Hey guys, I know I haven't updated in a long while but I wanted to let you all in on what's going on. So Senior Year is here and I've been super busy, no surprise there, but I recently turned 18 and I realized that I really needed to rewrite some chapters as well as post new ones if I want to reach my goal.

so here's the chapters I'm rewriting.


Chapters 1-7 (though some may just be adjusted scenes so they'll probably be the same up to a certain point)


Chapte 12 (Just like two scenes.)

So yeah, that's basically editing the whole story, but It's worth it I promise.

Now Chapters 13 and 14 are going to be Can of Worms split in half so that I can get ahead in my writing.

I plan to reach a certain 18th birthday of a certain character before November 1st of next year. Wish me luck. I'll need it.

Now here's a sneak peak of Chapter 13 so that I remain in compliance with Fanfictions rules.

~Sneak Peak~

~In the guys room~

Lloyd was now hiding behind a door, watching through the screen as the boys started fighting, with a smirk on his face.

"You couldn't be happy with the top score! You had to rub it in my face!" Kai said angrily. Cole however, was not looking at him, but at Jay.

"You know how long it took me to make that? 3 days. THREE DAYS!" the black ninja shouted at Jay. Jay was more focused on Zane though.

"It's an unsaid law. You don't touch a mans robot!" the blue ninja yelled at the ninja of Ice, who was glaring at Kai.

"How am I supposed to strike fear in this?! It's pink!" He shouted as he held up the discolored clothing. Then they all started bickering. Wu entered the room and shook his head, walking over to the door Lloyd was hiding behind. The girls and Toby stood in the doorway, all with arms crossed. Wu opened the door blond boy behind it all started laughing, gaining the ninjas attention. Behind him, they saw the detergent, spices and tools and all gasped in unison. On the floor behind them there was also several books and a jewl, but Toby's watch wasn't there.

"YOU DID THIS?" they shouted in unison again. Alex shook her head. That's what happens when you don't talk out your problems.

"Boys," Cole said through clenched teeth, walking forward angrily. "I get first dibs on-"

"There will be no dibs," Wu cut him off, causing the advancing ninja to stop. "I put him up to this for todays lesson. I wanted to show you the destructive power of rumors and that jumping to conclusions can only lead to trouble." Behind him, Lloyd was smirking in triumph. "Did you ever think to find out if the accusations were true like your fellow ninja did?" The guys looked over at Alex and her old team. Paxtron waved with a smile.

"Uh, no offense Sensei," Cole said, bringing their attention back to the old master. "but let me jump to this conclusion. Todays lesson is lame."

"Yeah! Why cant you teach us how to paralyze a man with one finger, or find out if someone's lying by the twitch of their nose?" Jay agreed, making Alex, Jess, and Toby facepalm.

"Hey that sound pretty cool!" Paxtron piped up. The other three members of her team gave her a look, making her shrug. "What? It does."

"Not all lessons are about fighting!" Sensei said, bringing the attention back to him once more. Then he added with slight embarrassment. "and I misplace my lesson book..." Kai and Alex's team looked at Lloyd and saw something sticking out of his back pocket. Toby rushed over and behind Lloyd before Kai could and held up the book.

"You mean that lesson book?" Alex asked, pointing to said book. Lloyd shot Toby a disappointed look. Toby frowned as he had gotten a lot of those lately and exited the little room.

"It was the perfect plan, until you guys messed everything up-" he was cut off by Cole shutting the door. The black ninja brushed his hands off with satisfaction. Nyas voice came over the loud speaker, gaining their attention.

"If you're done fooling around, I could use you guys on the bridge. We do still have a snake problem to attend to. Over and out." Alex and her team headed to the bridge.

"It's one thing to let the son of our nemesis live with you, but having my sister stay here? I mean come on! I thought this was a NINJA headquarters!" Kai said, still agitated over what just happened.

"You do know I can hear you? Over and out," Nya said over the loudspeaker once again. Alex shook her head for she heard it as she reached the bridge.

"Is he really that dumb?" Jess asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Nah, just not that good with tech," Alex answered and Nya turned around to look at them, hiding the frown that had come across her face. They all still saw it though.

"Hey don't worry Nya! I'm sure he didn't mean it!" Paxtron said, hoping to cheer her up. Toby nodded in agreement.

"Yeah. He's probably just still mad about that whole Lloyd thing," he said. Nya smiled at their words of encouragement. A moment later the boys and Sensei joined them there and Nya pulled up a map of Ninjago.

"Last we heard from Pythor he stole the map of dens from Lloyd and is now on his way to open the last three serpentine tombs," She began as they gathered around, pointing to the map.

"Ugh, don't remind me," Lloyd groaned at her statement. Alex put a hand on his shoulder and turned her attention back to Nya.

"Pythor's our most dangerous threat. If he finds those tombs before we do, then with his intellect and all six tribes unleashed, there's no telling what he'll do," Wu said, allowing them to understand the seriousness of the situation. Paxtron, however, didn't let it sink in.

"Maybe he wants to form a band," She said with a smile. They all looked at her a moment.

"Sure Paxtron. He obviously wants to form a band," Cole said and she smiled, missing the sarcasm in his statement.

"Those tombs could be anywhere," Jess brought them back on topic.

"Yeah, without the map of dens we might as well throw darts at a map," Jay said as Nya walked passed him and grabbed some darts.

"Good idea. Why don't we?" she said, and threw the two dart straight at Kai. He managed to duck and gave her a look like she was crazy. The darts hit two places on the board. Alex and the girls couldn't help but chuckle at this indirect way of revenge, earning them a look as well.

"These are the two locations of the Hypnobri and Fangpyre tombs," Nya said, walking back towards the screen.

"Show off," Kai muttered as she walked passed him. She then threw another dart at the map.

"And this is Pythors tomb," She said, ignoring Kai's comment. "After many hours of ruminating on why they were placed in these three precise locations, I discovered a secret pattern." She grabbed a flashlight, not seeing how Jay was looking at her with lovestruck eyes. She shined the light on the map, revealing a snake that wound itself through those locations. "If you notice, all three are in line with the Ninjago symbol for serpent."

"So the last two tombs must be here, and here," Jay said, pointing to two places on the map and looked at Nya. "You are so smart," he flirted.

"Was there ever any doubt?" Nya asked, not noticing his slip up.

"Not with you, but there is with him," Jess said as she walked closer to the map with Alex.

"You forgot the Viperdae tome, which must be here," Alex pointed to said tomb. Jay gave her a look.

"There's little time! Kai and Jay, you head to the Venomari Tomb," Sensei Wu commanded, snapping them all back into gear. "Alex, you, Jess, and Paxtron go to the Viperdae tomb. Cole and Zane you will head to the Constricti tomb and take this. You might need it if you run into Pythor." Wu handed Cole the flute. "Good luck Ninja!"

"What am I gonna do?" Nya asked, feeling left out.

"Yeah, what are we gonna do?" Lloyd asked and Toby looked at Wu, his eyes asking the same question. Nya looked at him like 'seriously?'

"Nya I need you here to make sure Lloyd doesn't get into anymore trouble and drag Toby with him," Wu answered them.

"Yes Sensei," Nya said, glaring at the ground. Cole smirked.

"Let's go boys! We've got some snakes to club!" He said excitedly, pounding his right fist into his left hand. All the boys cheered and ran out the door. Alex and Jess shook their heads and followed with Paxtron and Toby trailing behind.

"Is it just me or are they really excited whenever danger comes around," Jess said as she ran beside Alex. The yellow ninja shrugged and answered; "They're boys, what did you expect."

There's your sneak peak. Hope I got you excited! See ya when it's finished!

~November 4, 2016~