Thorn walks into Seamus' room to find Seamus making out with Pansy Parkinson. "Seamus Finnigan, how could you?! I thought you loved me but, I guess I was wrong!" Seamus stands up from where he was sitting & looks at Thorn, he knew where this was headed. "Thorn, I'm sorry. I do love you, honest. I don't know what came over me. Can you forgive me?" Seamus asked. "If it was somebody else making out with you I would. But, since I caught you making out with Pansy I will not forgive you, Seamus. This relationship is OVER! Good-bye, Seamus. See you back at Hogwarts." said Thorn as she storms out the door & back to Malfoy Manor in tears. Thorn walks into the manor, shuts the door, leans against it, slides to the floor & just breaks down crying. Draco comes down the stairs when he heard the door shut & knew that something was wrong. "Thorn, what's the matter? Did you speak with Seamus? How did it go?" asked Draco. Thorn looks at him with tears in her eyes & said, "Horrible, Draco. I caught him making out with Pansy Parkinson so, I broke up with him." Draco pulled Thorn close to him & hugged her tightly. Draco was now seeing red when he heard that Seamus cheated on Thorn with Parkinson. Seamus was going to pay for it when school started up & he would make sure of it. "Thorn, I'll make sure that Seamus pays for what he done to you." said Draco. Thorn looks at Draco & asked, "Really, Draco?" "Of course, Thorn. I'd do anything for you because you mean everything to me. Without you in my life, I'm lost." said Draco. "I'm glad that I have you, Draco. I'm sorry for ignoring you since the end of last year. Can you forgive me for it, Draco?" Thorn asks.

Draco smiles a smile that Thorn knew very well & said, "I already did, Thorn. The moment you came through the door." Thorn looked at Draco, a little confused, which made Draco laugh. "I forgave you when you told me what happened with Seamus & you didn't go to Potter like you do when we get into arguments." said Draco. "I went to Harry that one time & it wasn't because we were fighting but, your dad was on the war path & I didn't want to be the one he went after. There's another reason I broke up with Seamus, Draco." Thorn said trying not to blush. "Oh, really & what was the other reason you broke up with Finnigan?" asked Draco. Thorn smiles & said, "I'm in love with somebody else, Draco." "Do I know him?" Draco asked Thorn. She nods her head so, he asks, "Does he go to our school?" Thorn nods again & Draco kept asking until he finally asked something that was the stupidest thing that he'd ever asked or said so, Thorn hit him with one of her books. "Ouch, Thorn! That hurt, you know. I was joking by the way, I know that Ginny is madly in love with Harry. So, who's the lucky arse that gets you as his girlfriend, huh?" said Draco rubbing his head. "You are so bloody clueless, Draco. You know that, right?" said Thorn as she finally stood up, smiles at him, points to his right hand & said, "By the way, Draco. Your ring's glowing like crazy. I'll be upstairs, packing my things if you need me or until you finally figure out who the guy is that I'm in love with." Thorn walked up the stairs to the bedroom that she shared with Draco thinking he was the stupidest guy she knew along with Ron Wesley. Draco looked down at his ring & sure enough it was glowing a bright green since the gem was an emerald.

Thorn opened their bedroom door, shuts it, grabs her bags & starts packing for school. She looks down at her necklace, rings & bracelet, smiles because all of her jewelry was glowing a bright purple since the gems were all amethyst. Thorn looks at Blackie (her pet Raven) & Bo (Draco's pet Snake) to see them in the same cage sleeping, she shakes her head & starts to pack her suitcases. After packing her suitcases & school bags with things she's taking with her, Thorn went to the window, looked out over the field passed the manor & sits down on the nook under the window sill. She thought back to the day that Seamus asked her out & how mad Draco was when she said 'yes' to Seamus. Thorn shakes her head to forget about that day, she pulls her knees to her chest, puts her face in her knees & starts to sob again as she realized that she made a mistake in dating Seamus, she had only one true love which only a few students knew about & her true love was Draco Malfoy. Draco was still downstairs, trying to figure out who the guy was that Thorn was in love with. His ring was still glowing when the answer to the question popped into his head & he smiled to himself because he finally figured out who Thorn was in love with. "Why didn't I realize it before?! Now, I know who she's in love with! How could I be so bloody blind not to see that it's me that Thorn's in love with?!" said Draco to himself. He starts up the stairs to the bedroom to apologize to Thorn for being so stupid not to notice it. "Thorn, can I come in?" asked Draco after he knocked on the door. "Yeah, it's not locked." said Thorn. Draco walked in to see that Thorn was sitting by the window looking out. He walked over to the window & sits down across from Thorn. Thorn smiles at him, hoping that Draco figured out who the guy was. "Thorn, is the guy you're in love with... me?" asked Draco.

Thorn looks at him in surprise & she nods her head. "You finally figured it out, Draco. You're right, it is you that I'm in love with." said Thorn. Draco wipes away Thorn's tears & smiles at her. Thorn crawls over to Draco, sits in his lap & lays her head on his shoulder, "You do realize what this means, don't you?" Thorn asks Draco. "I do realize what this means & it means this." said Draco as he tilts Thorn's head up, leans forward & gently kisses Thorn which she gladly returned. Draco pulls Thorn closer to him & deepens the kiss. Thorn runs her tongue along Draco's lower lip asking permission for entrance & Draco allows her access into his mouth. Thorn explores Draco's mouth for a bit before Draco's tongue brushed against hers & their tongues battled for control. Thorn runs her finger through Draco's hair as Draco runs his fingers over Thorn's thigh which makes her smile against his lips. As the kiss deepened more, Draco moans as Thorn's hand slips under his shirt & across his muscular abdomen from all of his years playing Quidditch. After 10 minutes, they brake apart in need of air. Thorn puts her forehead against Draco's with one hand under his shirt & one in his hair still. Draco places a kiss on Thorn's nose making her smile, one he hasn't seen since last year at The Yale Ball & he said, "I miss seeing that smile so much, Thorn & I also missed moments like this." Thorn looks at him, still playing with his hair & said, "I did too, Draco. Now, how about we put a silencing charm on the room & a locking charm on the door so, we don't have no interruption." "Good idea, Thorn. We don't want my parents to walk in on us like last time." said Draco as he casts the charms.

Thorn gave Draco an evil smile as he gets up, Thorn wraps her arms round Draco's neck & her legs round his waist while he walked over to the bed. Draco puts Thorn on the bed, starts kissing her again as his hands traveled down toward her robe that his mom had personally made for Thorn & begins to unbutton it. Thorn's hands travels to the bottom of his shirt, pulls it over Draco's head & looks at his amazing six pack abs. "Wow, looks like all those years of Quidditch paid off." said Thorn. "Looks like they did, Thorn." Draco said as he got to the last button, undone it & Thorn pulls it off to reveal a tank top that was cut in half. Thorn pulls Draco into another kiss, one that was fierce & rough but it was still passionate. Draco's lips travel down to her neck which made Thorn moan as he moves down her body. Thorn undoes Draco's belt that had the snake belt buckle on it & pulls it away from his trousers as he undone hers. They both step out their trousers but, being half naked didn't bother neither of them. Draco pulls to her feet, resumes kissing Thorn as he sits down with her in his lap & Thorn smiles because she knew that Draco was going hard. "Looks like somebody's getting excited." said Thorn. "Of course, I'm getting excited, Thorn. I've got the most beautiful girl in front of me." said Draco. He moved toward the head of the bed with Thorn still on his lap, she knew it was her turn to please Draco before the real fun began. Thorn kisses him all over but she return to him lips as she turns over so, Draco was on top of her. "Draco, I know that I never told you but, I love you. And I have several things to tell you. If you like me then tell me, if you miss me then show it & if you love me then prove it." Thorn said. "If you want me to prove that I love you than I will." said Draco as he gets rid of the rest of their clothes.

Draco noticed that Thorn looked nervous so, he said, "Thorn, I'm not going to make you do something that you don't want to." "I want to, Draco. Just be gentle since I've never done this before, okay." said Thorn. He nods his head in understanding, positioned himself at her entrance, kisses her & slowly thrusts into Thorn. Thorn whinces a little bit due to the pain but soon relaxes as Draco moves slowly so, she could get use to the feeling & when Thorn nods her head letting Draco know to go a little faster. Draco picked up his pace when he knew that Thorn was comfortable with it, soon she matched his thrust with her own. It wasn't long before Draco & Thorn were in sync with each other, they made love until finally Thorn said, "Draco, I'm going to..." "Same here, Thorn." Draco said as he went faster, harder & deeper into Thorn. It wasn't long for them both reached their climaxes together, Draco pulled out of Thorn & laid next to her under the covers. They made out until night fall then she laid her head on his chest with a huge smile on her face & said, "That was amazing, Draco. Even if it was my first time, I'm glad it was with you & not Seamus Finnigan or Marcus Flint." "I know it was your first time, Thorn. I'm glad that I could make it special for you." said Draco as he kissed her on the head. "Draco, can I ask you something & I want you to be fully honest with me when you answer." asked Thorn. "Sure, Thorn. What do you ask me?" Draco asked. Thorn tilted her head back so she could look Draco in the eye & asked, "Since I'm no longer dating Seamus. I was wondering if we could start dating again & this time show everyone that we're together? That's only if you want to but, if not then I won't make you." Draco's smile widen when she asked the question & said, "Thorn, I've been waiting for you to ask me that question for so long. Of course, we can start dating again & we can show everyone that we're together but, I don't want my father to know about us since I was promised to Parkinson." said Draco with a smile. Thorn pulls him into another kiss, one full of love & when she pulled back she smiles at him. "Love you, Draco. Goodnight." Thorn said as she settle back down next to him & went to sleep. "Love you, too Thorn. Goodnight." Draco said as he laid there with her head on his shoulder. "Today, started out with Thorn breaking up with Seamus & ending with her dating me.",he thought as he fell asleep with a smile on his face.