Chapter 2 – A long Way from Home

1 Year later

Bonnie is in her driving down the street. "Got to get to the bank." Telling her herself, while driving down the street like a mad man on drugs. She can see the bank in sight. Then suddenly a police siren goes off. Bonnie looks in the rear view mirror seeing a police car following her. "Fuck!" so she pulls over on the side of the street, putting her car in park. The police car door opens and a police officer steps out of the car and works over to Bonnie's car. Bonnie runs down her window and the officer bend and said. "License's and registration please?" Bonnie reaches over to her glove compartment grabbing her registration, handing it to the officer. The officer reads the registration, while is reaching in to her wallet and grabbing her license to also give to the officer. "Look I really need to get to the bank before it closes, my rent is due and if I can't ge-…" "Do you how fast you were going?" "I don't know." "While Ms. RockWaller you were going 40 in a 30 mile an hour zone." "Like I said I need to get to the back in time, or I'm going to be kick out of my apartment." "While that's not my problem ma'am, I'm just here to give you a ticket. I'll be right back." The officer walks back to the police car, as Bonnie looks in the rear view mirror to see someone in the front seat of the vehicle on the passage side, then she goes forward into the starring wheel, not knowing within a few seconds the passenger car door opens and another female officer walks over to the window and bend over. "Hi Bonnie, how you doing?" Bonnie looks upwards seeing it was Tara. "What are doing with a police officer?" "I'm out on patrol out with my mom. I've learning how to be a police officer. I'm going to be the fourth generation police officer in my family." "I thought you had to go through years of training to be an officer of the law?" "I've been in training since I was 14 to be a police officer. I've been going to training schools every summer's for the last 4 years. I've got another three months before I become full fledge police officer" Bonnie and Tara make eye to eye contact with each other, right there Bonnie feel something connect with Tara. "Looks like my mom is coming back to give you; your thicket and I.D. I'll see you around." Tara said and walks while walking pass her mom. "You get got 60 days to pay the fine or you will be taken to court." The officer rips the fine the out a little note book, handing it to Bonnie. "You know Tara likes you." "I know." Bonnie looking down at the fine in her fingers. "Have a nice day ma'am." The officer tills her hat to Bonnie and walks off back to the police car. Bonnie looks at the car clock reads '5:15' Bonnie just sits there staring at the clock for what seems like hours then just lets out a scream. "There's no way I'm getting that money by the end of today?" she said has her land back in the driver seat looks at the ceiling for about 20 minutes, she then leans forward in the seat and starts the car and drives away.

Back at her apartment she walks in to the place sitting her keys on the coffee table, and sat down on her crouch and turns on the T.V. she looks at her check in her hand, she sees that this is the last check she will be getting for a while since she was let go a week back she didn't have any way of getting the rant money by the end of that day so she just sat there for 3 hours waiting for her landlord to show up and ask for the rant money. She knew what choice she had to get the money and that was to move quickly and fast so no one would notice. She looked around her apartment looking at the mass of the last few month that she had made, she got up from the crouch and walked over to the closet and open reviling a small suit case, she took it out of the closet and straight to her room and put it is on the bed and opens it reviling a small .357 mag she just stars down at the pistol. Then it came like a bullet of a gun, a knock at the door, Bonnie knew who it was, she then closed the brief case and throw it under the bed and walked out of her room and straight to the door, lifting her hand up to the door knob and opening the door. It was her landlord. "Hello, Ms. RockWaller, I assume you the monthly rent money?" Said the very large man, but Bonnie look him in the eye and said. "I don't have your fucking having money. You're going to have to wait until I can get the money tomorrow." "Well Ms. RockWaller, you know for a fact that I've been waiting for the last month and half to get the rant from you. So I'm going to give to five minutes to give me that rant money, if you can't then I'm going to have to evacuate you from the apartment." The man she was going up against was ten times bigger than her said. She just stood there thinking of idea of how to get how out of this, she would have to pay this guy sooner or later or give him something else in return; suddenly she just got on her knees and started to bag. "Please, don't kick me out; just give me until tomorrow to get the cash for you." "I'm sorry, but I have people coming to check this apartment out. I've give you five minutes to pack you thinks and get out… or you can give me something in return." Bonnie knew what the man so she got up from the floor and grabbed the door and slammed it in the guys face, she begins walking back to her room, suddenly she stops in her track, and she looks at the floor and then looks up around her apartment. She sees all the things that she worked for, everything that ever wanted to get and it was going to be taken away in only five minutes. "I won't let someone take me life away from me." She walked back to the door and opened it and Bonnie's landlord was still standing there with a smile on his face. "Let's make this quick." Bonnie said letting the landlord come in, Bonnie closes the door behind her and she said. "Before we do this you were a condom and you wait until I get the rent tomorrow?" "Yeah, sure, whatever, let's get this over with baby." Bonnie began to undress herself and the same for Bonnie's landlord. She looked at him undress the only thing good about was that he was tell and had some muscle. Bonnie goes over to the bed and lays down. Her landlord comes over and gets on the bed and said. "Look I'll say this, you look hot." Bonnie look at his muscle chest and looks at the package that the man has down south. The man face look like her was nervous or something like he had never done this before just before he got the condom on. He stops and just sat there at the end of the bed. "Look I can do this. I can't do this to young lovely lady like you. All I wanted was to get laid." Bonnie just look at the man in nude from has she pulls her bed sheet to cover herself. "What! You were just going to fuck me. And now you don't want to… Why?" The landlord just sits on the edge of the bed. "I'm a virgin. I've never had sex." Bonnie just looks at the man had she can slowly what seems like tear come from his eyes. "You're still a virgin. And you never had sex with anybody like this before, I mean didn't you get any girls in eyeing you in high school or college with a body like that?" "Now I was always I nerd in High School, it was collage that turned me into what I'm today. I should leave I'm sorry." He stands up from the bed and begins to get dress. Bonnie just sets there on the bed, the only thing that was mad this guy for making her do this and just like she is feeling sorry for this guy. "Wait." The landlord stops and looks at Bonnie. "I'll make you a deal, I'll sleep with you and you give me a week to found, a new place to leave." The man just drops his pants and said. "I don't think I can give you a week, but I think I can give you 2 or 3 days." "Okay fine let's just get this over with." The landlord walks over to bed as Bonnie drop the sheet reviling her very large breast. The man climbs on top of her and he slowly instead himself in Bonnie, feeling how tight Bonnie is, on the other side Bonnie feels how large this guy is. The man starts to pump into Bonnie tight pussy. Bonnie has eyes close from the pleasure of how the man is doing her. He was like the first time she had sex in High School. Suddenly Bonnie starting about the kiss between Tara and her when she was moving out of her parent's house not knowing what she was saying her image Tara and her on the bed making out, with Tara's hand down her pants, she keep imaging Tara and her in bed now with their closes off, which are on the floor, she then moans out without even noticing. "Tara, please fuck me harder." Bonnie landlord begin to pump Bonnie faster and faster, there were both at the same time building up to an orgasm, a few minutes later they both cum together. They both lay there breathing heavily the landlord and Bonnie. "So is your first time." "It… was… fucking… awesome." After a few minutes he got out of the bed, wear he begins to get dress. "I see you I can have that person come by next week, thank you." The man walks out of Bonnie room. Bonnie lays back look at the ceiling. But then she realized that had called out Tara's name, which was the only think racing through her head at the moment. "Why did call out her name?"

Two days later

Bonnie is packing the last of her clothes in suitcases. Out in the living room two moving man are packing back up boxes. Right that moment as the second mover walks out of the apartment as Tara comes walking in to Bonnie's apartment, Tara in training police uniform, everything to the belt, with nightstick, pepper spray and hand cuffs, the only that wasn't there was a pistol since she wasn't full officer yet. She walks in Bonnies room seeing boxes were everywhere, but Bonnie was nowhere in sight. Tara walks over to the bed and sets on the edge looking into an open box; the box contains pictures and other items. Tara reaches in to the open box and pulls up picture fame with a picture in it. The picture of Bonnie and her in there cheer uniforms. The times that they both had together, just then she heard. "I'm sorry officer I'll be outta here by the end of today." Tara looks up seeing Bonnie coming out of the bathroom, but whens Bonnie see Tara sitting on the bed all she could think was stares up at Bonnie and smiles. "Hi Tara, sorry everything is a mess I would of cleaned up earlier." Bonnie jokes about all the boxes in the apartment. "Funny, I just came by to see how you doing?" "Well, I'm doing fine you can clearly see. Do you want anything?" "No, I'm okay, but thank you. I just came by to ask you something?" Tara said. "What's that?" Tara stands up from the bed and walk over facing Bonnie. "I wanted to ask you if you would like to go to dinner tonight. You know to catch up?" Bonnie face is blank, not knowing what to say. In Bonnie's mind flashes back to the nights two nights ago were should said. 'Tara, fuck me harder.' She just looks Tara in the eyes and said back. "I would like that. But I'm going to be busy for the next couple of day, but maybe next week." "What time next week, and where?" Tara's said. "I don't know I haven't been out that lately. Where do you think we should meet?" "Well I know a place downtown. I sent you a text where we should meet." Bonnie then thinks about the kiss that Tara give her on the day she was moving out of her parent's house, so Bonnie came up with the question in her head. 'I am I Gay?" Asking her a question. "Let's just see if I am." Walking over to Tara who was text the location of the place they were going to meet, placing her hand under her chin left her head up just a bit, slowly going in and in one second both of their lips meet and slowly it turns into something more, it turns in a passion kiss. Both Bonnie and Tara close their eyes and let the mood take. Tara put her arms around Bonnie and pulls her in making the kiss last. Bonnie pulls back, with a smile on her face, the same with Tara. "I'll see you next week." "So I'll pick you whenever you move into your new apartment. I know a place that we can go to." Tara she said. Tara begins to walk out of the apartment, down a hallway. Soon after she got to her police car getting in and started it. She sat there looking in the car mirror. "I knew she liked me." Looking back and pulling out and driving forward. The drive home to her apartment was alright since she was going to make dinner reservations with her best friend. She looked at the clock on the dash. '5:59' her shaft was now over. After ten minutes of driving she made it to her apartment. She pulled in a parking spot stopping and turning it the engine off, she open the door and getting out of the car and walking in the apartment building.

After getting in to her apartment she walked over to the couch and sat down thinking of the times that Bonnie and her in middle school and high school, she even remembers the time she fall for Bonnie.

On the other side of town

Bonnie walked in a hotel room with one of the boxes in her hand pulling a suitcase right behind her. She uses her foot to close the door behind her. She walks the bed putting the box on the bed. She sat down and took a deep breath. She then reached in her pants pocket for her cell phone, she pulls it out and flips it opened reading '6:55'Bonnie put the cell phone on the nightstand next to the bed. She decides to end the day with a nice hot shower. She reaches over to the box opening it, she pulls out shampoo and bodywash along with a towel. She gets up from the bed and walks in to the bathroom.

End of Chapter

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