Alex's POV
I was in a pitch black room and I was on my hands and knees.
"You know what you need to do," someone said.
"No! I will never become evil! I will always fight for good!" I yelled jumping to my feet and I glared at a shadow. I don't even know how I saw it, but I did.
"You must! It is your destiny!" The voice shouted back. I got a look in my eyes that could kill.
"So far every time I hear that it's wrong," I said taking out my daggers.
"Not this time," The voice replied and a black arm shot out, grabbing my hand and making me drop my daggers. Black started creeping up my arm. I screamed as it grabbed my other arm. The blackness started crawling faster up my arms.
"No!" I yelled and the blackness consumed me. A mirror then appeared in front of me and I saw my skin was pail, my eyes had turned blood red, and my hair was black. I looked just like... "No! Change me back! Now!" I yelled. I was still staring at the mirror when I felt the scene change. The mirror disappeared and destruction and chaos rained around me. Everyone I had ever met...ever cared about, was lying around me dead. Tears rolled down my cheeks. "Stop!Make it stop!" I yelled then quieted down and whispered "Please."
"Everything you see here can be prevented, if you just do what I say. Four lives to save many" it said like the job it was forcing me to do was as simple as pie. I look around at all my friends. My family.
"Ok. I'll do it" I whispered, closing my eyes. When I opened them again my skin, hair and eyes had turned back to normal. I sighed, looking down.
"Don't even think about messing this up or your secret goes out to the whole world!" it whispered in my ear.
"No!" I screamed and sat straight up in my bed, panting and trying to catch my breath. I ran a hand through my hair,"Oh thank goodness it was only a dream!" I exclaimed then looked around the abandoned cabin. "Well better get ready," I said and got up to prepare for today. After eating I walked over to a mirror and did my hair. I stared at the mirror for a second, when the shadow reappeared in the mirror, I screamed and jumped back.
"That was not a dream child, it was me speaking to you. You must do as I say! You must kill the ninja!"