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Fang's POV

Moving into a new house is hard.

Especially a giant one. It took Max and me 15 minutes to find the master bedroom with all our stuff in it. What kind of house needs 6 bedrooms anyway?

Despite the size, the inside wasn't too bad at all. It had a giant kitchen, which I knew I would not let Max use, with a big stainless steel refrigerator and granite counters. The living room had a colossal flat-screen TV (always a plus) and two big sofas. Even the attic and basement were furnished. The master bedroom had a big king-sized bed and a large bathroom.

And I'm sure if we weren't on an op Max would have drawn a line in the middle of the bedroom and told me to stay on my side. She probably would have taken the side with the bathroom too.

Max was having a hard time adjusting to the new house in three hours. Sometimes I swear she skipped all of spy training and just crashed field work. She'd gotten lost about 3 times now, always yelling downstairs at me for directions.


There she is now.

"WHAT?!" I yelled up at her.


I sighed.




I heard the shower turn on as I collapsed on the couch. I never felt this drained about ops. I think the whole 'engaged to Max' was getting to me in three hours.

God only knows what's going to happen to me in a month.

To tell the truth, I had had a crush on Max when we were 6. She and I grew up together, did everything together, and now even worked together. Before I met Max I had never even uttered a word. I was 6 years old and completely quiet. I knew how to talk, I just never did. I had always been quiet and to myself; I was never that annoying, talkative toddler like everyone else. But when Max came I changed.

I smirked to myself as I remembered when I first met her.

I looked around the playground as I sat on a park bench by myself.

I knew exactly what my mother would have said if she saw me here by myself-

"Fang," my mother would have begged "Please go play! If you sit here on this bench you won't make any friends or have any fun! Please go play with the other kids!"

But all I really wanted to do is sit on that park bench and watch the other kids. Their smiling faces and tag games were all alien to me. What did a kindergartener have to do to sit on a bark bench these days?

A commotion out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. A girl I had never seen before had just pushed a boy off the side of the slide. He hit the ground and began crying. The boy's mother ran over to her child and scowled at the girl. The girl smiled gleefully in response and slid down the slide.

"Did that girl just push that boy off the slide?!" I knew my mother would have exclaimed "Her parents need to control her!"

I smiled. I liked this girl. She was pretty and looked fun. I hopped off my bench, feet hitting the ground, and ran over to her. She looked up from her perch at the bottom of the slide as I advanced and glared at me.

"What do you want?" she asked harshly. She had a beautiful voice, musical even with a harsh tone.

My first words slid from my mouth.

"My name's Fang."

It was a nickname that my mother hated, but I loved. It made me feel special, something my parents never made me feel. I felt like I was independent; who needed parents anyway?

The girl's eyes narrowed as she analyzed me. She quickly smiled slyly at me.

"Mine's Max."

I had had a crush on her. I knew she didn't like me though; she made it pretty clear. So I just got over it and my feelings changed. She and I were just partners in crime. For this op I was just going to do what I always did: act. I just hoped the acting wouldn't turn out to be awkward. One ounce of awkwardness could rat us out. I needed to act.

Easy, right?


I was a spy. I was trained to do this.

I was Nick. Max was May. Nick loved May. Therefore I loved Max.

It was no different than any other op. Undercover. We were undercover. We just happened to be engaged.

My 6th spy sense went off in the back of my head like a bomb. I was being watched.

The refection off the TV showed no one was outside of the window. That I could see anyway. I stopped everything and listened.


I listened harder, straining to hear.

I lurched forward as someone tackled me from behind. Small but strong arms held onto my neck as I thrashed to get my attacker off. I easily outweighed them, but they had strong arms and the element of surprise on their side. I dropped to the floor and somersaulted over the person. Their arms unraveled from my neck and they fell off as I popped back up. I turned to face my attacker.

Max was there lying on the ground, laughing at me.

"You're so tense Fang!" she exclaimed, smiling up at me "Loosen up! We just got here!"

"Someone's happy." I retorted, sticking my hand out to help her up.

"I just took a shower!" she took it and pulled herself to her feet "Showers make everyone happy!"

"Showers don't make me happy." I pointed out.

We collapsed on the couch together.

"Well that's because you're an old grump."

I opened my mouth to make a smart comeback, but the doorbell interrupted me.

"But I just sat down!" Max groaned.

She turned to me with a big, pleading smile.


I sighed and got up, "Fine. I'll get it."

I jogged to the front door and opened it. Outside stood a tall woman in her late 60s stood smiling back at me. She had short, white hair and what Nudge would call "mom jeans."

"Hello?" I asked uncertainly.

The lady stuck her hand out to me.

"Hi, I'm Sandra. I live next door," she had a purposeful voice and a strong grip as I shook her hand.

Be nice to nosy neighbors.

"It's nice to meet you. I'm Nick Walker," I answered.

Sandra brushed straight past me and invited herself into the house. I was a little stunned at her rudeness (I though rich people were polite) but I said nothing and closed the front door. No need for more nosy neighbors inviting themselves in.

"You've done a nice job with the place," Sandra noted as she looked around at everything.

She came across as a "judgey" person.

"Nick? Is everything okay?" Max turned the corner. Her eyes widened at the sight of a stranger in the house.

Sandra didn't seem to notice and stuck her hand out to Max, "You must be Mrs. Walker. My name is Sandra. I'm your new neighbor."

Max took her hand uncertainly and shook it.

"Call me May," she corrected.

"It's nice to meet you May," Sandra dropped Max's hand.

She narrowed her eyes as she looked between the both of us.

"You two are the new couple on the block?" she asked, eyebrow raised, "You two are a little young to be married,"

"Only engaged," I corrected quickly, recalling Nudge's drama creating speech of our new 'love life.'

Sandra nodded and looked between us again, a slight smile on her face this time.

"You two remind me of me in my golden years…"

Life is not awkward. Life is not awkward. Life is not awkward…

"I used to be young and wild and free," she clamped her hands together loudly, almost making me jump, "But that's another story for another time. Where are you guys from?"

"Colorado," Max replied politely.

You could tell it was an act.

"Cold Colorado, huh?" Sandra abruptly began to walk deeper into the house, "That's a big difference from good 'ole Virginia! You two must be burning up in this Virginia heat!"

"We're adapting quickly," I replied, following.

Sandra walked straight into the living room as if it was her own house.

What do we do? Max mouthed to me, eyes wide.

I shrugged and stood next to her.

When will she go away?

We both straightened quickly as Sandra plopped down on the couch, making herself at home.

"You guys are so much better than the old neighbors," Sandra explained, "They used to get so mad when I would come in!"

"I wonder why," I mumbled.

Max elbowed me in the ribs.

"Can we get you anything?" Max asked, putting on her polite voice.

"Oh, no thank you, child," Sandra answered, "I just had lunch!"

I looked up at the grand clock in the corner to make sure I wasn't mistaken.

"Sandra; it's 5:00."

She looked up at the clock incredulously.

"It is! " she exclaimed hopping to her feet, "I guess old age gets to you!" she rushed out of the living room, Max and I in tow," Thank you two so much for having me!" she turned around to us at the door and took Max's hand in hers, "You two are quite wonderful neighbors. We will be seeing more of each other soon!"

Sandra let go of Max's hand and opened the door, going out quickly, and slamming the door behind her.

"I didn't know old people could move so fast."

Max smacked me on the arm.

Max's POV

I lay on the sofa with my eyes closed, willing the pounding in my head to go away. Throughout this moving, Sandra, engaged thing I had developed an excruciating headache. Fang sat on the other sofa watching some CIA show we usually laugh at together. I could feel him constantly glancing at me.

"I'm fine," I assured him harshly, eyes still closed, fed up.

"You don't look fine," he replied coolly.

"It's just a headache."

"It could be brain cancer," he pointed out.

I groaned at his horrible excuse of a joke.

"At least open your eyes."

I took in a deep breath and let it out dramatically. Why did he care anyway?

I blinked my eyes open, the light making them burn slightly. The hammer banging in the back of my head got harsher, but I turned my head to Fang regardless, raising my eyebrow.

"Happy?" I growled.

He nodded.

The horrible, piercing sound of our annoying doorbell rang through my head. I cringed at the mini explosions in the back of my head, but still managed to get up at the same time as Fang.

"I'll get it," I told him.

He looked at me, "But Max. Your head- "

I shot him a look, and he sat down again, eyes burning into my back as I walked out the room to the door. With every step was a new throb in my head, but I chose to ignore it. Pain is just made to slow you down.

I opened the front door to immediately scowl at the people standing on my porch. Outside was another couple about my age. The guy was totally male model material with a tall, muscled body and most likely a perfectly defined 8 pack that would make girls swoon in an instant. He had flipped beach-blonde hair and almost too-white teeth as he smiled seductively when I opened the door.

But it wasn't him that made me scowl.

It was the girl.

She was about my height with fiery, over-straightened red hair without a single piece out of place. She wore a short, skin-tight pencil skirt and a small tank top that made her boobs look like they came up to her neck that I was sure was as close to be rated R as a piece of clothing can get. Her face would have been pretty if she hadn't caked it with foundation and eyeliner and topped it off with Jenna Marbles-worthy fake eyelashes that were a little too crooked to look real. Once she saw me her smile faltered a bit, turning into a more disgusted look. I instantly decided I didn't like her.

"Hi!" she exclaimed, flashing perfectly white teeth, "I'm Lissa, and this is my husband Dylan!"

Dylan nodded at me, eyes trained on somewhere other than my face.

"We're your new neighbors!" Lissa exclaimed.

No. Freaking. Way. This is not happening. And to think I thought Sandra was bad… I would have Sandra coming inviting herself into our house every day rather than live next to this biatch and her perfect husband. My headache began to pound harder and harder, mini explosions bursting everywhere. I needed backup. Where is Fang?

I mustered up the best smile I could at the time and turned around and yelled, "Nick! Come meet the new neighbors!"

Fang turned the corner instantly, as if he had been there all along waiting for his cue. I smiled as he walked flawlessly down the hallway, defiantly showing up this Dylan person. Take that bitch. My husband's hotter than yours.

Fang analyzed the two people on our doorstep: Lissa with a seductive, longing look on her face as she watched him, and Dylan standing there looking from my chest to Fang, scowling.

Fang put an arm around my shoulders, obviously seeing Dylan as a threat.

He stuck his hand out to Dylan, despite his growing dislike, "I'm Nick, and this is my fiancé May."

Dylan took it, shaking his hand and squeezing it as if he were going to break Fang's hand, "I'm Dylan, and this is my wife Lissa."

"Hello," Lissa interrupted with a wide smile, directed straight at Fang, "It's nice to meet you Nick."

"It's nice to meet you too, Lissa," I added rudely, scoffing.

Fang's arm tightened on my shoulders.

I watched as Lissa pulled something out of her Gucci bag. She held the ugliest excuse of a cake I've ever seen.

"We wanted to give this to you," she handed it to Fang, her hand staying with his a little too long on his for comfort, "It's a cake. We wanted you two to know that if you need anything, "she winked at Fang, "And I mean anything, all you have to do is give us a call. Okay?"

Fang and I stared at her.

"Can we come in?" she asked.

"No!" Fang and I exclaimed in unison.

Last thing I needed is more socially awkward neighbors in my house.

"Are you sure?" Lissa asked quickly, "We haven't seen what you guys have done to the place!"

"Sorry," I replied unsympathetically, grabbing to close the door, "It was nice meeting you!"

Dylan made a "call me" gesture as I slammed the door in their faces.

I turned around and leaned the back of my head against the door, sliding to the ground. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath. Fang sat down silently next to me. My headache had finally disappeared; apparently it didn't want to be near the neighbors either. This was going to be a long few months. Why can't the world be made up of nice, normal neighbors?

"This is the weirdest neighborhood ever," Fang spoke, breaking the silence.

I laughed.


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