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Chapter 6:

Mikhail sat at his desk, overlooking a huge swimming pool, which was rare for Russia, considering sub-zero temperatures being the norm. His back faced a series of glass doors that overlooked the frozen tundra.

He was alone in the room and reading over some documentation that described what was going on between Asami and Feilong. The knowledge of Akihito's abduction had been widely rumored yet unconfirmed, until now. Feilong's involvement just increased the level of seriousness of the situation by at least ten. How un-amusing.

His frown's depth increased the farther he read. Asami's rescue of Akihito had involved nothing less than a blood bath of slaughter. He wondered momentarily how Feilong's organization was going to handle the loss of that many people. The casualty rate had been 1,289 people exactly. It honestly surprised him to discover that Feilong was still alive. He had been positive that Asami was going to make certain that Feilong no longer had the ability to breathe.

Almost silent footsteps attracted his attention, as they approached him from behind. He had not heard the person open one of the doors, and there was only one person he could think of who could have bypassed his security system and enter his home. The presence grew closer and closer until it was less than a foot away from him.

Mikhail spun his chair around, his arms raised in a mocking display of surrender. One of his eyebrows arched when he found himself looking down the barrel of a pistol. It was so close he could see dried blood splatter around the barrel's rim. How pleasant. His suspicions of who the intruder was confirmed as glanced at Asami.

"So to what do I owe the honor? It's going to be a bother isn't it? You never come to gamble with me, so sorry I have to guess that your visit's no fun." Sarcasm coated his voice as he spoke in his native tongue.

"Give me the antidote for that drug you gave Feilong before I blow a hole in your head." Asami told Mikhail. Asami's expression was perfectly controlled and his tone was sharp as ice. Like that he probably would have scared the living Hell out of anyone but Mikhail.

"The drug I gave Feilong…there isn't one."

Asami leaned in until he was roughly an inch away from his face, the gun move to the side of his head with the barrel still aimed to fire at his head.

"Then you had best be getting started on one, hadn't you?"

Akihito gave all of them a deadly glare. Unfortunately for him none of them were intimidated by him. The female even had the gall to give him a pitying laugh.

He was royally pissed. One moment he was lounging in his lover's home, watching the strangers who acted as if they knew him, and questioned his relationship with his beloved Feilong. When he had awakened to find himself laying down, on a couch, in a jet, with his head resting in the extremely cocky man's lap, the one who said his name was Asami.

At first he listened to them silently as they introduced themselves. No – he actually hadn't been paying attention to their words at all – he simply watched the irritatingly slow motion of their lips, waiting for them to shut up. All the while he thought that he was going to have a hole burned into his face, from the intensity of Asami's eyes boring into him.

The moment the last person's mouth shut, he started to speak.

"Where the hell are you taking me, and why did you all take me away from Feilong."

He stared at them all one by one directly in the eyes. In the woman's, Rukia's, he saw pity and love. Souh's and Kirishima's eyes showed plain out exasperation.

He flinched as he looked into Asami's eyes. They looked so familiar to him, but he couldn't recall where or who he had ever seen them before. Rage was the all consuming emotion that radiated from their depths, yet he could still make out a small undercurrent of pain hidden within the anger.

"We'll be landing in Tokyo, Japan in a few hours, Akihito." In a voice he assumed was gentle for her. "You were out for about a day, so you missed our little sojourn in Russia. It was covered in snow and I know how much you've always loved the snow." She continued with a sad smile, and an expression that made him think she was recalling memories of the past.

Deciding to ignore the comment she made that made it seem like he was suppose to actually remember her he repeated an earlier question.

"And, again, why did you all take me away from Feilong. I honestly don't know any of you and he's my lover.

"Because he has obviously brainwashed you." Rukia snarled before anyone else could reply. "I don't care if he has drugged you up so much that you can't tell the difference between a kitten and a flying monkey following the Witch of the West. That fucked up bastard should die for making you forget me, again. Dammit just thinking about it makes me wish I'd shot him when I had the chance."

"No, he's mine next time we see him." Asami said darkly.

"We'll just have to see about that." Rukia retorted devilishly, her silver hair erupting around her head as she shook it.

Akihito glared at the both of them, a red haze filming everything he saw. They were threatening his lover. Unacceptable. He brain quickly calculated that he should not aim for Rukia; Asami was the real threat here.

His hands were around Asami's neck before he consciously realized that he was trying to strangle the man. His heart was screaming at him to stop, but his brain egged him on saying 'he dared to threaten my love, he needs to pay'. Unfortunately for his heart he sided with his brain, as he tightened he grasp around Asami's neck and pushed the man to lay on the couch as he straddled him.

Three sets of hands tried to pry him away from Asami, while the man he was attempting to strangle merely looked at him with a contained, pain-filled gaze. Someone covered his nose and mouth with a white handkerchief that smelled awful. After a moment of it being there he felt his grip loosening and his body slumped to lay on Asami's chest.

"Don't hurt my Feilong." Akihito muttered before he sunk into a chloroform induced sleep.

"I won't hurt him, I'm going to kill him" Asami and Rukia said in unison, and a look of complete understanding passed between the two.