So, we thought we would change it up a bit, so this chapter is in Kurt's POV!

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Previously on Saved for an Angel...

They could be friends, right? He would so love a friend. And Kurt was something special - to be his friend would make him the luckiest guy ever. Ghost or otherwise.

Just when he was about to make some heartfelt proclamation to Kurt about just this, the tug he felt to warn him of his departure prevented him from doing so.

He managed a hearty, dramatic sigh before he left, though.

The image of Kurt faded from his view, unfortunately, and he was sorry he couldn't say goodbye.

To say Kurt Hummel was inquisitive was an understatement, and the day that Blaine Anderson showed up in his room just made it worse.

From the second that he disappeared, Kurt had wondered how it was possible, or if it was possible for this to happen.

The second time they met, Kurt had to remind himself that Blaine was dead, but getting to know this boy was something he could do forever. Something about him had made Kurt feel something he hadn't felt in a long time and that was loved and the reality had hit him.

Something Blaine had said before he had disappeared earlier that day had hit him had said that he wished he'd met Kurt before he had died. Something that Kurt had wanted too.

He didn't have anyone who understood him - not like he expected Blaine could. They shared similar experiences; Blaine was gay too; he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Yes, he had the Glee club and he was truly grateful for them but they just... they didn't get him. Most just brushed the shoves and the taunts and homophobic slurs to one side, briefly asking if he was okay before carrying on their merry way as if each new bruise on his back wasn't breaking down his hope.

Because, if he was truthful with himself, the determination and drive that he needed just to get through the day was slowly diminishing. It grew harder to get up out of bed in the morning, when he knew exactly what would be waiting for him at school.

If Blaine was still alive and happened to go to his school, he was sure his entire life would be different. He would have a true best friend.

Or maybe more. Kurt swallowed and shook his head. He couldn't think about things like that.

If he did, things would start getting even more complicated than they already were.

Flipping over, Kurt sighed taking a look at his clock. Time for school.

As Kurt goes through his morning routine, he wonders when the next time he will see Blaine will be.

By lunch, Kurt wondered why he hadn't stayed home that day. Today, everything was ten times worse than any other day and he didn't understand why.

Putting his books in his locker, Kurt didn't expect what happened next, and suddenly he's laying on the floor. Looking up, he sees Karofsky (his biggest bully) walking down the hallway and high fiving one of his teammates.

Kurt lays his head against the locker for a second, and then starts to get up.

"Need a hand?" Kurt hears, and his head snaps up.

"Blaine?" He stared up at him in wonder, relief washing through him just from Blaine's sad smile. Blaine holds his hand out and Kurt looks at it for a moment before taking it, using Blaine's apparent strength to get him on his feet. "You're back?" Kurt asked, though it was a stupid question. Blaine nods his head, taking his hand and pulling him around the corner where no students roamed. Kurt hadn't noticed the strange looks he had been getting from people as it seemed he was talking to thin air, but Blaine had. He didn't want to make him an even bigger target.

"Are you okay?" Blaine asked, suddenly remembering that he had just found Kurt crumpled on the ground. Kurt sighed, shrugging his shoulders as if to brush it off.

"Nothing I can't handle," he said simply, smiling sadly. Blaine frowned, placing a gentle hand on Kurt's forearm.

"Hey, no. I'm here for a reason, and that reason is to help you. No more brushing it off like it's nothing, okay?" Kurt smiled again, but this time it had genuine warmth to it. Before he knew it, he was suddenly wrapped up in Blaine's arms, dark curls pressed against his cheek. It was a strange feeling, hugging a ghost. It was mostly the same as hugging a normal person, but there was

That didn't take away the comfort he felt, and the reassurance it gave him. It was nice to know that maybe someone did care that this was affecting him in an adverse way.

But again, he couldn't help but think those...things. Blaine - beautiful, ghostly Blaine - had pledged all the time he had to help him. No guy, or girl, had ever done that for him before, not even in any shape or form. It made him feel special, like Blaine thought he was special, even though that probably wasn't true at all. Could he help that tiny thought in the back of his mind that said you might just fall for this guy? Not at all. For someone as sheltered as him, he knew that falling for someone would only take them being nice to him - this had happened in the past with Finn, for example. But Blaine was different, he could sense it. He was more kind, sweet and caring than Finn would ever be, and he was actually gay. He called that progress.

The fact that Blaine was a ghost was definitely regression, however. There always had to be a catch.

So when Blaine pulled back, face just inches from his own and the most beautiful smile Kurt had ever seen plastered onto his face, honey eyes shining brightly in the bright corridor lights even through his ghostly pallor, Kurt also couldn't help how his heart seemed to speed up in his chest.

He had a feeling this wasn't going to end well.