Hey guys, I know its been a while. And I promise Jealousy isn't over... but this is a different type of story. This story comes from two AU gifs I seen and I believe this may be my favorite story yet. KlainebowKlisses is still helping me write but she is still on hiatus so this prologue chapter is written by me and beta'd by xBleedingBlackRosex who will remain our beta :). So thank you to her :D! Heres chapter 1 and enjoy.

I don't own Glee, if I did Klaine would have sex in every episode and Blaine would have been a senior.

Also warning, bulling/ hate crime.

November 9th. That was the date that changed Blaine Anderson's life forever.

The day started out like any other – got up, went to school, got picked on. But as lunch rolled around, Blaine had the feeling that today was going to be different. You see, Blaine Anderson had a crush, and not just any crush. It was on one of the star football players, and when Jason passed him in the hall and winked...well, Blaine thought that something would come out of it. He especially thought so when Jason sat down next to him in 5th period and started talking to him.

"Blaine, right?" Jason asked as he smiled over at Blaine.

Blaine nodded, his eyes widening. Is Jason talking to me?

"So tonight is the big dance...and a couple of guys already have their dates and stuff, and I- I was wondering if you would come with me?"

Blaine's eyes went wider, if that was even possible. "B-But I thought you were straight? And you've never even spoken to me..."

"Well, I'm bi actually, and I haven't spoken to you because...because I was nervous?" It sounded like Jason was asking a question, but Blaine ignored that.

"Oh, well I wasn't going to go. I have homework and-"

Jason cut him off. "Oh come on, Blake. Come with me. There's an after party and everything!"

"It's Blaine," Blaine told him, raising an eyebrow. There was a part of him that didn't believe any of this, but once again he pushed the strange feelings away.

"Sorry, Blaine. Please come with me?" Blaine sighed as he stared at Jason. He was suspicious, but this was his crush and he couldn't turn him down.

"I guess so..."

Jason smiled widely. "Great! I'll pick you up at 7!"

Blaine had just finished getting ready for the dance later that day when his mom walked in. "Dear, be careful okay?"

"Why are you so worried, Mom? I'll be fine," Blaine said, rolling his eyes for the hundredth time that night. "It's just a dance."

"I just want to be sure. I need you to be safe, Blainey. I love you." Blaine looked up at his mother; there was worry in her eyes. She never called him Blainey unless she was anxious or sad.
"I love you too, Mom. Everything will be fine. I will call you if something goes wrong. Okay?" He kissed his mother's cheek just as the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" he shouted as he ran to the door. Fixing his coat and taking a deep breath, Blaine opened the door.

"Hey!" Jason said, smiling. "You look nice!"

Blaine smiled, giving Jason a once over. "You look pretty nice yourself. Ready to go?"
Jason nodded, holding the door open for him.

"You boys have a nice night! Be careful!" Blaine heard his mom say one last time. Rolling his eyes, he waved goodbye to her. What he didn't know at the time was that this would be the last time he ever saw his mother again while he was alive.

The ride to the dance was quite; Blaine was too nervous to talk, and all Jason did was look at his phone every 5 minutes. They pulled up to the dance and parked near the back of the lot.

Blaine took a deep breath, causing Jason to look at him. "Nervous?"

"Very," Blaine whispered.

"Don't be." Jason's phone lit up with a message. "Let's go."

As Blaine followed him, he suddenly has a bad feeling about coming with Jason. What if Mom is right? What if this is just a setup?

"Jason?" Blaine asked as they pass the entrance to the school.

"Yeah?" He didn't turn around.

"Where are you taking me?" Blaine whispered, sounding a little frightened.

Jason turned to Blaine then. "Just somewhere more private." He winked.

Blaine gulped, terrified, and whispered, "I- I don't think this is a good idea. I'm going to go back to the dance."

He stopped then, trying to turn back, but Jason grabbed him by the arm harshly. "No. You're coming with me."

Suddenly, Jason had moved closer to his face and that's when he smelt it.


"Jason?" Blaine panicked. "Have you been drinking?"

"That's none of your business, you little queer. Follow me or I'll force you to."

Going fully in panic mode, his eyes widened. "I'll-"

"Alright, looks like we're doing this the hard way." Jason took Blaine by the hand and dragged him out back. Blaine closed his eyes, willing this to go away. Willing it all to go away.
Laughing. Blaine heard laughing.

"Good job, Jas," he heard one of the football players say.

Very suddenly, someone was grabbing Blaine by the neck. "Alright you little shit. Time for some real fun."

Finally Blaine opened his eyes, silent tears falling quickly. "W-Why are you doing this?" He looked straight at Jason. "What did I do to you?"

"You're trying to turn him into a little...like yourself. Thats what you fucking did," a taller boy said angrily.

"N-No, I- I would never! I-" His sentence was cut off when he was slapped across the face and fell to the ground.

"Liar!" He heard Jason yell, his eyes still screwed closed tightly.

"Now what should we do with you?" Jason's best friend Devon said.

"Please," Blaine whispered. "Please!"

"Kill him," one of the boys shouted.

"No!" Blaine screamed.

Someone– he couldn't see who because his eyes were still shut – grabbed him up and held their hand over his mouth. "I think the others are right. Let's kill him."

Blaine tried to get loose. Tried his hardest, but the restraint was too hard. He felt someone slam him to the ground, the guys started kicking him. Then everything went black.

Suddenly, Blaine was looking over everything. It all happened so fast, like life was on fast forward.

He watched as the boys finished beating him, looked down at him, and left. His body was bloody.

He watched as a teacher found him and then the ambulance was there.

He watched his mother cry over his body, tried to reach out to her, tried to tell her he's sorry.
He watched over his funeral.

I'm dead.

Blaine never believed in religion; he believed in something, he wasn't sure what, but never religion. Suddenly, though, he was walking towards a ray of light. It was blinding. He stepped through and he found something that looked like a courtroom.

"Hello, Blaine Anderson," he heard a voice say.

He jumped, not really sure where the voice came from. Then he saw them. People.
"W-Who are you?" Blaine asked.

"The Elder Council," the man said. Blaine recognized his voice as the one who spoke his name.
"Elder Council? What? Where am I?"

"You're dead, Blaine." The man said calmly.

"I gathered that much when I watched my mother bury my body!" Blaine screamed. He didn't understand this. Didn't understand why this happened to him.

"That's why you're here, Blaine. This is the Elder Council. Once someone dies or is killed as you were, we give them a special job. If you do as we say you will be granted one wish at the end of your job."

"You mean..."

"No. That's the one thing you cannot wish for. You can't wish to be alive again," the man said apologetically.

Blaine deflated. He glanced down, then back up at the men.

"Oh, I realize I'm being rude. Let us introduce ourselves. We are the Elder Council, but we like to call ourselves the Warblers. I'm Wes. Wes Montgomery. And these are..."

"David." A tall, black man.

"Jeff." A blond.

"Nick." The boy who is hooked to Jeff.

"Trent." A chubbier boy.

And finally..."Sebastian." A tall, smirking boy.

Blaine nodded to each of them and rubbed his forehead. "What's my job?"

"It's not really a 'job' per say, but you will be going back to Earth for this. You have to go and watch over a boy much like yourself. His name is Kurt Hummel and he needs your help. There's a boy who won't stop harassing him because he;s gay, and he needs you to be his...guardian angel, if you will."

"Okay, I...Wait, did you say back to Earth? Where are we now?"

"We're at the in-between, Blaine. Welcome to Dalton. You can look around later...right now it's time for you to meet Kurt Hummel."

Suddenly a huge screen popped up in front of him.

"Meet Kurt Hummel." David said.

A boy appeared on the screen and Blaine froze. His breath caught in his throat. Because the boy on the screen...

He was beautiful.