About ten months had past since the helicopter had missed Dean and Emma waving frantically on the island beach, and unlike that day, Emma was without a doubt sure that she was pregnant. Her belly had started swelling along with her breasts becoming tender. From daily morning sickness, back pain and mood swings, Emma's body was going through the many changes that come with being pregnant. Knowing that the coming child was his, Dean tried to be patience with Emma, but their were times when he was glad to have to go fishing and gather supplies.

Having made a partially working net to help catch fish and having found a few places on the island where he could gather oysters, Dean and Emma were eating far better then they had in their first two months. Dean had also gone through a rather remarkable change. Because of the better diet and the constant work, Dean had become far more focused then when they first arrived, and he was able to stand perfectly still for long periods of time when fishing. He almost never had trouble spearing enough fish anymore.

Along with the better diet, Emma could tell that things had changed in other ways with Dean then his new focus. He was still the boy that she had first known when they arrived on the island most of the time, but ever since he killed the jaguar, there was a different look in his eyes that had nothing to do with how he hunted. It was a look that would tell people that he was a person not to be messed with.

Emma becoming pregnant had not helped. Dean had become more stressed and more urgent to get off the island. Making multiple signals that could be set afire at a moments notice or making the S.O.S signal as large as he possibly could, Dean worked almost nonstop. Emma sometimes was forced to make him relax.

It had always been her that was the one of the two of them who thought getting of the island vital. She understood why this had changed though. She didn't want to have her first child on a deserted island anymore then Dean did. Of course finding out that there were more jaguars on the island had not helped. In addition, Dean was constantly worried about her and the baby's health. The first two or so months after she found out, Emma had not had any real problems. She could still do all of the things that she had always done around there camp. The only problem had been the almost constant morning sickness.

She was now about three months along, and while she was still mobile and able to work, Dean would not let her do nearly as much as she had been doing before. Yet, Emma always demanded that she come to the beach with Dean so they could watch the sunset and look for another green flash. The sunset was the one time he would not argue with her about relaxing.

One morning when Emma awoke, she found that Dean had left his cut of shorts in their hut. The boxers that he had been wearing had fallen apart a few months ago, and not long after his boxers went, both his had Emma's shoe fell apart. The first time she had found out that the boxers had fallen apart, though, was not until they had gone swimming and Dean had left on his shorts. Curious about the change, Emma asked, "Aren't you going to take off your shorts?"

"That wouldn't be a good idea Prom Queen." Dean answered.

"Why? Are you suddenly embarrassed or something?"

"Fine, you asked for it." Dean replied unbuttoning and unzipping his shorts. As the material slid down his legs, Emma was greeted by the sight of her favorite part of Dean's body.

Pulling her eyes away from his nether regions, Emma looked Dean directly in the eyes and said, "You could have just told me you were not waring your boxers." Then raising an eyebrow, Emma asked, "What happened to them?"

"What, you don't like what you see?"

Placing her hand on her swelling middle, Emma responded, "I think we both know that I enjoy that part of your body; now put your clothes on, I'm hungry and want dinner this evening."

Thinking that Dean was in the lagoon swimming, Emma got up and started to look around. Heading first to the lagoon, she was surprised when she arrived and found the water empty. Getting in the water, she thought about the jeans she had been wearing when she first arrived. Looking down at her belly, Emma was still surprised that she could still wear the bottom portion of her bathing suit. Along with her shoes breaking up, the top portion of her suit had ripped a few weeks ago. Emma now used her growing hair to cover her breasts.

Slowly moving out into the water, Emma moved over until she was under the waterfall. Coming out from under the falling water, Emma heard noises coming from the direction of their camp. Getting out of the water, Emma slowly walked back to find Dean, but he was not wearing his shorts anymore. Instead, around his genital region Dean had placed a loincloth made form part of the jaguar's skin.

"What are you wearing?" Emma asked with a smile upon seeing Dean.

Turning around, Dean looked over at Emma and then looked down at the garment on his body. "Considering that I have never had to make my own clothes, I thought it came out rather well." Dean said defensively.

"Why would you need to make clothes in the first place; you have your shorts?"

"Shorts that are thread bare and about to fall apart." He replied picking them up and showing her the severe damage. Then pointing to her clothes, he said, "You know, that bathing suit you're wearing looks like it is about to dissolve."

Glancing down at the garment, "What am I suppose to wear then?" she asked sitting and resting on a rock by the lagoon.

"I can make something for you." When Emma gave Dean an incredulous look, he responded, "I can! I kind of have an idea of what to do now. Just give me a day or so and I will have something for you."

"We'll look like cavemen going around in animal skins."

"Would you rather go around completely nude?"