large living room, and 6 colossal bedrooms. And the fifth floor is dedicated to his work.

That's where I'm headed.

But just my luck, when I got here I discovered the elevator was out-of-order.

And here we are.

To my relief, after climbing a rope five flights (bless you, boot camp) I finally saw a door with the number five on it. I sighed with relief as I hung onto the rope. "Nudge, I'm at the fifth floor. Open the elevator doors," I spoke into my earpiece.

"Doors opening!" she answered.

Nudge is the team's hacker. I swear, that girl can hack into anything. It's crazy. It's like she's "one with the hard drive." She's African-American with crazy curly hair and ultra-tan skin. Nudge is 20, a year younger than me. She is also known to have one-way conversations. I swear, she never shuts up. She got her nickname Nudge because she used to nudge you when she was blabbering on and on. Then it got super annoying, so to make her stop, we punched her every time she nudged us. She broke the habit quickly.

The elevator doors opened, and I jumped onto solid ground. Fang stood in front of me, looking like a gentleman in his tuxedo, smirking at me.

Fang is the team's dark-haired, olive-skinned, black-eyed handsome devil. He's a few months older than me, and trust me, never lets me forget it. Fang is a pretty solitary person when you first get to know him, but after about 10 years he starts talking in full sentences. I'm talking pronouns here. Everyone on our team has known each other for a very long time, but I've known Fang the longest. He's practically my partner in crime.

"Fancy seeing you here," he addressed me.

"How the heck did you get up here so fast?" I snapped at him, hands on my hips.

"Stairs," he answered, shrugging nonchalantly.

I gaped at him. I felt like I could punch something. "There were stairs and no one felt the need to tell me?" I hissed.

"I-I wanted to see if you could climb?" Gazzy stammered quietly through the earpiece.

The Gasman, or Gazzy, is the person on the team you never want to stand downwind from. He's named The Gasman for a reason. Gazzy has spiked blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and is Nudge's age. He's the world's biggest bomb addict (except Iggy, but you'll meet him later, like it or not.) I kid you not when I say he knows everything there is to know about bombs. Except the correct time to set them off.

"I will kill you later." I growled at Gazzy before stalking past Fang, "Whatever," I grumbled, pushing my hair out of my eyes frustratingly. "Just get me out of this dress."

"That's what she said," Iggy said over the earpiece, a smile in his voice.

Meet Iggy, the village idiot. Iggy is 6 foot with thin strawberry-blonde hair and clouded-over blue eyes. Yes, he's blind. But don't feel bad for him. He can do everything perfectly fine. He's the best cook I've ever seen in my entire life. Iggy is the team's other bomb know-it-all. He and Gazzy are inseparable.

"Shut up, Iggy, no one's talking to you." I shot back angrily.

Fang appeared next to me. "Where should we start?" he asked.

The room was an OCD's worst nightmare. Papers were everywhere. They were spread all over the floor, they were sticking out of cabinets, and I swear I even saw a few stuck in the fake tree. I looked over as I scanned the room and saw a computer sitting on a desk.

"There," I said, motioning to it. "That'll be our best luck. I am not going through all these papers."


We made our way over to the computer, careful not to disturb any papers on the floor. I collapsed into the chair and Fang stood behind me.

"You got any gloves?" I asked Fang.

"What? None in that thigh holster?" he teased.

I gave him a sweet smile.

"None you're going to see."

He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a pair of rubber gloves. I snatched them from him and slipped them on.

I opened up the computer and pressed the log-on button. I ran my hands through my hair impatiently as I waited for it to load.

"You'd think if you're a major rich scientist and stuff you would get a faster computer." I grumbled.

I shot up as the login screen came on. It asked for a password. I slouched back down in my chair.

"Any password ideas Nudge?" I asked.

"Running it now." she answered "Oh and Max, I really wanted to tell you before you left but I didn't get to because you would have been late and stuff but I really loved that dress on you! It matches your figure perfectly and the purple really accents your brown eyes and-"

"Nudge, password." I interrupted dryly.

"Oh yeah! Try k0alaluver123." she suggested.

I smiled and sat up. I put it in the system and chuckled.

"I guess our big, bad scientist has a soft spot for koalas."

The home page came up with a giant picture of a baby koala.

I looked over my shoulder at Fang.

"Any ideas?" I asked.

He blinked.

"Try looking at the contacts." he suggested.

I clicked a few times and got to the email contacts. I bit my lip as scrolled through them.

"Popular guy." I observed. He had over 800 contacts. "It'll take forever to go through all these."

"Try reading emails." Gazzy suggested.

I clicked on his inbox. It had over 5,000 unread emails.

I groaned. "We could be here a while, guys," I told them.

"Wait." Fang leaned over me and pointed to an email at the bottom "That one looks encrypted."

I clicked on it. A bunch of gibberish came up in the email. I huffed and grabbed a pencil and a post-it note off the desk. I began to attempt to solve the code.

"Max, we're out of time," Fang interrupted.

I swore and threw my pencil down as I looked at the time. We had five minutes.

"Print it out and we'll solve it here," Angel suggested.

Angel is our last team member. She's Gazzy's little sister. She's only 18, but she can look like a completely innocent 15-year-old if she wants to. (If innocent 15-year-olds even exist.) Her curly blonde hair and blue eyes help. Angel is the team's people analyst. It's almost as though she can get inside their minds, know what they're thinking, and then get them to do whatever she wants. It's scary.

I pressed the print button on the computer, and the printer on the other side of the room started printing. Fang quickly walked over and grabbed the sheet as I stood.


"Stairs," I agreed heartily.

"Max, Fang, not to rush you or anything, but Steve is on his way to the stairs at the bottom floor. You have thirty seconds." Nudged warned.

Fang and I exchanged a desperate look before we practically flew down the stairs. "Not to rush you or anything," I heard Fang grumble sarcastically.

"Gazzy! Iggy! We need a distraction!" I yelled urgently.

"Already planted," Iggy assured me deviously. Fang and I passed the second floor.

"He's getting closer, Max," Nudge informed me. I saw the number 1 on the door in front of us.

"Iggy! Now!"

I heard a big boom on the other side of the door. Fang and I pushed the door open as the security guards ran straight past us toward the explosion. I couldn't confine a smile as we slipped away. I handed Fang the paper.

"Hide this." I whispered harshly.

He slipped it in his coat stealthily and held his arm out to me. I slipped mine through his and we opened the large double doors to the party. We slipped through the crowd of talking adults to the door. At the door stood Steve Johnson. He was thanking people for coming. Apparently the explosion stopped him from making his way to the staircase.

Fang and I walked over to him. Steve saw us and smiled.

"Thank you for coming Mr. and Mrs. Riley!" he exclaimed with a large smile. "It was nice meeting both of you."

Fang and I fake smiled at him. "Have a nice night," I told him, and waved as we walked out.

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