Bonnie Rockwallor: From Cheerleader to Soldier

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Prologue – A Day After

Bonnie sat in the chair looking at the bottle Jack Denials and an empty revolver, she wears her uniform, she look nice, hair combed, her uniform cleaned. She reaches forward grabbing the top of the bottle of Jack Denials. Tipping the bottle down and pouring the rest of the alcohol in to glass cup and then just dropping the bottle on the ground. The bottle broke right next to her boot. She doesn't care what happens now. She brings the glass up to her lips and tipping back her head and letting the alcohol slide down her throat. She loved the burn of the alcohol. She put down the glass down back on the broken glass coffee table. She picked up the revolver and a small box of ammo. She opens the cylinder and takes one bullet in the hole of the cylinder of the revolver; she looks down looking at the bullet and said to herself. "I love you Tara." She closes the cylinder and pulls back the hummer and slowly puts the barrel of the gun to her head. She starts thinking about the years that her and Tara have had together. "I'm Sorry." Has one single tear drops from her eye…