When Dean originally jumped into the ocean to save Emma from drowning, he never could have possibly imagined how his life would turn out. Living on a deserted island was not something a person could or even would plan for.

It had been five years since Ezekiel had been born, and life on the island had changed dramatically. About five months after Ezekiel was born, Emma announced to Dean that he would soon be a father again. While Dean was thrilled at the idea of being a father again, Ezekiel was running them ragged, and he had no idea how he and Emma were going to deal were another one. After all, the only thing that they had for diapers was large leaves from trees.

After another month of hard work, Dean finished construction on a house of sorts. It was far from being something that would pass inspection; made using the materials that were available and incorporating some of the stronger trees, Dean created a dwelling that had two bedrooms and a common room that inclosed what had once been Dean and Emma's camp site. With the fire pit and a few other odds and ends for cooking, Dean and Emma spent most of the time spent in the house in this common room. Any other time was spent either in sleep or enjoying each other's company while Ezekiel slept a few blessed hours.

A little over a year after Ezekiel was born, Emma gave birth to a girl. Dean and Emma named her Brigit. It had been Dean's mother's name. Two years after Brigit, Michael and Gabriel came into the world. With four new mouths to feed, Dean and Emma were almost to busy to do anything else, and by now both Emma and Dean did not want anymore children.

Throughout these five years, life continued as it had the first few years before and after Ezekiel's birth. Dean hunted, fished and gathered food. Emma maintained the nets, cooked most of the food and mainly took care of the children. Dean continued practicing with his knife and made sure to keep a sharp eye out for the panthers. Emma used what little was left of the pelt and the clothes Dean and Emma arrived in to make some garments for Ezekiel, Brigit, Michael and Gabriel, but mostly the four went naked.

It was a hot day on the island. Emma and the children were swimming in the lagoon to try to stay cool. Dean was sitting on one of the rocks that surrounded the water when he heard the first of the rustling in the undergrowth. Barely audible, the movement of the plant life caused Dean to change his entire demeanor.

Standing up and acting as casual as possible, Dean said, "Emma, I going for a walk. You and the kids stay in the water."

Hearing a strange note in Dean's voice, Emma turned to him and said, "Is there anything wrong?" In her arms Michael and Gabriel giggled and smacked the water with their small hands. Almost a year old, the twins would soon be to large for Emma to hold both.

"No, just need to stretch my legs." Heading down the path that his family took every day to watch the sunset, Dean made sure that his knife was ready in his hand. Listening, Dean was glad when he heard the soft growls following him from behind.

Emma was nervous. While her children played around her, she watched as their father walked down a path by himself. She had heard the change in the tone of his voice, and Emma had also noticed when Dean's demeanor had suddenly much as she wanted to after him to find out, her children were demanding her attention, especially the twins.

Desperately trying to get out of her arms so that they might swim with their elder brother and sister, Michael and Gabriel were always getting themselves into trouble. Crawling and almost getting in the fire pit, using sicks that Dean made for fishing as a teether, and many other dangerous events, Dean and Emma liked to joke that they had been given an angel and a devil. They just could not tell which was which.

When she heard the growl come through the trees, Emma knew what had caused Dean to leave. Scared, Emma gathered her four children and started getting out of the water. Hearing a human scream in pain, she moved faster, and placing the four in the house and telling them that they would get a reward if nothing happened, Emma rushed toward the sound of another feline growl. When the sound suddenly stopped, Emma's heart skipped a beat, and she began to run.

Pushing through the last of some jungle, Emma found Dean lying on the round covered in blood. Next to him, a large cat lay; its throat was cut and there were several stab wounds on the body. Seeing this, Emma rushed over to Dean to see if he was alive. "Dean, Dean. Please don't be dead. Please, we need you." Emma begged as she knelt down beside her lover.

Seeing his chest was rising and falling slowly, Emma tried to wake Dean. When he would not come too, Emma looked him over, trying to clean some of the blood off his body. Picking him up, Emma knew she needed to get him to the lagoon and some fresh water.

It was an arduous tasked. Dean was well over six feet tall, and with his body as a dead weight, the terrain being difficult did not help. It seem to take forever, but when Emma finally dragged Dean back into their clearing, she was glad that the children were not to be seen.

Laying down next to the lagoon, Emma noticed for the first time that Ezekiel and Brigit were standing in the doorway of their home. "Where are Michael and Gabriel?"

"On a bed asleep. What happened to Daddy?" Ezekiel asked, fear obvious in his young voice.

"Mommy, why wont Daddy wake up?" Brigit asked with tears coming to her eyes. "Why is he covered in berry juice?"

Seeing that Brigit was about to start crying she said to Ezekiel, "Ezekiel, I need you to be a big boy for me, okay?"

"Okay," he replied with a nervous tremble in his voice.

"I need you to take your sister inside and make sure that neither you nor your brothers and sister come out until I saw it is alright. I need you to take care of them for me. Can you do that for me?"Emma was never sure if it was the tone of her voice or the sight of his father laying unconscious covered with blood, but Ezekiel did as he was told pulled his sister back inside.

Dragging his massive form to the edge of the lagoon, Emma proceeded to wash the blood off of Dean's body with water. When all the blood was cleaned off, Emma found that Dean had a large slash mark on his chest. Bruising was starting to form around his temple area, and Emma guessed that the jaguar had knocked Dean upside the head before he could kill the animal.

Knowing she could do nothing for his head wound, Emma gathered large leaves and some other plants, and after chewing some of the plants into a paste, she applied the paste and covered his chest with the leaves. Gathering some vines, Emma secured the leaves covering Dean's wound. The plant she had chewed into a paste helped heal wounds and reduced pain.

Emma discovered their healing qualities not long after Ezekiel's first birthday. Like all children at an early age, Ezekiel's immune system had yet to fully develop. Trying to find something he would eat, Emma had started to taking plants she knew not to be poisonous, and chewing them into a paste, Emma would offer the mess to Ezekiel. This time when Emma finally succeeded in having her boy eat, both parents noticed not long afterwards, Ezekiel's temperature descending and the baby slept more easily, breathing with less difficulty.