It had been a month since Thorn found out that she was pregnant with twins & it was time to return to Hogwarts. "Don't worry, babe. I'm sure your friends will understand." said Draco as he wraps an arm around Thorn's waist as they made their way to the train. "I hope so, Draco. Come on, let's go & sit with them." said Thorn as she heads for the compartment where her friends sat. "Hi, Thorn. Hello, Draco. How was your vacation?" asks Luna as Neville sat down next to her. Thorn looks at Draco then at her friends & said, "Well, I have some good news. Everyone, I'm pregnant with twins; a boy & a girl. I'm due sometime in September of this year." Hermione asks, "Did you say that you're pregnant with twins, Thorn?" Thorn nods her head, laid her head on Draco's shoulder & went to sleep. "She needs to rest before we get to school." said Draco. "Draco, how are you & Thorn going to raise twins while still in school?" asks Ginny. "I don't know, Ginny. But, I don't want make my mom's mistake & give them up for adoption. Thorn & I want to raise them ourselves with some help from all of you, your families, her family & my mom." Draco said to Ginny. They all nod their heads in agreement. Draco looks at his girlfriend, turns to the window & drifts off to sleep.

Blaise was the one who woke Draco up. "What's going on, Blaise?" asks Draco. "We're almost at Hogwarts, Draco. You better change into your robe & wake Thorn up so she can change as well." said Blaise. "Let her sleep, dude. I'll be right back so, keep an eye on her for me." said Draco as he laid Thorn down on the seat & leave the compartment to change. He comes back to see that Thorn was awake & talking to Blaise so, he sat down next to her. "Congrats, Draco. I won't tell anyone, promise." said Blaise. "Thanks, Blaise." said Draco. "So, Thorn. When are you due?" Blaise asks. "Sometime in September of this year, Blaise." Thorn said. Draco, Thorn, Blaise, Theodore, Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy, Seamus, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Ginny, Luna, Neville, Flore & Hestia step off the train & walk to an empty carriage. "This is a little bit strange, Draco. There's 9 Slytherins, 8 Gryffindors & 2 Ravenclaw students in the same space without killing each other." said Thorn as she sat down in Draco's lap. "I know, babe. It's a little bit strange that we're not at each other's throats." said Draco as he looks around the carriage.

They arrive at the school, walk to their tables, catch up with friends & ate except Thorn. She wasn't hungry that much for the food that was in front of her so, Draco asks, "Babe, do you want Dobby to bring you something that you'll eat?" Thorn nods her head as she plays with the food on her plate, letting her mind wonder, excuses herself from the table, left The Great Hall, went to Slytherin House, laid down on the couch & went to sleep. Draco knew that she tired due to her pregnancy since they were reading every book on pregnancy for women so, they would know what to do through the whole pregnancy. "Draco, why did Thorn leave the feast?" asks Flore. Draco leans closer to her & said into her ear, "Thorn's pregnant with twins so, she's tired alot. Don't let it get around the school, Flore." Flore nods her head & said, "That explains the mood swings. She snapped at Hestia & me earlier when we asked her about her vacation which she never does. When is she due, Draco?" Draco sighs & said, "In September of this year. We don't know what day though." He got up, left the Hall to check on Thorn & when he went into the Common Room, he smiles to himself when he sees Thorn asleep on the couch. Draco pick her up, carries her to their room, laid her in their bed, undresses except for his shorts, crawls in next to her, kisses her on the head & went to sleep.

The next day, Draco got up earlier than usual so, he could go get Thorn's work from every teacher since Thorn was going to be staying in Slytherin House for a while until she regains her strength back. Before he left, he kissed Thorn on the forehead then left the room & went to Potion class first since that was their first class of the day. When everyone else started waking up, Draco was on his way back to The Common Room to give Thorn her work for the week mostly from Umbridge. He walks into The Slytherin Common Room to see Thorn was sitting on the couch reading a book on pregnancies & said, "Morning, babe. I got all your work for the week since you'll be staying here for a while, if that's alright." Thorn smiles at him & said, "Thanks, baby. It's fine, at least I'll be able to study without any distractions & I get to listen to my music to help me focus on my studies." Draco put her work down on the table, went over to the couch, bent down in front of her & said, "I'll see you at lunch, okay. Love you, babe. I better go before I get into trouble with Umbridge. Please, be careful here by yourself. Bye." Thorn hugs him & said, "Okay, I'll see you at lunch. Love you too. I'll be careful, Draco. Bye." She kisses him & went to study for all of her exams, Draco smiles to himself as he walks out the door & went to class before he was late. Thorn wrote notes on all of the subjects that she was taking, put them in her 3" blinder separated by dividers so, she didn't get them mixed up & studied until she heard the portrait open then close. "Did everyone ask you where I was, babe?" Thorn asks without looking up. "A few of them did. How did you know that it was me, baby?" said Draco. Thorn holds up her left hand to show Draco that her jewelry was all glowing & said, "That's how I knew it was you, babe. We're bonded to each other, Draco." "I keep forgetting about our bond, babe. I brought you something to eat, I hope you like it." said Draco as he sits down across from her. Thorn put her work in the chair next to her & smiles at the food that Draco had brought her. "How did you know, babe? Did you ask my mom what my favorite foods were?" asks Thorn as she starts eating for the first time in a month and a half. Draco nods his head as he starts eating his lunch that Dobby made him. After they ate their lunch, Thorn hands Draco one of her finished assignments for him to hand in for her, kisses him bye & went back to studying for her OWLs for the rest of the day.

That night, Slytherin students came back to The Common Room, went to their rooms & went to bed. Thorn was still awake finishing up one of Snape's assignment when Draco, Theo, Blaise, Pansy, Flore, Hestia, Crabbe & Goyle walk into The Common Room but, she didn't hear them come in since she was listening to her Iphone, ignoring everything & everyone around her. Draco taps Thorn's shoulder, making her jump & asks, "What are you still doing up, Thorn?" Thorn takes one of her earpiece out her left ear & said, "I'm finishing up this assignment for Snape's class, Draco. Then, I'm going to bed when I'm done, promise." Draco sighs as he shakes his head & said, "Thorn, you can't stay up all night since it's not good for you & the babies' health. You can finish the assignment tomorrow, okay." Thorn sighs as she got up from her seat, went to the bedroom to change into her nightclothes, came back into The Common Room, sits down in Draco's lap & listens to him & his friends talking. "Draco, did I hear you right? Thorn's pregnant with twins; a boy & a girl?" Pansy asks Draco. "Yes, you heard me right, Pansy. She's pregnant with twins. I don't want my father to know until I want to tell him myself. If you tell him that Thorn's pregnant, you're dead meat." said Draco. "Don't worry, baby brother. I won't tell your dad that Thorn's pregnant. I maybe mean but I'm ain't that mean." said Pansy. Thorn & Draco look at each other then at Pansy in shock & Thorn asks, "How did you find out that you're related to Draco & Harry, Pansy?" Pansy pulls a photo from her bag, shows it to Thorn & said, "I found this picture in a box full of baby stuff in The Parkinson's attic. Look at the date." "July 31, 1979. Draco, this looks like the photo your mom showed us that day." said Thorn as she looks at the picture. "Yeah, it does." Draco said. "Why did mom give me to Mr. & Mrs. Parkinson?" asks Pansy. Draco looks at me & said, "I'll let Thorn tell you, sis." Thorn sighs & said, "She promised James that if anything happened to him that she was to do what she knew was best for their daughter. When Snape told her that James & Lily were gone, she knew that she had to give you up for adoption to keep you safe from Riddle. But, she still cares about you as well as Harry since you two are James' kids. Harry's your other half brother, Pansy." Pansy was quiet for a good while & she finally said with disgust, "Lucius Malfoy wants me to marry my half brother. Ew, that is the grossest thing ever! I'd rather marry Seamus than Draco." Draco & Thorn nod their heads & Thorn asks, "Pansy, I was wondering if we could start working on becoming friends since you're dating Seamus & I'm dating Draco. What do you say?" "Sounds good to me, Thorn. Truce?" said Pansy as she held her hand out to Thorn. "Truce." Thorn said as she shakes Pansy's hand. "Well, time for bed. Come on, babe. We'll see you all in the morning. Night, guys. Night, sis." said Draco as he shakes his friends' hands & hugs his big sister. Thorn was drafting off to sleep so, Draco carries her to bed. He lays Thorn down in the bed, crawls into bed next to her, wraps an arm around her waist, pulls her close to him & falls asleep.

Thorn woke up the next morning bright & early so, she could get to back to studying for her exams. Dobby brought her breakfast which she ate first then got to studying. Draco came downstairs, fully dressed, his hair brush, still half a sleep & asks, "Babe, what are you doing up so early?" "I'm getting a head start on my work, baby." said Thorn as she kisses Draco on the cheek. "I'll be back at Free Period to check up on you, okay. Bye" "Okay, baby. See you then. Bye." Draco hugs her & went to class. Thorn worked on her studies until she got tired so, she stops working, went to couch & fall asleep. Free Period came & Draco went to check on Thorn, he smiles when he sees that she was taking a nap on the couch, kisses her on the head, wrote her a letter & went back to The Great Hall for lunch. A few hour later, Severus Snape who was the only professor to check on Thorn since her first year & who was like her second father. Severus was the first one to notice a little bump starting to appear, he smiles an actual smile & left the room quietly. Thorn woke up about two hours later & went back to working on her work until Draco came back into The Common Room. "Hey, babe. Did my dad come in & check on me?" asks Thorn as she crawls into bed. "Yeah, he did." Draco said as he crawls in next to her, wraps his arms around her, pulls her close to him & went to sleep. Thorn smiles as she went to sleep. She was still trying to wrap her brain around the fact that in 8 months, Draco & her would have their first kids.