The next morning, Thorn got up before everyone else so, she could surprise the others with a Christmas breakfast. "Dobby, can you help me make a Christmas breakfast & dinner for Draco & his parents?" Thorn asks as she headed for the kitchen. "Of course, Thorn. Dobby will help make breakfast & dinner for Malfoy family." said Dobby. Draco & his parents finally wake up, get dressed & come downstairs to see Thorn smiling. "Thorn, what did you do?" Draco asks. "It's a surprise, Draco. Please follow me into the dinning room for breakfast & dinner." said Thorn as she led the way to the dinning room. "Wow, Thorn. Did you cook all of this food yourself?" asks Draco. Thorn smiles & said, "Well, kind of. Dobby helped me cook it." Draco & his parents look at Dobby is surprise as they all sit down for breakfast. "Well, what do you think?" Thorn asks. Lucius said as he sat down, "Thorn, this is really amazing." "Thank you, Lucius." Thorn said as she sat down next to Draco.

After breakfast & dinner, they went into the living room to open their presents & Dobby follows them since Thorn always gives him a gift. "Alright, let me see. This one is for Thorn, it's from Draco & I." said Narcissa as she hands Thorn her first present. Thorn opens it to see a new satchel bag that she could put everything she carries with her including a crystal ball that Draco gave her before their second year at Hogwarts. "Wow, thank you both. I love it." said Thorn as she hugs Narcissa & Draco. Lucius hands Thorn his present & said, "This one is from me, Thorn. I hope you use it correctly." Thorn opens the box to see a Deatheater cloak & mask. "Oh, Luicius. I love it." said Thorn. "This one is from me, Thorn. Hope you like." said Narcissa as she hands Thorn a gift. Thorn opens it to see a new cloak with a snake for Slytherin & a raven for Ravenclaw. "I love it, Cissy. Thank you." said Thorn as Draco helps her into it. "Does Dobby get a present?" asked Dobby. "Here you go, Dobby." said Thorn as she hands Dobby her gift. "Dobby love it, Thorn Dracula. Thank you." Dobby said as he put his new cloak on. "Draco, you didn't give me a gift from you yet." said Thorn. "I bought you a gift but I'll give it to you later on." Draco said. Thorn shrugs her shoulders & said, "Alright, Draco."

Finally, Draco & Thorn go back to their room. "Well, Draco. Where's my present at?" asked Thorn as she follows Draco to their bedroom door. Draco stops under the door frame, pulls her toward him & into a passionate kiss because he hung the mistletoe in the door way. Thorn pulls away first & said, "Love you, sweetie." "Love you too, babe." said Draco as he puts a ring on Thorn's little finger on her left hand. "Oh, Draco. It's beautiful. Thank you." said Thorn as she hugs him then said, "Here's your present from me. I know you'll love it." Draco opens the box to see a new snake belt buckle for his belt, he looks at Thorn & said, "Thorn, thank you so much. I do love it." Thorn smiles at him, walks into their bed room to see a box on the bed & turn back to Draco. "It's this another present from you, Draco?" asks Thorn. Draco nods his head as he walks into the room, wraps his arms around Thorn's waist & whispered into her ear, "Yeah, how about you open it if you want to find out what's inside." "Okay." said Thorn. She pulls the ribbon off & opens the box to see a blood red & black lingerie corset with a matching blood red & black robe. "Oh, sexy. I love it, Draco. I'll be right back, babe. I'm going to try this on." Thorn said as she heads toward the bathroom. Draco walks over to the bed with Thorn's drawings & looks through it. Thorn walks out of the bathroom & asked, "Well, Draco. How do I look?" Draco looks up at her, speechless then said, "Wow, Thorn. You look beautiful." Thorn blushes & said, "Thank you, baby. I love my presents." Draco wraps his arms around her waist, pulls her into his lap, kisses her as his hands start to untie the corset, locks the door as well as silencing the room. Thorn moans as he kisses her neck, she runs her fingers through his hair & pulls him closer to her. Thorn smiles at Draco & asked, "You do know that I'm no longer a virgin, right?" "I know, babe." said Draco as he pulls his shirt off. "But, what if I get pregnant & then what are we going to do?" Thorn asks. "We'll figure it out as we go, babe." said Draco. Thorn knew that he was right so, she didn't worry about it & kissed Draco passionately. Thorn & Draco spent the rest of the day in their room, having fun, they laid in each other's arms. "Love you, Draco." said Thorn as she snuggles against his chest. "Love you too, Thorn." said Draco as he kisses the top of her head. They fell asleep in each other's arms & dreamed about each other.

The next morning, Draco woke up to see that Thorn wasn't laying next to him so, he asked as he got up out of bed, "Babe, where are you at?" Thorn said, "I'm in the bath room, baby." He went over to the bathroom door, knocks on the door & asks, "Baby, are you alright? Can I come in?" "I don't feel very well, babe. Yes, you can come it." said Thorn. Draco opens the door to see Thorn bent over the toilet, throwing up yesterday's breakfast & dinner so, he went over to her & stays by her side until she was done. "I'm going to get my mom, okay. Come back to bed & get some rest." said Draco as he helps Thorn back into bed. Thorn nods her head as she crawls back into bed & went to sleep. He walks out the door, went to the kitchen to find his mom cooking breakfast & said, "Mom, something is wrong with Thorn." Narcissa looks at him & asks, "What do you mean, Draco? Tell me what's the matter with her, son." "She was throwing up everything that she ate yesterday." said Draco as he sat down at the table. "Misty, go the store & buy a muggle pregnancy test, please." said Narcissa as she hands Misty the money for the test. "Come on, Draco. Let's go check on her." Narcissa said as she made her way up the stairs to Thorn & Draco's room. "Thorn, may we come in." asked Narcissa as she knocked on the door. "Yes, come on in." said Thorn from the bath room. Narcissa walks into the bath room, bent down next to Thorn & asked, "Thorn, what's the matter?" "I don't know, Cissy. But, I think I'm pregnant." said Thorn. Misty came back with a brown bag, hands Narcissa & goes back to the kitchen to finish cooking breakfast. "Here, Thorn. Draco & I will be waiting in the bedroom for you." said Narcissa as she hands the test to Thorn. After about 4 minutes, Thorn came out of the bath room with the pregnancy test in her hand & tears in her eyes. "Thorn, why are you crying?" asks Narcissa. Thorn shows her the test, sits down on Draco lap & said into his ear, "You're going to be a father, Draco. It's positive." Narcissa looks at the test then at Draco & asks, "Well, what are you going to do, Draco? How are you going to raise a child if you two are still in school?" Draco said to his mom, "I don't know, mom. But, we'll figure something out." Thorn grabs one of her wands a cast a spell that could identify the sex of the child & two orbs appear over her stomach; one blue for a boy & one pink for a girl. "I'm going to have twins, Narcissa." said Thorn. All three of them embrace in a hug, Draco said, "We can't let father know about this." Narcissa & Thorn nod their heads as they go down to the kitchen for breakfast. "Mom, where's father at?" asks Draco as he sits down next to Thorn at the table. "At work, Draco. He'll be gone for a while." said Narcissa as she sat down to eat. Later that night, Thorn & Draco went to bed trying to figure out how they would raise these children while still at school. They went to sleep & would figure it out as they went.

The next day, Thorn got up & ran to the bath room to throw up again with Draco holding her hair back. "When is this morning sickens going to stop?" asks Thorn. "I don't know, babe." Draco said as he walks back into the bedroom. Thorn walks over to the bed, sits down, puts her head in her hands & starts crying. "What're we going to do, Draco? We've never raised kids before so, how are we raise these kids?" said Thorn. Draco sat next to her, wraps his arms around her, pulls her onto his lap & said, "Babe, I know this isn't going to be easy for us but, we'll make it work out for the best. I'm not going to do what mom did with Pansy, I promise." "I know, Draco. We're going to need help from my friends, their families, my family & your mom. If that's okay with you, baby." Thorn said. Draco nods his head as Narcissa knocked on the door & asked, "May I come in?" "Yes, mom." said Draco. Narcissa sat down next to Thorn & said as she hands Thorn a book, "I bought this book for you, Thorn. I hope it helps you to raise those twins." "Thank you so much, Narcissa." said Thorn. "Mom, why did you give Pansy up for adoption after a year?" asked Draco. "You figured out who the baby was in the photo, huh." said Narcissa. Thorn & Draco nod their heads & Thorn said, "I was the one to figure it out, Cissy. Pansy has the same birthmark in the same place as the baby does in the photo." "Okay, I'll tell you why I gave her up. I promised James that if anything happened to him that I was to do what I knew was best for our daughter. When Snape told me that James & Lily were gone, I knew that I had to give her up for adoption to keep her safe from The Dark Lord. But, I don't anything to happen to her or Harry because they're James' kids." said Narcissa as she looks at a photo of her, James & Pansy. Finally, Thorn & Draco spent time to figure out what to they were name their twins & Thorn said, "How about Apollo & Artemis, Draco?" "I love those names, babe." said Draco. Thorn smiles at him & said, "Alright, it's settled then. Apollo & Artemis, it is." Thorn kisses Draco, snuggles close to him & goes to sleep. Draco lays awake for a while just looking at her, smiles to himself, pulls her closer to him & falls asleep as well.