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Chapter 5: Welcome to Unity.

"Energy Projectors are much more efficient in terms of size nowadays. To put it into perspective, an energy projector that are still combat effective against our own ships can be easily equipped on a four hundred meter long ship, including the cooling and the generators needed to power it, and still have room a decent size crew, despite having a paper thin hull. But a MAC equipped on a four hundred meter sized ship, despite being able to put out 30 times the damage nowadays than it was able to on a ship of similar size 500 years ago, would still be very much inferior to the energy projectors, as with coil gun principle, the long the barrel the longer the projectile has to accelerate, hence the faster the projectile goes, as long as the power remain constant, and a MAC will have to span the entire spine of the ship, which would have a high chance of being damage once shields fall and hull is breached, and to retrofit and upgrade a MAC, one would have to basically tear apart the entire ship, as the ship is built around the gun. But by no mean, are MACs inferior to energy projectors in terms of damage, they are just very, very big and linear…Hence why Unity only have 7 SMACs that can core a solid planet the size of Jupiter and approximately 896 energy projectors that can vaporise entire oceans…And along with it is shields and twenty other different types of anti-ship weapons, I'm not even sure why it needs a seven hundred strong fleet to protect her…Hell I'm not even sure if it is even a civilian ship or if it is just some new Navy flagship with civilians on board…"
Year: 2164 CE/3000 AD
Gamma-Centauri System, NC controlled space.
3 weeks after initial contact.
Unity Space Station bridge

"Imperium ships detected in system."

"They're here early, hail them."

"Yes sir. They are responding…Correct authorization codes given."

The Admiral on the bridge nodded, "Let them through. Now all we have to wait for is Citadel representatives."

As the Admiral said this, six slip space portals opened at the edge of the defence fleet surrounding Unity in a protective sphere and 5 boxy, gun-metal grey and one sleeker, silver ships exited from the portals consisting of 3 destroyers, 2 siege carrier and a civilian ship, "Sir, the escort group has arrived with the representatives of each race as well as the council from the citadel and their respective escorts."

The Admiral nodded as he watched the a few citadel ships drop from the underbelly of the siege carrier and just floated in front of a fleet of nine hundred capital ships while the 5 civilian ships containing every citadel's race's representatives and their body guards made her way into one of Unity's hanger as the three ships that bought them here took up their place in the defence fleet.

Year: 2164 CE/3000 AD
System Alliance shuttle.
Lieutenant David Anderson.

In the shuttle, Anderson was in his N7 gear along with three other N7 operative as body to guard to the System Alliance current ambassador to the Citadel, Anita Goyle. In the shuttle were also 4 Asari commandos as well as councillor Tevos. After all to minimise the amount transport being taken, they had decided to share shuttles, while the Elcors due to their size had their own shuttle and Anderson couldn't help but feel sorry for the people sharing the shuttle with the Batarians.

Anderson was snapped out of his stupor at the sudden quietness in the shuttle and noticed people looking out at something in front of the shuttle through the small windows with various degrees of awe.

Pushing an annoyed N7 operative out of the way, Anderson peered out the window and saw a very large silver space station glittering in the distance surrounded by ships that looked like mere ants in contrast to it. And unlike the UNSC or covenant ship which he saw in the briefing, the space station, despite having some curves, but not as much as the covenant ships, nor was it blocky and bulky like the UNSC's ships.

As the shuttle got closer, the scale of the space station became much more apparent and it was definitely much larger than the Citadel that the protheans built, and very well armed as well judging by the thousands of structures that looked very closely like different types of gun turrets as well as the 7 giant cannons mounted at the front. He wouldn't be surprised if it had more weapons that were hidden in plain view or if the hundreds of relatively small circles that covered the ship from stem to stern and seemed to glow were some sort of giant lasers of death and destruction instead of decorations.

"By the goddess…How large is that space station?"

Anita answered without missing a beat all the while staring out the window, "612 km in length, 515 km in width and 329km in depth. I thought they were exaggerating when they told me that. Hard to believe they actually managed to build something like this in less than 50 years."

Anderson merely nodded impressed, and as the shuttle entered the hanger bay, and as the ramp opened Anderson was the first out in the empty hanger bay closely followed by the other N7 operatives as well as the Asari commandos with Anita and Tevos following behind them in a casual pace who were in quiet conversation.

Already waiting for them was the complement of the other races from the Citadel. The door of the hanger slid open and a human wearing a sort of light armour walked in, "Alright, I am Josh, part of the Unity law enforcement and I am going to be your temporary guide till we make it into the main foyer. Any escorts coming with you pass this point are only allowed side arms. Any assault weapons are to be left here as well."

The various races representatives nodded at their escorts, with the turians and Batarians being the most reluctant, Anderson sighed, slightly uncomfortable with this but still unclipped his assault rifle and shotgun before putting it on the seat of the shuttle he came in on along with one of the other N7 operative who wasn't going to be a part of the two man party of every from each race that guarded the shuttles.

As they walked through the large halls of Unity, a few drones, which were obviously sporting cameras, were flying by recording and taking pictures of the new aliens as Josh spoke, "I'm sure you are all wondering why there are no reporters here. Well, both in the first contact protocol and the opening of Unity, the protocol dictates that if any reporters are to make a bad impression for us, such as some people do for themselves when meeting celebrities, such as screaming, shouting and pushing and all that other nonsense to try and get a 'scoop', the companies that were a part of the spectacle will be heavily fined…Very heavily fined. And this day is also the opening day of The Unity, and I know they are all outside the main foyer, so I suppose that they thought it would be easier to just wait for you to come to them in a sense."

As a set of doors opened, they saw a very large room with nothing in it but many slightly raised platforms in a wide open area with two pillars evenly spaced apart on each platform and in the middle of the room stood the Imperium, with their representatives in highly decorated armour without helmets as their guards in heavy, fearsome, but also decorated armour, towered over everyone else including the people who they were supposed guarding.

"So what's so special about this empty room?" Spoke Anderson partner as they flanked the human ambassador who gave him a glare that immediately made the N7 operative shut his mouth with a snap.

"You will see."

The guide that led the Imperium here walked towards a platform and as he touched one of the pillars, a hologram appeared as he began typing on it and a couple of second a blue-white portal appeared between the two pillars, "Unity's portal room, leads straight into the main district, now I would recommend you prepare for the stares and questions of the press."

The Imperium and their guide went through first without hesitation, and when it was Citadel turn, most stared at each other nervously, "Don't worry, first timers will just feel a bit of dizziness or at worst barf up what they had for breakfast."

Anderson looked around and it has seemed that the other races of the citadel had slowly but surely backed away, putting the Alliance at the front of the 'line' and Anderson sighed as he slowly stepped up onto the platform and nervously went through the portal.

Instantly Anderson appeared on the other side eyes blinking rapidly as the world swirled around him. A couple of a seconds later after gaining his baring, the other operative came through and fared worse than Anderson had, tripping over himself as he took a step in the almost empty room.

Anita and the others faced similar problems from people clutching their head trying to gain their bearing and falling over themselves after stepping through and even a Batarian body guard throwing up his lunch on the floor in front of everyone.

"By the spirits…I never want to go through that again."

The turian statement was met with mutterings of agreements from the citadel and it was another minute before they were led through the doors and into the main district of Unity, where large crowds of humans and aliens of various species from the NC gathered around them silently muttering to each other in obvious interest as well as swarms of reporters and their cameras drones passing through security and began to ask questions at a subdued pace with the amount of officials nearby before onto a large transport using anti-gravity technology.

As the group of people went down the road many people, both human and aliens, of the NC stopped what they were doing and stared at the transport as it passed by as well as cameras drones following on the outside and a couple floating on the inside of the vehicle, watching a human in the transport answering questions and pointing out sights.

As they reached a large tower ten minutes later and a short elevator ride later, they were greeted by several of beings in formal clothing and armour, "Greetings, representatives and leaders of the Citadel and Imperium, we welcome to Unity. We would like to invite you to dine with us and the leaders of the various races that make up the Neo-covenant, to break the ice and get to know each other before the opening ceremony begin."

It was the Volus representative that voiced his concern, "With respect covenant-clan, but I am curious on how I would be able to dine with you, due to my species physiology? Something that was not answered when you asked us to borrow some of our chefs."

With a small grin the sangheili representative replied back, "Do not fret, our engineers have been working and believed we found a suitable solution that will allow you to dine with us."

As the decorated wood doors parted, the group of politicians and their body guards found themselves standing in a huge, lavish room with a large round table hovering above the ground along with a few guards made up of every race wearing armour, but only had side arms…Except the two large hulking behemoths which had what seemed to be two giant metal plates welded on it is 'hands' instead of a gun…Which everyone had to agree would hurt a lot if that managed to make contact with anyone at sufficient velocity.
Spartan 117 POV
John, along with the remaining active Spartan-II were in the room cloaked along with a couple other new generation S-VIII and elites in active camouflage, save for Linda, who was somewhere outside on top of a skyscraper with sniper in hand along with a couple of other sniper teams watching over the leaders and delegates of the NC along with the visible guards.

John wasn't too concern about the citadel, they seem to be a threat that normal marines and Army could easily take care of them if push came to shove, especially when they are armed with only side arms.

What he was more concern were the towering guards that were the Imperium…And his experience with the didact wasn't a nice one at all, and the didact did not even used any weapons against him. The chief didn't like anything to do with forerunners, because nearly every time he has been in a forerunner construct it has tried to kill him and the human race, or swarming with hostile aliens trying to kill him.

As he observe them, he noticed that while the Citadel guards were focusing their attention to the visible guards, not realizing there were invisible ones in the room, as well as the snipers, the Imperium guards told a very different story, as two focused on the visible one, while 3 looked out the windows of the building in the general direction of the snipers and 5 others stared at the positions where the cloaked guards stood, with one staring directly at him, as if daring him to try anything.

John tighten his grip on his assault rifle, readying himself as a female voice sounded in his head, "Easy there big guy, I doubt they are here to cause trouble."

"You never know Cortana, not with them."

"Just because every forerunner relic YOU stepped onto ended up with you having to kill everything doesn't mean anything, just look how many the UNSC found afterwards. We didn't have to blow any of those up."

"And the Didact?"

"He is just one forerunner; the action of one person doesn't determine the intention of an entire race."

"What about the prophets?"

"Obviously from another time and not led by a power hungry, genocidal monster. Look there are humans in the Imperium as well, more advance than we are. And they seem like friends, so just relax, nothing is going to happen."

The chief just kept silent as he slightly loosen his grip on his weapon and continued to observe the others, hoping nothing does happen.
General POV

"What about our body guards? Do you expect them to just stand around while we eat?" asked a Batarian.

"They are more than welcome to use the bar and lounge; hence the extra imported drinks and food." The human leader replied back smoothly.

As everyone took their respective seats marked with their name, the Unggoy turned and began speaking to the Volus in his squeaky voice, "See the panel on arm rest?"

The Volus nodded, "Press the green button and it should activate."

With a press, the larger than normal chair of the volus began to hum and a light transparent barrier with a light blue tinge appeared surrounding the Volus and the hissing sound of gas seeping out was heard, and inside the Volus HUD, he could tell that the gas seeping out was their home world ammonia based gas as well as a pressure increase to match that of his home world.

"Try reaching out of the barrier, your hand should by pass it."

The Volus followed the instruction and was surprised as the barrier didn't stop his hand, "The old covenant has been using this type of technology on their ships more than 500 years ago even before the Great War, it keeps the pressure and gas inside the ship while allowing certain objects like transport ships to pass through unhindered. Quite useful even outside of space."

"Truly? Many Volus in the citadel could use technology like this…"

The Volus took off his helmet revealing his face and took a deep breath and when his head didn't explode or die from oxygen poisoning, he smiled, "I am truly surprised that your race do not use technology like this and still use those breathers."

"The unggoys have an entire methane based habitat somewhere on this station, and breathers are much easier to make and maintain than those chairs."

The Volus chuckled and conversation began between everyone as the food came out.

Anderson POV
When Anita waved him and his partner off, not needing them for the moment; Anderson went to the bar and ordered a soft drink before falling on one of the red leather couch. He took a sip from the bottle as he saw his partner at the bar ordering some food as well as the guards of the other races from the citadel and Imperium coming his way, some went to the bar, others took seats around him.

And the Imperium guards leant on the wall next to his couch as the couches and chairs were much too short to allow them to comfortably sit due to their sizes. He turns his attention back to the table full of politician and took notice to the Volus face, "I have always wondered what a Volus looked like under it is helmet…But I'm more interested in that one, one of the Imperium representatives."

Anderson quickly found the one the turian was talking about, "You mean that one? The one that looks like a human, but is missing ears and hair lightly tinged blue?"

"Yeah…That one…"

"He is a hybrid." Spoke a deep baritone voice.

Anderson and the turian turned and looked at towering soldier that was part of the Imperium as he spoke, "A hybrid?"

"A human and a forerunner had intercourse and that is one of the possible results."

"One of the possible result?"

"Yes, some have ears and no nose, some born may look exactly like either forerunner or human and have little visual distinction of the other, but those are really rare cases, looking like either race."

"So if the inter-breeding between two races keeps up, than one day humans and forerunners from the Imperium might as well merge into one race."

"True, but that will not happen for a long time…As of now; hybrids only make up 10 percent of the combined population of forerunners and humans, even less if you add the San Shyuum in. Also (AN: Don't chew me out for this, because I am NOT a biology person) hybrids have a chance of reproducing 'pure' humans and forerunners as well, and even if they couldn't and IF we minded, than we could just re-create ourselves artificially."

"That just seems a bit wrong, don't you think? Growing people artificially in a tube…Just seems…Unnatural…"Stated one of Asari and Anderson couldn't help but slightly agree with that.

The giant just shrugged in his armour, "Right and wrong is just a matter of perspective, what you say is wrong, others either don't care or think otherwise, while the same can be said the other way around. For example, the people in my society do not eat the flesh of unfortunates if not required."

"Wait so you do not eat meat?"

"No, at least not those obtained by slaughtering the animal."

"But doesn't all meat come from living things?"

"We obtain the DNA and artificially grow the meat without the sentience found in animals, and we consume that."

"Seems like a lot of work…"

Politician POV.
As the guards were conversing among themselves, the politicians were in their own.

"I am curious…" Spoke Tevos, "Where did the term reclaimer come from? Why give them the title? What is the significance behind the word? And what about 'forerunner'? Why do you call yourselves that?"

The Imperium representatives glanced at each other and the human spoke, "That is a question with a relatively simple answer…But a question first: Do you truly wish to know?"

"What kind of question is that? Off course we want to know."

"Very well…"

The forerunner then spoke in the Imperium native language to the human, "Gladius! Are you sure they are ready for this? To us it might not seem much, but to them, it could very well shake the foundations of their very beliefs, to the point of war."

"Stellar, you exaggerate, they have evolved pass the point of brutal warfare over such trivial matters and it is their birthright to know. They are also not us, they have developed and evolved on their own, unlike us who were guided by them in one way or another and passed trials that would have fell many lesser races. If not now than when will they ready to know?"

Stellar sighed, "Very well, I will trust your judgement."

The other two gave one nod as well, "Thank you my friends."

With that Gladius turned and looked the other two humans from the SA and UNSC in the eye, "Markus, Anita. Do you wish it to be now, or in a more private setting? As this is…a somewhat 'private' matter, if you will…"

"The UEG trusts our allies. Here will be fine." Markus replied with conviction.

"The System Alliance also trusts theirs." Anita said, with a little less conviction.

Gladius nodded, "Tell me…What are your theories on the human race evolution?"

Anita and Markus glanced at each other, not sure where this was heading "Some say we evolved on our own from primates, others, mainly religions, say the universe as a whole, and along with humanity was created by a god of some sort, such as Christianity. Hell some even says the forerunner made humanity."

"We have similar theories to the UEG as well, along with some saying it was the protheans who help accelerate our evolution."

"Those who said humanity have been created are not wrong…We, along with many races, including the forerunners and the San Shyuums were created from a race known to us as the precursors. It was they who gave humanity the title of reclaimer…And like the forerunners to the old covenant; the precursors were the gods and demons of our time…"

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if there was peace between the Ecumene and the Ascendancy…Before the flood ever came into being…Would we have ruled uncontested for another hundred thousand years or would the parasite still destroyed us…Or perhaps another threat."
-Anonymous survivor of the flood war.

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